Today in Whostory: 8/22/2019

1963 – The Detours play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford.

1964 – The High Numbers play the Trade Union Hall in Watford

1964 – Mirabelle answers questions about the meaning of “Face” in “I’m The Face” and gives a little backstory on The High Numbers in their latest issue.

1964 – Roger becomes the first member of the band to become a father as his son Simon is born at the Downs, Wimbledon.

1965 – The Who play the Britannia Theater at Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

1967 – The Who play the Winnipeg Arena in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1968 – The Who play the Music Hall in Kansas City, Missouri

1969 – The Who play the Music Hall in Shrewsbury

1969 – Keith begins an early celebration of his 23rd birthday and ends up breaking his foot after falling down the stairs

1970 – Melody Maker inaugurates “The Pete Townshend Page.” The first column written by Pete is called “Don’t hold me responsible for what I do or say!” and concerns rock music’s relation to social action.

1971 – Denver authorities ban a planned show there because of a riot at a Jethro Tull concert the previous June. Another show not the 24th was also planned but did not occur.

1975 – Roger appears on NBC-TV’s Midnight Special miming to “Get Your Love” and “Walking The Dog” and performs a medley of Tommy tunes with host Helen Reddy

1986 – Roger talks about what it is like to be famous on the British television interview show Danny Baker On Fame

1989 – The Who play Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California

1995 – John appeared with the Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band at Pier 62/63 Seattle, Washington

2000 – The Who play the Sacramento Valley Amphitheater in Wheatland, California

2000 – Roger tells a reporter for the Sacramento Bee that they are still trying to get a good script for the Moon movie and have approached Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy) to direct. Cox will write a script with Tod Davies called “Keith Moon Was Here” that Roger will reject. Cox will later post the script on his website.

2001 – The Japanese Mod group The Cymbals releases an EP called Higher than the Sun featuring a track called “Keith & The Moon”.