Today in Whostory: 6/13/2019

1963 – The Detours play the White Hart Hotel in Acton

1965 – The Who play in Stockport at the Manor Lounge Club

1965 – The Who appear on Radio Luxembourg’s “Ready, Steady, Radio!” between 9:30-10pm. Their performance was recorded at the Marquee Club on the 8th

1967 – The Who fly to the U.S. Pete, violating one of the main rules of rock ‘n roll touring, brings his girlfriend Karen Astley along for the trip. They and the rest of The Who go to The Rooster Tail in New York to catch Frank Sinatra, Jr.’s show and again hang out with Mitch Ryder.

1969 – The Who stage the Hollywood premiere of Tommy, performing the rock opera at the Hollywood Palladium as part of the “Magic Circus” with fellow acts Poco and the Bonzo Dog Band. Attending the show are Janis Joplin, Spirit, Mama Cass Elliot, David Crosby, Peter Tork and The Turtles.

This show is the first known time that Pete performs onstage wearing a boiler suit, clothing then only associated with workmen. Pete adopts it both as a rejection of the outlandish fashions of the psychedelic era and to claim he isn’t a “rock star” but rather a worker like any other doing his job. Within two months he will trade his white trainers for black Doc Marten boots. The look will have a strong influence on the costumes in Stanley Kubrick’s upcoming movie A Clockwork Orange (1971) and will make the utilitarian Doc Marten boots fashionable.

1970 – The Who play in San Diego at the Sports Arena (“Convention Hall”)

1970 – An act called The Assembled Multitude enters the U.S. charts with “Overture From Tommy (A Rock Opera)”. It reaches #16 in the Billboard and Cash Box charts.

1974 – The Who play the 3rd of 4 nights at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Roger’s mic malfunctions and he storms off. Pete tries to carry on singing all the parts but eventually gives up and leaves along with John and Keith. The audience gets rowdy and showers the stage with cherry bombs and bottles. Maggie Bell opens

1974 – Pete is interviewed in The New York Times. He expresses his dissatisfaction in writing solely for The Who

2005 – Pete, Roger and keyboardist Jon Carin perform a one-off charity gig at Gotham Hall in New York to benefit Samsung’s Four Seasons of Hope, an umbrella charity that donates money to children’s organizations. Pete later praises Roger’s performance of “Real Good Looking Boy” at this show saying he was moved watching Roger make the song his own.

2006 – 6200 people watch the webcast of In The Attic showing The Who rehearsing at Bray Studios. In addition Pete and his girlfriend Rachel Fuller perform “Sunrise”.

2007 – The Who play the Olympiahalle in Munich