Today in Whostory: 4/12/2019

1964 – The Who play the White Hart Hotel in Acton.

1967 – The Who play Friedrich-Ebert-Halle in Ludwigshafen. Violence erupts but not during the Who’s set. This time it’s during John’s Children’s performance as they provoke a riot and almost close the entire show down. John’s Children’s equipment is confiscated by German authorities and they are quickly deported. The Who, irritated by their antics and their act that left feathers all over the stage, are secretly grateful

1969 – Keith gets his chance to rate records without knowing who recorded them in the Melody Maker article: “Blind Date: Keith Moon”

1969 – “Pinball Wizard” enters the Dutch charts where it will ultimately peak at #12.

1970 – Keith drums as a special guest for a Screaming Lord Sutch gig at the Country Club in Hampstead. Keith is accompanied by the screaming Lord’s longtime drummer, Carlo Little, who was also the mentor who first schooled Keith on drums. Teacher and student pound along to “Jenny Jenny” and “Good Golly Miss Molly.” The event is recorded and released in 1972

1975 – Pete, in an interview in Melody Maker, talks about his current feelings about the Tommy movie. He finds it “entertaining. I don’t like the first few minutes of it. I felt that was all a bit obligatory, that front part; it’s almost like padding. There’s a sense of relief for me when the plane crashes and she faints and all that, and suddenly we’re in the holiday camp.” He also has mixed feelings about the soundtrack album. “I’m not very happy with it. Everybody but me seems to like it…I rather like ‘Amazing Journey’, the sound of it.

1984 – Roger performs “Free Me” and “Parting Would Be Painless” at the Golden Rose Pop Festival in Montreux

1996 – The Japanese all-woman band Super Junky Monkey releases their CD Parasitic People with a strange cover version of “See Me Feel Me”

2004 – A DVD of the British Rock Symphony, featuring Roger performing “Street Fightin’ Man,” “5:15,” See Me Feel Me,” “Let It Be” and “Pinball Wizard,” is released in the U.K

2008 – Roger attends the Teenage Concert Trust concert at the Royal Albert Hall

2011 – The press reports that Roger Daltrey is fronting an online petition to maintain herbal remedies against an EU ban

2017 – The Who play the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, West Midlands