November 27, 2021

Today in Whostory: 9/01/2019

1962 – The Detours play the Acton Town Hall opening for The Ron Cavendish Orchestra.

1963 – The Detours play the White Hart Hotel in Acton

1965 – The Who play the Top Rank Suite in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

1966 – The Who play the Locarno Ballroom in Coventry

1967 – The Who play the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis, Indiana

1968 – Who return to England from the U.S.A.

1971 – During this month A Who conference is held at Roger’s home in Burwash, Sussex. The meeting is filmed in colour by Richard Stanley and Chris Morphet as The Who talk about the possibility of a Who movie. In many of the scenes, Pete talks about his fears that The Who is becoming a cabaret act with stage business that is overshadowing their music. Several such scenes, appearing in black-and-white, will later be used in the movie The Kids Are Alright.

1975 – During this month, Keith is interviewed in his bathrobe at his Sherman Oaks home by Tony Palmer for a television special. He is also filmed recording a new song “Do Me Good”.

1979 – The Who take a day trip to Germany to play a festival at “Zeppelinfeld” in Nuremburg. Other acts performing that day are Cheap Trick, Zanki & Band, Steve Gibbons Band, The Scorpions, Miram Makeba and AC/DC

1981 – Early in the month Pete nearly dies at The Club for Heroes, a trendy nightspot where the elite old guard meet the new synth bands ruling the pop charts. Partying with Paul Weller and Steve Strange, Pete goes to the bathroom and accepts an injection of heroin. He quickly passes out and is deposited in his car by the club’s bouncer. Pete’s driver quickly realizes that something is terribly wrong and races Pete to the hospital by which time he has stopped breathing and has a weak pulse. The doctors revive him, narrowly averting Pete dying almost to the day of the third anniversary of Keith Moon’s death.

1984 – During this month Pete writes the screenplay for the White City mini-movie by videotaping himself devising the story live on camera

1986 – Paul McCartney releases his album Press to Play that features Pete supplying lead guitar on the song “Angry.” Paul later says he got Pete to play after finding that the power chords he had written for the song caused him to start windmilling when he played it.

1989 – Part one of a two-part Pete interview is the cover story on this month’s Guitar Player. A lot of the first part concerns how Pete has adapted his guitar playing to accommodate his tinnitus problem

1989 – Drums and Drumming magazine cover story is “The Keith Moon Legend”.

1994 – Roger and John continue with the orchestral Daltrey Sings Townshend tour performing in Cleveland at the Richfield Stadium

1995 – In an article in Studio Sound Magazine, Andy Macpherson reveals that the re-issue of the Who’s Next album was hampered because only half the multi-track masters could be located. Some are later found and used for the 2003 re-issue but one reel (containing “Bargain” and some other tracks) remain missing to date

1997 – Pete initiates meetings with future wife Rachel Fuller in order to hire her as an orchestrator, “or that was what I told myself.”

2000 – A news report claims The Who were horrified after having been drawn as they currently look for the forthcoming U.S. cartoon show The Simpsons. They ask to be redrawn as they appeared in the mid 1970’s.

2001 – Pete Townshend responds on his website to an angry letter by a fan denouncing him for allowing the song “Bargain” to be used selling Nissan SUV’s: “…despite the enormous sums lavished on us, because of punitive U.K. taxes in our most exhaustively active years (98% at one point!), our fans didn’t make us rich – not directly. If we are wealthy today it is because of the success of various major secondary ‘Tommy’ ventures, sponsorship during our 1982 Farewell and 1989 anniversary tours, TV and radio commercial and movie soundtrack licensing – and finally, back catalogue CD sales stimulated by the latter…”

2001 – Uncut magazine features The Who on this month’s front cover

2004 – CBS-TV premieres their third CSI series, CSI: New York, this time using “Baba O’Riley” as the theme song

2005 – Alan Clayson’s book Keith Moon: Instant Party is published in the U.K. The U.S. release is October 28th

2006 – Actor Jason Statham tells reporters he wants to play Roger Daltrey in a bio-pic. “I like Roger Daltrey…He was brilliant in McVicar. If I could sing like him, I’d probably have a different career. He’s got a great voice. If they do a biopic, maybe they’ll choose me. That’ll be nice.”