Today in Whostory: 8/21/2019

1965 – The Who play Palais de Dance in Peterbourough, Northamptonshire supported by The Nemkons and Beats Limited

1965 – Chris Stamp tells Record Mirror the new single (“My Generation”) will be out 24 September. This is in an article in which Stamp says fans will now be able to buy shares in The Who.

1966 – The Who play he Pier Ballroom in Hastings, Sussex

1967 – The Who play the Edmonton Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1971 – The Who were reportedly going to play a festival in St. Paul, Minnesota, but it’s likely the festival was cancelled or didn’t occur

1971 – Pete is interviewed in the New Musical Express and tells what it feels like to be the ripe old age of 26. He also gives a song-by-song analysis of Who’s Next

1971 – A Pete interview appears in Crawdaddy where he explains what he meant by “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” In the same issue, John Swenson does an in-depth and very favorable review of John’s solo album Smash Your Head against the Wall.

1972 – The Who play KB Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark

1974 – Principal photography for Tommy is completed with sequences shot on Hayling Island and Southsea Beach near the Lifeboat CafĂ©. Final cost for the movie: $3.5 million

2000 – The Who play the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. After the show, Pete writes an online diary about the terrible food he was served backstage

2000 – A letter from Roger concerning the football team Arsenal appears in the Evening Standard.

2000 – Ron & The Splinters release the mini-album Go Ron Go featuring a cover of the rare Pete song “Things Have Changed.”

2001 – Out Of Phase releases the CD Who’s Next 2002 with electronica dance versions of the Who’s Next album.

2007 – The SXSW Live 2007 DVD is released featuring Pete and Rachel performing “Sunrise”

2010 – The Billy Joel concert movie The Last Play at Shea premieres at Citi Field in Flushing, New York. It features a guest appearance by Roger on “My Generation”

2012 – Pete writes a long blog on a variety of subjects. His big announcement is that he has finalized the release version of his memoirs: “I hope to tell some of the more dodgy stories that my publisher’s legal department have removed from the book. One thousand pages cut to five-hundred. There are a lot of dodgy stories left over.”

2012 – Roger attends a re-launch party for the newly revived Dallas in London. Star and former Keith Moon drinking buddy Larry Hagman also attends

2012 – John Basil publishes his novel Let Me Wear Your Coat about a teen Who fan in 1980

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