June 20, 2021

Pete Townshend and J Mascis – “See Me, Feel Me” Joe’s Pub 02/20/2007

Very rare recording of the short lived, live from Joe’s Pub series that Pete Townshend was doing with his wife where they would have other artists sit in for songs. … Pete came out on acoustic (as he would all night) and plopped himself down next to J. and noted, “This was J.’s choice, I think it might surprise people.” J. wrinkled his forehead, pouted his lip a bit and nodded in silent approval. The crowd was hushed. J. and Pete exchanged glances. A slight strum from Pete and then he let out the words, “See me…. feel me.” Suffice to say there was a collective, “Holy shit” from the crowd. The two traded verses with the energy building to the solo which Mascis attacked voraciously, effecting an electric tone from the acoustic with a quick pedal stomp. Townshend was beaming and egged him into another solo. Goosebumps were popping throughout the 160-person venue. Mascis had seemed a slightly odd fit on paper but now it was coming together in master strokes. The song’s conclusion was met with thunderous applause. “Wow” is all I kept saying to myself. People were giving each other those “can you believe that” shoves and smiles. (Review via JamBands)

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February 20, 2007