October 27, 2020

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Post title Event Types Post excerpt Post featured image
1916-01-28 Other

Clifford Blandf

1920-11-04 Other

Kathleen Hopley

1922-11-03 Other

Pete’s mother B

1930-02-26 Other

Doug Sandom, dr

1944-03-01 Other

Roger Harry Dal

1944-10-09 Other

John Alec Entwistle is born at Hammersmith Hospital in Acton.

1945-05-19 Other

Peter Dennis Bl

1946-08-23 Other

Keith John Moon

1947-06-12 Other

Karen Astley is born to Edwin Astley and Hazel Balbirnie in Grappenhall, Cheshire.

1948-09-16 Other

Kenny Jones, drummer of the Faces and The Who, is born in Stepney, London

1948-11-21 Other

John “Rabbit” B


Mose Allison re

1957-10-17 Other

Pino Palladino is born in Cardiff, Wales

1957-12-06 Other

Pete gets a lit

1960-10-10 Other

Simon Townshend is born in Chiswick, London

1961-05-03 Other

John Entwistle

1961-05-15 Other

James Brown and The Famous Flames release the original version of “I Don’t Mind.”

1961-05-15 Other

The Regents’ “Barbara Ann,” originally recorded in 1958, hits the U.S. charts

1961-11-05 Other

Keith and his f

1962-01-15 Other

Roger submits an application for The Detours to audition for the BBC Light Entertainment.

1962-05-05 Other

Benny Spellman’

1962-06-21 Other

The Everly Brothers’ LP Instant Party is released in the U.K.

1962-06-25 Other

Keith attends a

1962-07-07 Other

James Brown’s “

1962-07-30 Other

The Detours’ rh

1962-08-09 Other

Pete’s mom Betty reads an article in the Ealing and Acton Gazette about Robert Druce’s successful dances at Acton’s White Hart Hotel.

1962-09-05 Other

Keith’s group M

1962-09-06 Other

The Detours get

1963-04-25 Other

The Beachcomber

1963-11-21 Media

The Acton Gazette and Post prints an article called “The Detours are finding a way to fame. “

1963-11-23 Other

Garnet Mimms

1963-12-19 Other

Pete fills out

1964-02-01 Other

John tunes in t

1964-03-04 Other

Pete fills in a

1964-03-05 Media

A short preview

1964-03-07 Other

The Who play a

1964-03-14 Media

Melody Maker ci

1964-03-28 Other

Two days of ski

1964-03-28 Other

Roger marries h

1964-03-29 Other

The first pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, begins broadcasting from a ship off the British coast.

1964-04-09 Other

The Who audition for Fontana Records

1964-04-13 Other

Pete write to the BBC confirming they are now The Who

1964-04-28 Other

The Who receive rejection letter from the BBC

1964-05-02 Other

Keith’s first o

1964-05-05 Other

The Who audition for Fontana Records

1964-05-16 Other

The Whitsun Bank Holiday riots between Mods and Rockers take place.

1964-05-16 Other

Tommy Tucker’s “Long Tall Shorty” is released.

1964-05-23 Other

Jan and Dean’s LP “Dead Man’s Curve” hits the charts.

1965-05-29 Other

Saturday Club featuring The Who is broadcast.

1964-05-31 Other

Pete, Peter Meaden and Richard Barnes attend a Chuck Berry/Gene Vincent/Carl Perkins concert

1964-07-03 Other

“Zoot Suit” bac

1964-07-04 Other

The Merseybeats

1964-07-11 Other

The High Number

1964-07-11 Media

The Aberdeen Ev

1964-07-19 Other

The High Number

1964-07-25 Other

An article in R

1964-08-08 Other

Boyfriend magaz

1964-08-20 TV Appearance

The High Number

1964-08-20 Other

The Hammersmith

1964-08-22 Other

Mirabelle answe

1964-08-22 Other

Roger becomes t

1964-08-24 TV Appearance

BBC-2’s The Bea

1964-08-27 Other

The Hammersmith

1964-09-19 Other

Marvin Gaye’s n

1964-10-10 Media

Fabulous magazine runs an article on the High Numbers written by June Southworth

1964-10-14 Other

Pete’s song “It Was You” is sold to Dick James Publishing with Eula Parker and Barry Gray receiving 25 percent each and a credit for co-authorship on future releases.

1964-10-22 Other

EMI sends Kit Labert a letter of rejection

1964-11-07 Media

The Who’s manag

1964-11-20 Other

The Naturals releasee “Look At Me Now” with “It Was You” on the B-side on Parlephone records.

1964-12-16 Media

Cash Box reviews “I Can’t Explain”

1964-12-19 Media

Cashbox magazin

1965-01-09 Media

Melody Maker features their first review of a Who gig

1965-01-15 Record Release

The first recor

1965-01-22 Other

The Who pre-tap

1965-01-23 Media

The magazine FA

1965-01-29 TV Appearance

The Who making

1965-01-31 Other

The Who appear

1965-02-12 Other

The Who auditio

1965-02-13 Record Release

The Who make their U.S. record debut with the release of “I Can’t Explain” backed with “Bald Headed Woman.”

1965-02-19 Other

Response from BBC Light Programme audition

1965-02-19 Chart, Other

“I Can’t Explain” enters Record Mirror Chart

1965-02-23 Other

“I Can’t Explain” enters NME chart

1965-02-26 Media

New Musical Exp


The Who hold an

1965-02-27 Media

Cashbox magazin

1965-03-01 Other

Roger is the fi

1965-03-06 Other

Mr. Lambert – W


Record Mirror c

1965-03-08 Other

“I Can’t Explai

1965-03-11 TV Appearance

The Who appear on “Top of the Pops” on BBC1

1965-03-15 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1965-03-15 TV Appearance

A promo film as

1965-03-17 Other

The Who get some photos taken

1965-03-18 TV Appearance

Excerpts from s

1965-03-18 Other

A scheduled app

1965-03-19 Other

The Who are sch

1965-03-20 Media

Pete talks to Melody Maker

1965-03-20 Other

The Who brush u

1965-03-20 Media

Pop Weekly feat

1965-03-22 Other

The Who receive a letter from the Locarno Ballroom in Swindon.

