October 20, 2021

Today in Whostory: 4/20/2020

1964 – The Who play the Glenlyn Ballroom in Forest Hill

1965 – The Who play The Marquee Club in London

1967 – The Who return to London

1969 – The Who appear on “This is…Tom Jones” in the U.K.

1973 – Roger Daltrey releases his first solo album, Daltrey, in the U.K. Chris Charlesworth gives the album, a collection of soft-rock tunes penned by Leo Sayer and Dave Courtney, a rave review in Melody Maker. Despite the success of the “Giving It All Away” single and Roger’s promotional efforts, the album does not reach the British charts.

1980 – The Who play the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena in Oakland, California

1986 – While on vacation in Venice, Pete comes up with a track list for his next solo album, a light-hearted and colourful dance music album inspired by The Kinks’ song “Come Dancing”. The working title is Beguines, Tangos and Love. The album is to start with “All Shall Be Well” to be followed by Pete-penned songs “Foreign Language”, “Join My Gang”, “Ragtime in C”, “Still Life”, “Larry The Lonely Cowboy”, “Can You Really Dance”, “Love In Limbo Land”, “Love Is An Emergency”, “Your Kiss Is An Echo” and “The Roxy”. Possible covers to be included are “Save It For Later”, “I Put A Spell On You”, “Boogie-Stop Shuffle”, “That’s All Right, Mama”, “Barefootin'”, “Night Train”, “Cool Jerk”, “Walkin'” and “Don’t Let Them Drop That Bomb On Me”. Each song was to inspire a video dance sequence and the whole project a televised stage musical. Pete works on the album until mid-June at least, then drops it to begin writing The Iron Man musical.

1992 – Roger performs “I Want It All” with the surviving members of Queen at the Freddie Mercury Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium

2000 – imdb.com reports that executive producer Bill Gerber wants either Dougray Scott or Jared Leto to play Moon in the Keith Moon bio-pic, provisionally known as “Who’s Next”.

2001 – Roger was to have performed at the Steve Marriott Memorial Event at The Astoria in London. However, he cancels at the last minute due to a conflict with the filming of the TV series Witchblade. Kenney Jones does attend

2009 – Roger Daltrey appears on a Sky News spot “If I Were Chancellor” talking about help for the TCT within the NHS. The video shows him playing snooker with a teenage cancer victim.

2010 – The TV episode Keith Moon: Final 24 is released on DVD

2012 – Pete releases a Quadrophenia Demos 2 EP on vinyl in the U.S. and a double disc of Quadrophenia Demos in the U.K