Today in Whostory: 6/24/2019

1965 – The Who play the Town Hall in Greenwich, London

1967 – “Pictures Of Lily” backed with “Doctor Doctor” is released in the U.S. The lyrics cause most radio stations to balk at playing it, so it peaks at #51 in Billboard and #60 in Cash Box. In the more liberal Netherlands, “Pictures of Lily” reaches #2 on this date.

1967 – NEMS employees are sent out to scour the local celebrity hangouts for extras to participate in the next day’s live broadcast of The Beatles performing “All You Need Is Love” on a worldwide television show called Our World. Tony Bramwell finds Keith in The Speakeasy amusing himself by tossing peanuts at the other patrons. He tells Keith to be at Abbey Road’s Studio One at 2pm the next day.

1970 – The Who play the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The James Gang opened. The night’s performance is the first to feature closed-circuit video of their performance playing on a giant video screen behind them. The image, however, is black-and-white are blurry.

1970 – Variety reports that The Who are expected to make $1 million on this North American tour. They also report that Tommy will soon be made into a film.

1972 – Track Records releases the stand-alone second disc Tommy (Part 2) in Britain as part of Track’s effort to provide cheaper alternatives to cash-strapped British youth. It does not chart.

1972 – Pete tells Sounds magazine that widespread bootlegging of the Meher Baba devotional albums that have featured his work will lead to him releasing a collection of them through his legitimate record label. It will be called Who Came First. Pete will later discover that MCA mistook the actual releases of the Baba albums for bootlegs.

1979 – The Kids Are Alright premieres at the Rialto Theatre in Leicester Square. Pete, John and Kenney attend

1980 – The Who play the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California

1986 – Roger appears on The Noel Edmonds Show on ABC in the United States

1989 – The Who play the Canadian National Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Canada

1995 – Ringo’s All-Star Band featuring John and Zak play in Urayasu at the Bay NK Hall

1997 – Roger Daltrey appears on This Morning on British TV promoting the new video of the movie Quadrophenia.

1997 – The punk compilation album Joe King Presents More Bounce To The Ounce is released with a cover of “The Kids Are Alright” by The Queers.

1997 – Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper releases an expanded CD of his 1975 solo album In My Own Way. An alternate take of “As Rock Rolls On,” has Keith Moon drumming alongside Ricky Fataar. Keith’s contribution was recorded in late 1974 at the Record Plant in Los Angeles.

2001 – “A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring John play at Casino Apache in Mescalero, New Mexico

2007 – The Who play the Glastonbury Festival