1965-03-23 Other

“I Can’t Explai

1965-03-24 Other

The Who record

1965-03-25 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top Of The Pops


The Who make ye

1965-04-02 Other

The Who have th

1965-04-03 Chart

“I Can’t Explai

1965-04-03 Media

The Who are fea


“I Can’t Explai


“I Can’t Explai

1965-04-17 Other

Record Mirror r


“I Can’t Explai

1965-04-24 Chart, Media

Pop Weekly feat

1965-05-01 Media

Pop Weekly feat

1965-05-02 Other

The Who’s April

1965-05-08 Chart

Pop Weekly’s “T

1965-05-12 Other

Keith visits hi

1965-05-15 Media

Eagle and Boys’ World magazine features an article titled “Who Reads the Eagle? The Who Do — That’s Who!”

1965-05-16 Other

Radio Luxembourg’s Ready, Steady Radio! broadcast the show recorded on May 11

1965-05-19 Other

The Who perform for Three Go Round at Southern Television Studios in Southampton

1965-05-21 Record Release

The Who’s second single, “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” backed with “Daddy Rolling Stone” is released in the U.K. on Brunswick

1965-05-21 Other

The Who pre-record songs for “Top Gear”

1965-05-21 Other

The Who pre-record an appearance on “Saturday Club”

1965-05-22 Media, Other

An article on The Who appears in Record Mirror

1965-05-22 Media

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle reviews “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”

1965-05-23 Other

The Who pre-record an appearance on Thank Your Lucky Stars

1965-05-24 Other

The Who record

1965-05-25 Other

The Who record

1965-05-26 Other

The Who head up to Bristol to hawk their new single on Discs A Go Go

1965-05-29 Other

The Who are on the “Big L” radio show.

1965-05-29 Media

Pop Weekly magazine carries a short review of “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” calling it “a little bit too frenzied”

1965-05-29 TV Appearance

“Thank Your Lucky Stars” is broadcast

1965-05-30 Other

The Who appear on “Ready, Steady, Radio!”

1965-05-31 Other

The Who fly to

1965-06-01 Record Release

The Who’s first French EP is released featuring an alternate vocal to “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” that is not released anywhere else officially until 2002.

1965-06-03 Other

The Who reportedly play in Paris at the Olympia Theatre

1965-06-03 Other

While in Paris publicity photos of The Who are taken, and The Who appear on French TV

1965-06-05 Media

The U.S. release of the single “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” gets a full-page ad in Billboard magazine.

1965-06-05 Media

Pete is interviewed in Melody Maker

1965-06-05 Media

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle’s POP SPOT by Maureen Cleave carries an article titled “Paris invites the Who to play”

1965-06-07 TV Appearance

The Who mime to

1965-06-08 Other

The Who record

1965-06-10 TV Appearance

The Who mime to “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” on Top of the Pops.

1965-06-13 Other

The Who appear on Radio Luxembourg’s “Ready, Steady, Radio!” between 9:30-10pm.

1965-06-16 Other

Chris Stamp goes to New York

1965-06-18 Media

Roger is interviewed in New Musical Express under the headline “The Who Use Force to Get Sound They Want.”

1965-06-19 Media

Melody Maker sa

1965-06-19 Other

The Who appear

1965-06-19 Media

Music Echo magazine features 3 mentions of The Who

1965-06-26 Media

Pop Weekly features The Who in an article titled “The Way To Success” by Barrie Hilt

1965-07-01 Other

The Who record “Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” and “Shout and Shimmy” for a special “Ready, Steady, Go!”.

1965-07-01 Media

The July issue

1965-07-02 TV Appearance

“Ready, Steady, Go!” featuring The Who is broadcast

1965-07-03 Other

“Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” reaches its U.K. peak at #10

1965-07-03 Other

Melody Maker interviews Pete under the headline “Well, What Is Pop Art?”

1965-07-12 Other

The Who rehearse in Acton

1965-07-15 Other

In Beat Instrum

1965-07-17 Other

“Anyway Anyhow

1965-07-18 Other

Radio Luxembour

1965-07-20 Other

“Anyway Anyhow Anywhere” hits #3 on Radio London’s Fab 40

1965-07-23 Media, Other

New Musical Exp

1965-07-26 Other

BBC2 runs Works

1965-07-27 Other

The Who pre-tap

1965-07-28 Other

Glyn Johns prep

1965-07-28 Other

Richard Cole ap

1965-07-31 Media

Pete tells Disc

1965-08-01 Media

The August issu

1965-08-03 Other

A Shindig crew

1965-08-06 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1965-08-14 Media

Fabulous magazine carries a story titled “‘that’s my kind of girl’ say The Who” by Nancy Lewis, future publicist of The Who.

1965-08-16 Studio

The Who make th

1965-08-21 Other

Chris Stamp tel

1965-08-27 Other

The Town Hall i

1965-08-28 Media, Other

Melody Maker ru

1965-09-02 Other

While trying to

1965-09-03 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1965-09-10 Other

Life magazine p

1965-09-13 Other

Zak Starkey is

1965-09-15 Other

Half the equipm

1965-09-18 Other

Keith is interv

1965-09-20 TV Appearance

The Who fly to

1965-09-23 Other

Pete has a rude

1965-09-25 Other

A Pete intervie

1965-10-02 TV Appearance

The Who make th

1965-10-12 Other

The Who are in the Studio

1965-10-13 Other

The Who finish

1965-10-13 Other

Variety reports

1965-10-22 Other

The Who appear

1965-10-29 Record Release

The Who’s new s

1965-11-04 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Queen’s Hall in Barnstaple

1965-11-05 Record Release

“My Generation

1965-11-05 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1965-11-06 Media

Pete interview in Record Mirror

1965-11-08 Media

The Who appear

1965-11-10 Other

The Who at IBC

1965-11-11 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1965-11-12 Media

New Musical Exp

1965-11-12 Other

The Who are at

1965-11-12 Media

In the New Musi

1965-11-16 Other

Glyn Johns is a

1965-11-18 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1965-11-19 TV Appearance

The Who replace


The WHo and the


This weeks New

1965-11-20 Record Release

“My Generation” is released in the U.S.

1965-11-20 Media

Melody Maker’s article “The Who Split Mystery” is published


Disc Weekly car

1965-11-21 Other

“My Generation”

1965-11-22 Other

The Who record “Saturday Club” radio show

1965-11-27 Other

My Generation reaches #2 in the UK

1965-11-27 Other

The Who are featured on Saturday Club radio show

1965-11-27 Other

“My Generation” reaches its official U.K. peak at #2

1965-11-27 Other

Pete gets a call from ex-art-schoolmate Karen Astley.

