Today in Whostory: 3/17/2019

1963 – The Detours play Douglas House in Bayswater

1964 – The Who play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford

1964 – The Who have a colour photograph session intended for use by American Decca.

1966 – th’s wedding takes place as he takes 17-year old model Kim Kerrigan as Mrs. Keith Moon at the Willesden Register Office. Attending are Keith’s mom and dad Kim’s father witness John Entwistle and The Who’s tour manager Phil Robertson. No photographs are allowed for fears they will leak out to the press.

1967 – The Who play the University of Exeter in Exeter, Devonshire

1967 – John and his wife are photographed with a Rolls Royce

1968 – The Who play the Music Hall in Houston, Texas

1971 – Who record “The Note” (later re-titled “Pure and Easy”) and a long “Love Ain’t For Keeping” with Pete on vocals.

1973 – Roger is interviewed by Anne Nightingale on Radio One’s Scene and Heard.

1974 – th takes part in a re-creation of a New Musical Express Poll Winner’s concert as part of the Stardust movie. It is shot at King’s Hall Belle Vue Manchester using The Who’s PA.

1975 – John and his band The Ox play Hempstead, Billero Hall, Allentown College, Allentown, Pennsylvania

1975 – Keith Moon’s one and only solo album Two Sides Of The Moon is released in the U.S. Ringo Starr supplies the title after Keith’s “Like a Rat Stuffed Up A Pipe” is rejected. The sleeve features a cut-out with Keith looking through the window of a limousine. When the inner sleeve is reversed, a bare bottom is shown mooning. It does receive the aforementioned positive review in Melody Maker and gets a B from reviewer Robert Christgau but otherwise is panned, especially by Dave Marsh in Rolling Stone. After considerable money spent by MCA Records, two producers and nine months in production, it peaks in the U.S. at #155 on the Billboard charts.

1975 – Pete is at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, running Tommy: The Movie over and over while he checks for problems with the film’s Quintaphonic soundtrack. Also this day or the next, Pete has a meeting in his hotel room with Who fan and photographer Jeff Stein who proposes making a documentary film on The Who built out of old footage and television appearances, the movie that will eventually become The Kids Are Alright.

1984 – Roger’s first album for Atlantic Records, Parting Should Be Painless, enters the U.S. charts. It peaks at #102.

1984 – David Gilmour’s About Face with two songs Pete wrote for him, “Love On The Air” and “All Lovers Are Deranged,” hits the British charts. “White City Fighting,” which will end up on Pete’s White City, was written for this album but was not used. 

1989 – Pete attends the London premiere of Terry Gilliam’s film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

1996 – the CD-rom Pete Townshend presents Tommy: The Interactive Adventure is released in PC and Macintosh versions. It features extensive interviews video clips of The Who the film and the musical and photos of Pete’s manuscripts for Tommy

1996 – The John Entwistle Band play The Warehouse in Toronto, Canada

1996 – The CD-Rom Pete Townshend presents Tommy: The Interactive Adventure is released in the U.S. It features a musical Flash presentation of Tommy, interviews with Pete and others, clips from the various productions as well as Pete’s handwritten notes made during the writing of the rock opera.

1998 – The John Entwistle Band’s Music From Van-pires CD is scheduled to be released. The release is canceled and two more years pass before it is released

2004 – Roger and his wife Heather attend a party celebrating Paul McKenna’s book Change Your Life in 7 Days staying at the top of the book sales chart.

2006 – Roger is interviewed about the new Who album in Billboard: “[Pete] doesn’t need to write another song. God almighty, all that music out of one head. But he seems driven at the moment, which is great because I’ve always felt that he was the kind of writer who would write his best stuff at the age he is now. His skills have caught up with his intellect.”

2011 – At Austin’s SXSW festival, an article by Pete is sold along with a map of Pete Townshend’s Mod London

2011 – Pete posts a diary entry about the recent tsunami destruction in Japan, pledging his financial support