October 24, 2021

Today in Whostory: 7/30/2020

1962 – The Detours’ rhythm guitarist Roy Ellis drowns while swimming in the Thames. The Detours inherit his Vox 15s amp.

1965 – The Who play the Fender Club in Kenton, Middlesex

1966 – The Who play the Sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival at the Royal Windsor Racecourse in Windsor. The crowd is both drenched by a howling rainstorm and disappointed by the non-appearance of the scheduled Yardbirds. Despite this, The Who manage to rev up the crowd with a tremendously destructive show probably inspired by having their act partially stolen by The Move earlier in the day (they smashed television sets). Pete performs all this destruction while dressed in a tuxedo. Melody Maker later reports that The Who’s act inspired a small number in the audience to perform some offstage destruction.

1966 – Beach Boys fan Keith gives his public assessment of their new album Pet Sounds to New Musical Express: “I think Pet Sounds illustrates the way one man’s mind works, that of Brian Wilson. There’s nothing revolutionary in the album, I don’t think. Perhaps the only revolution is in the group itself, the way they’ve changed with the album. They are not so much a vocal group these days. Vocals, as such, have almost disappeared with this album.”

1967 – The Herman’s Hermits tour is scheduled to play the Miami Beach Exhibition Hall in Miami, Florida but it appears this concert was cancelled

1971 – Pete is interviewed in The Times. He discusses Mick Jagger’s fascination with The Who, his desire for a film project, and how tired he is of Tommy.

1977 – A single from Roger’s solo album One of the Boys, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe” backed with “Satin and Lace,” is released in the U.S. It fails to chart

1981 – Many stories begin to circulate about Pete’s drinking, drug use and deteriorating health. In response, Pete writes a letter for publication in the Who’s News fanzine denying that he is ill, has marital problems, has given up on Meher Baba or is an alcoholic. The final lines are: “I still get upset when I hear people talking about me ‘killing’ myself. That won’t happen unless by accident.” In truth, everyone around him is horrified by his lifestyle and afraid he will soon join Keith Moon in the afterlife

1982 – Pete’s “Uniforms (Corps d’Esprit)” is released in Britain where it peaks at #48. The B-side is the non-LP track “Dance It Away” that was originally written for The Who’s Face Dances album.

1989 – The Who play Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida

1993 – Pete appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs “English Boys” and “Face the Face”

1994 – Roger begins his orchestral celebration tour of the music of Pete Townshend at Red Rocks in Denver. His band consists of John on bass, Pete’s brother Simon on guitar and Zak Starkey on drums. The highlight of the show is an abridged version of Quadrophenia. Before the show Roger and John are interviewed about the new Who boxset. Roger shows his attitude towards it by turning the boxset upside down and dumping the contents on the ground

2007 – The Who: Live in Houston, Texas 1975 is released as a semi-legal DVD in Europe

2011 – Roger plays the Lokerse Festival in Belgium

2012 – Roger is at the Royal Academy of Arts attending the UK creative industries reception hosted by the British Government