1965-11-29 Other

The Who were scheduled to play St. Matthew’s Hall in Norwich

1965-11-29 Other

Who producer Shel Talmy masters a recent recording he has made of the band The Untamed covering “It’s Not True.”

1965-12-02 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1965-12-03 Record Release

The “My Generation” album is release in the UK


The Who appear on Ready, Steady, Go!

1965-12-17 Media

New Musical Exp

1965-12-17 TV Appearance

The Who record

1965-12-18 Media

Record Mirror c

1965-12-24 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Ready Steady GO!

1965-12-25 Media

Melody Maker has article on The Who

1965-12-25 Other

The Who place a

1965-12-31 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Ready Steady Go!

1966-01-01 Media

In Melody Maker

1966-01-01 Other

Chris Stamp mak

1966-01-01 Media

Record Mirror c

1966-01-05 TV Appearance

The Who appear on A Whole Scene Going

1966-01-08 Other

Disc magazine r

1966-01-12 Studio

The Who go to I

1966-01-14 Media

Pete is interviewed in New Musical Express

1966-01-15 Media

Disc Weekly fea

1966-01-20 Other

Merseybeats “I Stand Accused” is released

1966-01-21 Media

New Musical Exp

1966-01-22 Media

Disc runs an article entitled : “Who’s Keith Moon: Home Boy At Heart.”

1966-01-28 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Ready Steady GO!

1966-02-03 Other

15 year-old Ste

1966-02-08 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Town Hall in Farnborough

1966-02-11 Media

Norrie Drummond

1966-02-12 Media

Melody Maker reports on “Circles”

1966-02-12 Studio

The Who are in

1966-02-18 Media

New Musical Express quotes Shel Talmy

1966-02-20 Other

Colin Jones mee

1966-02-26 Media

Melody Maker ca

1966-03-04 Record Release

The Who release

1966-03-04 Other

Shel Talmy rele


New Musical Exp

1966-03-05 Media

Disc magazine reports on Keith marriage rumors

1966-03-05 Other

The Record Mirr

1966-03-07 TV Appearance

The Who mime to

1966-03-07 Record Release

Shel Talmy and

1966-03-10 Other

Talmy brings hi

1966-03-10 Other

“Substitute” en

1966-03-11 Media

New Musical Express reports on Pete’s producing another band.

1966-03-12 Media

Pete and the ba

1966-03-15 Other

The Who record

1966-03-15 Record Release

“Substitute” is reissued with new B-side

1966-03-17 Other

Keith gets married

1966-03-18 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Ready Steady Go!

1966-03-18 Other

Publicist Keith

1966-03-18 Other

The Who are fil

1966-03-18 Cover, Other

The Birds with

1966-03-19 Media

Melody Maker asks Keith about the rumors of his marriage

1966-03-19 Media

Disc magazine r

1966-03-20 Media

The Observer Sunday Colour Supplement runs The Who as their cover story.

1966-03-21 Other

Chris Stamp dir

1966-03-21 Other

The Who are sch

1966-03-23 Other

Melody Maker ca

1966-03-24 Other

The Who tape an

1966-03-25 Other

The injunction

1966-03-25 Media

Paul Samwell-Sm

1966-03-26 Other

Pete is intervi


Mirabelle magaz

1966-03-29 Other

The Who travel

1966-03-30 Media

Pete is photogr

1966-03-31 TV Appearance

The Who recorde

1966-03-31 Media

The Daily Expre

1966-04-02 Other

An ad appears i

1966-04-02 Other

The Brunswick r

1966-04-02 Media

Record Mirror c

1966-04-04 Other

A judge grants

1966-04-07 Other

The Who tele-re

1966-04-08 Other

The Who travel

1966-04-09 Other

Hugh Vanes phot

1966-04-09 Other

“Substitute” en

1966-04-10 Other

“Substitute” pe

1966-04-16 Other

John is intervi

1966-04-23 Other

“A Legal Matter

1966-04-23 Other

The first issue

1966-04-23 Other

Record Mirror c

1966-04-24 Other

John and driver

1966-04-26 Record Release

The Who’s first

1966-04-30 Other

“Substitute” hi

1966-05-03 Other

The Who were to

1966-05-05 Other

Billboard repor

1966-05-06 Other

Roger runs into

1966-05-06 Chart, Media

New Musical Exp

1966-05-08 Other

The New Musical

1966-05-10 Other

Pete presents W

1966-05-11 Other

“Substitute” en

1966-05-13 Other

The Who appear on the BBC Light Programme The Joe Loss Pop Show

1965-05-14 Media

Disc and Music Echo carries and article titled “How Pete turned chauffeur” and another titled “Who Bomb Threat”

1966-05-15 Other

The New Musical Express Poll Winners concert at the Empire Pool from the 1st is broadcast on ITV.

1966-05-16 TV Appearance

Dick Clark’s U.S. TV show “Where The Action Is” shows film from March of The Who performing “I Can’t Explain,” and “Substitute.”

1966-05-16 Other

Keith, along with Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Nicky Hopkins begin recording “Beck’s Bolero.”

1966-05-19 Other

Keith meets up

1966-05-20 Media

New Musical Express reports the The Who will soon be touring Scandinavia

1966-05-20 Other

Keith gets Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys an interview on Ready Steady GO!

1966-05-21 Other

Pete goes over to Keith’s house and tries to apologize for the previous nights guitar throwing

1966-05-21 Cover, Other

Billboard repor

1966-05-25 Other

Polydor Records head Robert Stigwood tells the press that Keith is backing down on his threat to leave The Who

1966-05-28 Other

Pete and Keith talk to Melody Maker about the incident of the 20th.

1966-05-28 Cover, Other

Billboard reports from Milan that Radio Records has released the first record by The Geordies

1966-05-30 Other

Pete is in an auto accident

1966-06-01 Other

The Who fly to Stockholm

1966-06-03 Other

The Who arrive

1966-06-04 Other

Melody Maker carries a story about Pete’s recent car accident and speculates that The Who will play Shea Stadium.

1966-06-05 TV Appearance

The Popside program featuring The Who recorded on the 3rd airs on Swedish television

1966-06-06 Other

The Who head on to Denmark flying into Copenhagen.

