June 23, 2021

keith moon at brecknock school north london 1977

hi.i was lucky to have meet keith moon in 1977.this clip was filmed at brecknock’ school’london’may’june’1977.my dad was the care taker at 123 york way n7.my mum and dad lived’ there. this clip as far as i know hasnt been shown since 1977 when we saw it on the today show.i havent seen this since till now.so i waited 31yrs to see this.well i hope you will like this clip.not becose’you can see me at the very end trying to get in the camera view.if any off the guys in the army cadeds from brecknock school see this from 1977’be great get your comments and from who fans….oh and ray’the guy who you keith shake’s hands with beforoe going into the school’reg my dad says hi.hope you love this as much i do.stephen

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May 27, 1976