Today in Whostory: 4/11/2020

1963 – The Detours play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford

1964 – The Who play the Goldhawk Social Club in Shepherd’s Bush opening for Wee Willie Harris

1965 – The Who play the Majestic Ballroom in Luton

1967 – The Who play Rheinhalle in Dusseldorf. Violence breaks out before the show as Roger has to rescue Keith from some local toughs who want to slam his head through a car window. The toughs show up at the show that evening and Keith and Pete show them what for by chucking their instruments at them.

1969 – The Who continue rehearsing their new Tommy-centered act at the Community Centre, Westcott Crescent in Hanwell

1969 – Pete is interviewed at BBC Studio 2, Kensington House, Richmond Way, West London. He describes the plot of Tommy in a little over a minute. It is released 31 years later on the BBC Sessions bonus disc

1970 – Melody Maker reports that Live At Leeds will be released on May 1st

1970 – “The Seeker” backed with “Here for More” appears on the U.S. charts. It ultimately reaches #44 in Billboard and #30 in Cash Box. The new Who single receives a lukewarm review from John Mendelsohn in Rolling Stone.

1975 – Keith’s marriage to Kim Moon officially comes to an end at the London Divorce Court in The Strand. She is granted a decree nisi based on Keith’s unreasonable behavior. Keith offers no defense. Kim by this time is living with Faces pianist Ian McLagen. Keith’s payoff for the divorce: £40,000

1981 – John has a long interview in the New Musical Express. A famous quote from the interview: “I like playing heavy metal, I just can’t stand listening to it…the same way some people like the smell of their own farts but don’t like smelling anyone else’s.” You can read it here

1987 – The Who rarities collection Two’s Missing is released. It is the first Who album since The Who Sings My Generation that fails to chart on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 albums

2000 – The ITV Classic Rock programme on Who’s Next, which originally aired on December 4, 1999, is released on DVD. The excellent documentary is made with the participation of Pete, Roger and John who discuss the album’s background and revisit the master tapes.

2006 – Pete premieres a new song “Uncertain Girl” on In The Attic. He says Zak just finished recording the drum track. The song does not make it onto Endless Wire.

2008 – Roger attend the Teenage Cancer Trust concert at the Royal Albert Hall and performs The Seeker with The Fratellis

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