1966-06-08 Other

Jackie magazine features Roger Daltrey on the back cover

1966-06-11 Media

Billboard lists

1966-06-14 Other

The Who record

1966-06-15 Media

“Substitute” peaks at #13 on the German charts

1966-06-15 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1966-06-18 Media

Record Mirror report The Who will play Shea Stadium in July

1966-06-25 Other

Billboard repor

1966-06-27 Other

Pete and co-man

1966-06-29 Other

The Who were scheduled to perform at the Sheffield University Arts Festival.

1966-07-01 Other

The Who are sch

1966-07-04 Other

The Daily News

1966-07-08 Other

New Musical Exp

1966-07-08 Other

“Substitute” pe

1966-07-08 Media, Other

The Middlesex C

1966-07-12 Other

Amanda Moon is born to the secretly-married drummer and his wife Kim.

1966-07-16 Record Release

Decca U.S. rele

1966-07-16 Other

Billboard repor

1966-07-16 Other

Manager Chris S

1966-07-29 Cover, Other

The Merseys rel

1966-07-30 Other

Beach Boys fan

1966-07-31 Other

The Who are at

1966-08-01 Other

The August issu

1966-08-02 Other

The Who go on v

1966-08-12 Record Release

Brunswick issue

1966-08-13 Media

Fabulous magazine features a photo of The Who

1966-08-19 TV Appearance

The Who record

1966-08-20 Media

Melody Maker ca

1966-08-20 Chart, Other

Billboard lists

1966-08-25 Other

The Radio Luxem

1966-08-26 Other

“I’m a Boy” backed with “In The City” is released in Europe

1966-08-27 Other

Billboard repor

1966-08-30 Other

The Who begin

1966-08-31 Other

The Who are in

1966-09-01 Media

The September issue of Beat Instrumental features an article titled “Black Days Over For Who”


The Who are advertised to perform at St. George’s Ballroom in Hinckley

1966-09-03 Media

Disc and Music Echo carries a review of “I’m A Boy” and a mention of The WHo’s upcoming article


The Newcastle Evening Chronicle carries a brief review of “I’m a Boy”

1966-09-03 Media

Record Mirror carries an article “Who’s Who?” on the back cover

1966-09-03 Other

Ronnie Lane of

1966-09-06 TV Appearance

The Who record

1966-09-10 Other

Melody Maker pr

1966-09-10 Other

Disc magazine r

1966-09-10 Other

Brunswick’s “sp

1966-09-11 Other

Keith has his car stolen stolen from outside his home. Police would find it the next day. The incident would be reported in the Kensington Post on the 16th

1966-09-13 Other

The Who record

1966-09-13 Cover, Other

The San Jose, C

1966-09-15 TV Appearance

The Who pre-rec

1966-09-16 Other

“The mute Who speaks up about the others” is New Musical Express’ title for an interview with John.

1966-09-17 Media, Other

Roger is interv

1966-09-17 Media, Other

Disc and Music Echo says The Who are halfway through recording their new album

1966-09-19 Other

The Daily Mirror features a short story about Roger and “Mouse”

1966-09-20 Other

“I’m a Boy” ent

1966-09-21 Other

Pete goes to th

1966-09-21 Other

The Who tape a

1966-09-23 Other

The Who were to

1966-09-24 Other

Roger has a “Pop Think-In” in Melody Maker

1966-09-24 Media, Other

Pete reviews that week’s singles chart in Disc & Music Echo.

1966-09-24 Other

Former Animal C

1966-09-24 Other

I’m A Boy” enters the Dutch charts where it will peak at #5.

1966-09-27 Other

Lambert and Sta

1966-09-30 Other

“I’m a Boy” hits its official U.K. chart peak at #2.

1966-10-01 Media

The Who is on the cover of Disc and Music Echo with the headline “Why pop art is now just OLD HAT.”

1966-10-01 Media

Melody Maker re

1966-10-01 Media

Record Mirror features a photo of The Who on the cover

1966-10-03 Other, Studio

The Who are in CBS Recording Studios recording and mixing “Don’t Look Away” and “Wiskey Man”

1966-10-03 Other

Pete is interviewed for radio show “Dateline London”

1966-10-04 Other

The Who are rec

1966-10-04 Other

“The Kids Are A

1966-10-06 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Take 30

1966-10-07 Media

New Musical Express interviews Keith

1966-10-07 Cover, Other

Reaction releases Oscar’s “Join My Gang”, an early Pete Townshend song.

1966-10-08 Media

Melody Maker has its issue where “I’m a Boy” hits #1 on their charts.

1966-10-11 Other

The Who are in IBC studios recording “Bucket T”.

1966-10-12 TV Appearance

The Who appear on the TV show Waauw

1966-10-14 Other

The Who are in IBC Studios

1966-10-15 Media

John is interviewed in Disc & Music Echo

1966-10-16 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Starlight Ballroom in Greenford

1966-10-18 Other, TV Appearance

The Who record

1966-10-18 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1966-10-19 Other

Roger, Keith, John & Kit Lambert fly to Copenhagen, Denmark

1966-10-20 Other, TV Appearance

The Who pre-rec

1966-10-21 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Ready, Steady, Go!

1966-10-21 Media

The Middlesex County Times’ “Profile Spot” features Betty Townshend (Pete’s Mom)

1966-11-01 TV Appearance

The Who are in

1966-11-02 TV Appearance

The Who travel

1966-11-04 Other

The Who were scheduled to play in Kassel, Germany

1966-11-05 Media

Record Mirror a

1966-11-05 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Klar i Studiet

1966-11-08 Other

The Who are in

1966-11-10 Other

The Who go into

1966-11-10 Other

The Who are in

1966-11-11 Record Release

Ready Steady WHO EP is released, as is “La La La Lies” single B/W “The Good’s Gone”

1966-11-12 Other

The Who are fil

1966-11-12 Media

Kit Lambert tal

1966-11-12 Media

“I’m a Boy” hit

1966-11-13 Other

The Who are on

1966-11-15 TV Appearance

The Who appear on the U.S. tv on the Today show

1966-11-17 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Locarno Ballroom in Glasgow

1966-11-17 Media

Record Mirror reviews The Who’s new album

1966-11-19 Media

Melody Maker runs an interview with Keith and John


Record Mirror c

1966-11-22 TV Appearance

Pete appears on Dick Clark’s U.S. TV show Where The Action Is

1966-11-22 Media

Billboard repor

1966-11-24 Media

Billboard report that “I’m a Boy” is at #8 in Denmark.

1966-11-26 Other

The Who are in IBC studios

1966-11-26 Media

Disc & Music Echo has the headline “Who refuse new disc TV plugs”

1966-12-09 Record Release

The single “Hap

1966-12-09 Record Release

The Who’s secon

1966-12-16 TV Appearance

The Who go into

1966-12-17 Media

Disc and Music

1966-12-17 Media

Disc and Music

1966-12-19 Other

The Who assembl

1966-12-20 Other

The Who record their appearance on Ready, Steady, Goes!

1966-12-21 Other

Members of The Who see the Jimi Hendrix Experience for the first time

1966-12-22 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1966-12-23 TV Appearance

Ready, Steady, Goes! is broadcast featuring The Who

1966-12-29 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1967-01-01 Media

This months Bea

1967-01-07 Media

Disc begins a four-part series entitled “Who Are The Who?” featuring Roger.

1966-01-08 TV Appearance

The Who are sho

1967-01-11 Other

The Who record an appearance on Top Of The Pops

1967-01-11 Other

Pete and John see the Jimi Hendrix Experience

1967-01-12 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top Of The Pops

1967-01-12 Other

Pete goes to see the Jimi Hendrix Experience

1967-01-14 Media

Melody Maker prints the interview “Pop think in: Pete Townshend.”


Disc & Musi

1967-01-15 Other

The Who fly to Hamburg and film for Beat Club

1967-01-16 Other

Beat Club is br

1967-01-17 Other

The Who record for BBC’s radio programme Saturday Club

1967-01-21 Other

“Happy Jack” reaches its U.K. peak at #3

1967-01-21 Other

The Who are sch

1967-01-21 TV Appearance

The Who appear on BBC’s radio programme Saturday Club

1967-01-21 Media

Keith Moon’s ma

1967-01-21 TV Appearance

The Who mime to


Brian Epstein’s

1967-01-24 Other

“Happy Jack” ap

1967-01-28 Other

New Musical Express prints the article: “After Monkees big Who tv series?”

1967-01-28 Other

Billboard repor

1967-01-28 Media

Record Mirror f

1967-01-28 Media

Disc and Music

1967-01-29 Other

Pete appears at the Roundhouse’s “Uncommon Market” bazaar

1967-02-01 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1967-02-01 TV Appearance

Swedish Televis

1967-02-04 Media

John now has hi

1967-02-04 Other

Billboard notes

1967-02-04 Media

New Musical Exp

1967-02-04 Media

Disc and Music

1967-02-05 Media

News Of The Wor

1967-02-05 Other

“Bucket T” back

1967-02-05 Record Release

“Bucket T” is a

1967-02-07 Other

“La La La Lies”

1967-02-11 Media

Disc and Music

1967-02-12 Other

The police, at

1967-02-12 Other

Bob Pridden is

1967-02-13 Media

The first half

1967-02-17 Other

Who manager Chr

1967-02-18 Media

Billboard repor

1967-02-18 Media

Disc and Music

1967-02-25 Media

Melody Maker re

1967-02-27 Other

The Who return to London and head to De Lane Lea Music studio and to the Saville Theatre for rehearsals.

1967-02-27 Media

The second half

1967-03-01 Other

“Happy Jack” pe


Pete tells Beat

1967-03-02 Other

David Magnus ph

1967-03-11 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Beat Club in Germany

1967-03-16 Other

Track Records launch party

1967-03-17 Other

John and his wi

1967-03-18 Record Release

“Happy Jack” ba

1967-03-18 Media

New Musical Exp

1967-03-18 Other

Lambert and Sta

1967-03-21 Other

The Who fly to New York

1967-03-23 Other

The Who attend

1967-03-24 Other

The Barron Knights release the single “Lazy Fat People” in the UK

1967-03-24 Other

Jeff Beck relea

1967-03-27 Media

Pete Townshend

1967-04-01 Other

Billboard lists

1967-04-05 Other

The Who are in

1967-04-06 Studio

The Who are at

1967-04-06 Other

Richard Goldste

1967-04-07 Other

Mono mixes of “Pictures of Lily” and “Doctor, Doctor” were completed

1967-04-07 Other

Roger is interviewed for the BBCs German Service show “Hit ’67”

1967-04-07 Other

The Who, minus

1967-04-08 Other

Billboard carri

1967-04-13 Other

The Who get a b

1967-04-15 Other

Derek Johnson g

1967-04-15 Other

Billboard repor

1967-04-19 Other

The Who record

1967-04-20 Other

The Who fly back to London

1967-04-22 Record Release

“Pictures of Lily” is released

1967-04-22 Other

Melody Maker an

1967-04-22 Media

New Musical Exp

1967-04-26 Other

The Who record for Top of the Pops

1967-04-26 Other

The Who are in De Lane Lea studios

1967-04-27 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1967-04-28 Cover, Other

Decca releases “The Magic Bus” by the Pudding

1967-04-28 Other

The Who are in De Lane Lea studios

1967-04-29 Media

Disc reports that The Who will play the Monterey International Pop Festival

1967-04-29 Other

Pete attends the “14-Hour Technicolor Dream”

1967-04-29 Media

Billboard magaz

1967-04-29 Media

Melody Maker fe

1967-04-29 Media

Record Mirror f

1967-04-29 Chart, Media

New Musical Exp

1967-05-01 Other

During this wee

1967-05-01 Other

The May issue o

1967-05-03 Other

The Who’s manag

1967-05-06 Other

Disc and Music

1967-05-06 Media

Melody Maker an

1967-05-06 Media

Record Mirror c

1967-05-08 Other

The Who flew ba

1967-05-12 Other

Coca-Cola London registers receipt of two spots from MRM Productions. They are filmed commercials to be used in promoting a tie-in between Coca-Cola and Biba’s Boutique in Piccadilly.

1967-05-13 Other

The Who are reportedly scheduled to play the Shoreline Club in Bognor Regis, Sussex

1967-05-13 Other

“Pictures of Lily” enters Sweden’s Tio i Topp charts where it will peak at #3

1967-05-15 Other

Paul McCartney is hanging out with Keith Moon and Eric Burdon at the Bag O’Nails club in London.

1967-05-17 Other

Pete records an interview for the BBC overseas radio programme Dateline London

1967-05-17 TV Appearance

The Who fly to Manchester to appear live on Top Of The Pops.

1967-05-20 Other

“Pictures of Lily” hits its U.K. chart peak at #4.

1967-05-20 Other

“Lily isn’t pornographic, say Who” is the headline in New Musical Express.

1967-05-20 Other

“Pictures of Li

1967-05-20 Media

Billboard magazine reports that TRO is issuing “Happy Jack” sheet music in a special edition

1967-05-20 Media

Melody Maker talks to Keith in an article titled “The economy size, family pack Who –for U.S. consumption”

1967-05-21 TV Appearance

The Who appear on French TV show “Bouton Rouge”

1967-05-23 Other

The Who are at City of London Studios

1967-05-23 Other

“Pictures of Lily” enters Sweden’s Kvällstoppen charts and peaks at #11.

1967-05-24 Other

The Who were back at De Lane Lea studios

1967-05-25 Other

The Who’s management purchase “1 Case containing 1 Gross Y.2. Smoke Generators” from Brock’s Crystal Palace Fireworks, Ltd


New Musical Express features a brief article titled “Who’s Entwistle breaks finger” while “Pictures of Lily” remains at #4 in their Top 30

1967-05-27 Media

Disc and Music echo feature The Who in several articles as well as their Top 30.

1967-05-28 Studio

The Who go to CBS Studios, London and record backing tracks for “I Can See For Miles,” “Armenia City In The Sky” and “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand.”

1967-06-01 Other

The Who were sc

1967-06-01 Chart, Media

Beat Instrumental features The Who several times

1967-06-04 Other

The Who are sch

1967-06-04 Other

Pete attends a farewell party in London for U.S. performer Mitch Ryder.

1967-06-04 Other

Keith leaves the hospital

1967-06-05 Other

The Who were scheduled to play at the Top Rank Suite in Swansea

1967-06-05 Other

The”Instrumental – No Title” a/k/a “Soddin’ About” is mixed and shelved

1967-06-07 Other

Two tracks destined for long shelf liveTwo tracks destined for long shelf lives are mixed in 4-track by Kit Lambert at CBS Studioss are mixed in 4-track by Kit Lambert at CBS Studios

1967-06-10 Other

Kit Lambert tells Melody Maker, “We hope Keith should be able to do some light drumming in about a week’s time, but until then all recording sessions have been postponed.”

1967-06-10 Other

The U.S. Army r


Disc and Music Echo discusses The Who’s injuries and their replacement drummers

1967-06-12 Other

Willi Nolte releases a German-language version of “Happy Jack” as a single in Germany

1967-06-13 Other

The Who fly to

1967-06-16 Other

The Who were scheduled to appear at the University of Sussex Bacchanalian Ball

1967-06-17 Other

Pete and Karen

1967-06-17 Media

New Musical Exp

1967-06-20 Other

The Who begin t

1967-06-21 Other

Ralph Gleason,

1967-06-23 Other

John marries his childhood sweetheart Alison Wise

1967-06-24 Record Release

“Pictures Of Li

1967-06-24 Other

NEMS employees

1967-06-25 Other

Keith and his w

1967-06-28 Other

Mick Jagger is

1967-06-29 Other

Keith and Kim join protesters of “The News of The World” over their involvement in the Jagger/Richards arrests.

1967-06-29 Other

At 3am John rec

1967-06-30 Other

Track Records rushes the double A-sided single “The Last Time” and “Under My Thumb” by The Who into record shops

1967-07-01 Media

Disc magazine r

1967-07-01 Other

“Pictures of Li

1967-07-01 Media

The July issue of Beat Instrumental carries a feature titled “Sounds I Like By Britain’s Top Bassmen”

1967-07-01 Media

New Musical Exp

1967-07-02 Other

Pete and Keith

1967-07-03 TV Appearance

German document

1967-07-05 Studio

Kit Lambert and

1967-07-15 Other

Billboard repor

1967-07-15 Media, Other

Melody Maker’s

1967-07-16 Other

“Under My Thumb

1967-07-22 Other

The Happy Jack

1967-07-25 Other

The Who stop in

1967-07-27 Other

The BBC launche

1967-07-28 Other

The Dutch TV sh

1967-07-30 Other

The Herman’s Hermits tour were scheduled to play the Miami Beach Exhibition Hall in Miami, Florida

1967-07-31 Other

Pete reunites w

1967-08-01 Other

The Who leave t

1967-08-01 Media

The August issu

1967-08-06 Studio

The Who are in

1967-08-07 Studio

The Who are in

1967-08-12 Other

Billboard repor

1967-08-13 Other

Pete and John go to the Ambassador to catch Jimi Hendrix’s set.

1967-08-15 Other

The Who fly to

1967-08-15 Other

The Marine Broa

1967-08-17 Other

Who manager Kit

1967-08-18 Other

The Who were su

1967-08-19 Other

Melody Maker carries a fullpage ad for Marshall – “The Sound of Success” featuring The Who

1967-08-23 Other

During the afte

1967-08-23 Other

The night that

1967-09-01 Media

This month’s Beat Instrumental features another edition of “The Kieth Moon Column” as well as an ad for Premier featuring Keith and his “Pictures of Lily” Drum kit.

1967-09-02 Other

Billboard reports that Mayte Gaos of Mexico has recorded “Happy Jack” under the title “Jack el feliz”.

1967-09-05 Other

The Who get a s

1967-09-08 Other

Bill Kerby of t

1967-09-09 Other

In Melody Maker

1967-09-09 Other

The Crazy World

1967-09-10 Studio

The Who spend o

1967-09-10 Other

Around this tim

1967-09-15 TV Appearance

The Who tape th

1967-09-16 Other

Around this dat

1967-09-16 Other

Chris Stamp tel

1967-09-17 Other

The Who return

1967-09-17 TV Appearance

The Smothers Brother’s Comedy Hour featuring The Who is broadcast

1967-09-18 Other

Decca releases “I Can See For Miles” backed with one of the August takes of “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands.”

1967-09-23 Media

Disc and Music Echo features an article titled “The day WHO Keith blew up” by Penny Valentine.

1967-10-01 Media

The October issue of Beat Instrumental carries another “Keith Moon Column” as well as a feature on Keith’s new drum set

1967-10-02 Other

Mono master copies are made for “I Can See For Miles,” “Armenia (City in the Sky),” “Early Morning Cold Taxi” and “Girl’s Eyes.” This mono mix of “I Can See For Miles” restores the opening power chord missing from the U.S. mix

1967-10-04 Other

Pete writes in his diary: “After wasting a lot of precious time, I think it’s time for a real shake up.”


Billboard magazine features a full page ad for “I Can See For Miles”

1967-10-07 Media

New Musical Express carries an ad for The Who’s upcoming tour.

1967-10-10 Studio

The Who go into De Lane Lea Studios, London to record for BBC Radio One’s show Top Gear


“Heinz Baked Be


“Tattoo” is rec


Keith appears f

1967-10-14 Record Release

“I Can See For

1967-10-14 Media, Record Release

Billboard magazine carries a small ad for “I Can See For Miles”

1967-10-14 Media

Melody Maker runs an interview with Pete. Another article lists Keith among the “magnificent seven” of drummers.

1967-10-14 Other

New Musical Express reviews “I Can See For Miles” backed with “Someone’s Coming”

1967-10-15 Other

The Who tape an appearance on the BBC1 TV show Twice A Fortnight miming to “I Can See For Miles” and “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands.”


Mono masters ar

1967-10-20 Studio

Vocals for John “Speedy” Keen’s “Armenia City In The Sky” and Pete’s “Jaguar” are recorded at IBC Studio A, London.

1967-10-21 TV Appearance

The Who appear on the BBC1 TV show Twice A Fortnight miming to “I Can See For Miles” and “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands.”

1967-10-21 Media

Melody Maker features “Stevie Wonder singles out the new singles” where he “reviews” I Can Seee For Miles

1967-10-24 Studio

An acoustic version of “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands” as well as all the interstitial bridges from the album are recorded at De Lane Lea Studios in London

1967-10-25 Other

The Who pre-record a mime job to “I Can See For Miles” for the BBC’s Top of the Pops


Mono mixes of “

1967-10-28 Other

The Who appear on BBC radio “Saturday Club”

1967-10-28 Media

Keith Altham reports in New Musical Express on a chaotic meeting at a recording studio attended by The Who and manager Kit Lambert

1967-10-30 Other

The quite different stereo mix of The Who Sell Out is created at De Lane Lea Studios in London.

1967-10-30 Other

Nederland 2 airs Vjoew featuring an interview with Pete conducted by John Peel


The recording o

1967-11-02 Studio

The recording of The Who Sell Out is finally finished as Kit Lambert calls Pete in to IBC Studios in London to perform a solo number on acoustic guitar, “Sunrise.”

1967-11-02 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top Of The Pops miming to “I Can See For Miles.” In a certain affront to their old Mod fans, The Who dress as rockers.

1967-11-11 Other

The Who have an appearance on BBC’s Top Gear radio show.

1967-11-11 Other

“I Can See For Miles” enters the Dutch charts where it will peak at #28.

1967-11-11 Other

In Sweden both “I Can See For Miles” and “The Last Time” enter the Tio i Topp charts

1967-11-11 Media

Disc magazine c

1967-11-11 Media

Billboard reports that The Who have signed a product endorsement contract with Vox

1967-11-15 Other

The Who fly to the U.S.

1967-11-18 Other

“I Can See For Miles” reaches its chart peak in the U.K. at a disappointing #10.

1967-11-19 Other

The Who appear on tape on BBC’s Top Gear radio show


The Who Sell Ou

1967-11-20 Studio

The Who Sell Out is cut and banded by Damon Lyon-Shaw at IBC Studio A.

1967-11-25 Media

Disc magazine r

1967-12-02 Media

Melody Maker rates the “Magnificent seven: songwriters.”

1967-12-03 Other

The Who fly back to London following a tour of the U.S.

1967-12-05 Other

Keith and his wife Kim attend the opening of The Beatles’ clothing store The Apple Shop in London.

1967-12-06 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Sky Line Ballroom in Hull


The Who Sell Out LP is released in Britain

1967-12-16 Other

Eric Burdon & The Animals song “Monterey” hits the U.S. charts.

1967-12-16 Other

The Who pre-record a performance on Top of the Pops

1967-12-16 Media

Disc magazine interviews Kit & Chris

1967-12-16 Other

Billboard magaz

1967-12-16 Media

Melody Maker ca


The Who mime to

1967-12-22 Other

The Who were scheduled to appear as part of the “Christmas On Earth Continued” festival

1967-12-23 Media

Billboard magaz


Beat Instrument

1968-01-01 Media

This month’s Be

1968-01-03 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Bal Tabarin Club in Bromley

1968-01-04 Other

The Who are at CBS Studios, London

1968-01-05 Other

The Who are at IBC Studios

1968-01-06 Other

The Who Sell Out first appears on Billboard’s album charts.

1968-01-06 Media

Disc and Music

1968-01-13 Other

The Who are at IBC Studios

1968-01-13 Other

Pete is a guest

1968-01-13 Media

Disc and Music

1968-01-18 Other

The Who begin a

1968-01-19 Media

Arriving horrib

1968-01-20 Media

New Musical Exp

1968-01-20 Media

Billboard magaz

1968-01-20 Media

Rolling Stone m

1968-01-21 Other

The Who get a day off the 1968 Australian tour

1968-01-24 Other

The Australian tour flies to Essendon Airport in Melbourne, Victoria


A 7am flight to

1968-01-30 Other

Steve Marriott celebrates his 21st Birthday party in Rock n Roll style

1968-01-31 Media

Go-Set magazine

1968-02-01 Other

The Who and The

1968-02-01 Media

Beat Instrument

1968-02-02 Media

Go magazine has

1968-02-02 Record Release

“Mary Anne With

1968-02-02 Record Release

“Mary Anne With

1968-02-06 Media

Paul Rodgers se

1968-02-10 Other

The Amboy Dukes

1968-02-10 Media

Rolling Stone m

1968-02-11 Studio

The Who go into

1968-02-14 Other

Pete’s friend R

1968-02-24 Media

Rolling Stone m

1968-02-26 Other

The Who are at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles

1968-02-27 Other

The Who are tak

1968-02-28 Other

The Who and their entourage board a bus for a three-day trip to Canada.

1968-03-02 Record Release

“Call Me Lightning” backed with “Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde” is released in the U.S.

1968-03-02 Other

The Who are thr

1968-03-02 Other

Melody Maker pr

1968-03-02 Other

Record Mirror s

1968-03-09 Media

New Musical Express article: “Ann Moses meets The Who”

1968-03-16 Media

“Who In Frisco” appears in New Musical Express.

1968-03-16 Other

Billboard featu

1968-03-22 Media

Go magazine reports “The Who make anti-smoking commercial”

1968-03-23 Media

“Who Pete Townshend writes from Hollywood,” appears in New Musical Express.

1968-04-01 Media

The April issue

1968-04-04 Other

While visiting


The Who are pho

1968-04-25 Chart

“Call Me Lightn

1968-05-01 Media

The Daily Expre

1968-05-08 Media

Pete talks abou

1968-05-04 Media

Melody Maker ca

1968-05-11 Media

Record Mirror c

1968-05-18 Other

Pete and Karen appear in “Sunday People” magazine

1968-05-20 Other

Pete and his long-time girlfriend Karen Astley wed

1968-05-20 Media

The Daily Express carries a photo of Pete and Karen at their wedding

1968-06-01 Chart, Media, Other

The June 1968 edition of Beat Instrumental has The Who on the cover

1968-06-01 Media

Life magazine carries a feature on “The New Rock” which includes a two page spread on The Who


Record Mirror carries a photo from Pete’s recent wedding

1968-06-02 Media

Paul Nelson writes a long rave review of The Who Sell Out in The New York Times.

1968-06-11 Other

The Who are supposed to play the St. John’s College Ball at Cambridge with Spooky Tooth and Scaffold supporting.

1968-06-14 Record Release

“Dogs” backed with “Call Me Lightning” is released in England

1968-06-15 Media

Disc and Music Echo features a photo of The Who with “Yellow Printer” taken on the 11th

1968-06-15 Media

Melody Maker’s Bob Dawbarn reviews “Dogs” and interviews Roger

1968-06-22 Other

The Who were guests of honor at the annual Greyhound Derby


New Musical Express reviews “Dogs” and also carries a full page ad for the single

1968-06-22 Media

Record Mirror features an interview with Roger titled “The Who are Really Gentle People”

1968-06-29 Media

Melody Maker carries a full page ad for Dogs as well as a feature on microphones which includes a piece by Pete titled “The Stuff We Wouldn’t Wreck!”

1968-07-01 Media

The July issue of Rave magazine features a story titled “Who – Dunnit?” about Keith’s marriage

1968-07-01 Media

The July issue of Beat Instrumental features a photo of The Who

1968-07-04 Media

The Action Gazette reports that Pete will be moving into a £16,600 home in Twickenham

1968-07-06 Media

Disc and Music Echo interviews John in an article called, “So I said to John Entwistle’s dog…”

1968-07-06 Media, Other

Melody Maker features Keith in Blind Date

1968-07-24 Other

The Who were to

1968-07-27 Other

The Who release

1968-08-01 Other

The August issu

1968-08-15 Media

Voque magazine’

1968-08-31 Media, Other

Record Mirror carries an article titled “Who: Explosive in States”

1968-09-01 Other

The Who return to England from the U.S.A.

1968-09-01 Media

This months iss

1968-09-05 Other

Keith was interviewed for Radio 1’s Scene and Heard

1968-09-05 Other

Keith is interviewed for Southern ITV’s Time For Blackburn

1968-09-10 Other

Keith participates in a Wembly scooter race

1968-09-13 Other

Show 9 broadcasts footage of Keith participating in a scooter race

1968-09-14 Media

Rolling Stone features an interview with Pete.

1968-09-21 Media

An interview with Keith on Radio 1’s Scene And Heard was scheduled

1968-09-21 Media

Melody Maker features an interview with Pete by Chris Welch.

1968-09-22 Media

Pete is intervi

1968-09-27 Other

The Who are at IBC Studios to begin recording Tommy

1968-09-28 Media

Rolling Stone magazine features an interview with Pete conducted after The Who’s Fillmore West show the in August

1968-09-28 Media

Billboard magazine features a full page ad for Decca Records which includes The Who’s Magic Bus

1968-09-30 Other

The Who are at IBC Studios

1968-10-07 Other

The Who fly to Bremen, Germany where they mime to “Magic Bus” for Beat Club.

1968-10-09 Other

The Who hire a bus from Paris and are photographed on board with female models and a small menagerie of animals, all to promote their new single “Magic Bus”

1968-10-11 TV Appearance

The Who perform another “Magic Bus” mime job, this time on BBC-1’s How It Is

1968-10-12 TV Appearance

The Who appear on NDR-TV’s Beat Club miming to “Magic Bus” recorded earlier in the week

1968-10-12 Record Release

Decca releases the LP Magic Bus – The Who on Tour

1968-10-12 Media

Record Mirror carries a review of Magic Bus, predicting it to be a “Massive Seller”. Also featured is an interview with John titled “Triumphant Return For The Who…Operatics in View”

1968-10-16 Other

A judgment was entered against Chris Stamp for damage done by Keith to an apartment the band had rented for him

1968-10-18 Record Release

Direct Hits is released in Britain

1968-10-18 Other

The Who again board the 100-year old bus for another promotional drive around London.

1968-10-19 Media

Disc magazine reports The New Yardbirds will change their name to Lead Zeppelin

1968-10-19 Media

New Musical Express carries an article titled “Traffic Warden Takes Magic From Who’s Bus!” and Keith is interviewed by Keith Altham.

1968-10-25 Media

An interview with Keith on Southern ITV’s Time For Blackburn was scheduled

1968-10-25 Media

The Detroit Free Press carried a review of “The Magic Bus”

1968-10-26 Chart, Other

Decca/MCA’s own Who oldies collection Magic Bus – The Who On Tour hits the U.S. charts.

1968-10-26 Media

Record Mirror carries a short review of The Who’s Direct Hits album

1968-10-26 Media

New Musical Express reports on The WHo’s upcoming package tour with Joe Cocker and Arthur Brown

1968-11-01 Other

John is interviewed live on BBC’s Radio 1 Club

1968-11-01 Other

John is intervi

1968-11-03 TV Appearance

BBC1 airs a doc

1968-11-04 Other

Keith is charged with being drunk and disorderly.

1968-11-09 Media

Melody Maker’s reports on the recording of “Deaf Dumb and Blind Boy.

1968-11-12 Other

The Who play Sherwood Rooms in Nottingham

1968-11-15 Other

Track Records releases “Nightmare “ backed with “What’s Happening “ by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown.

1968-11-15 Other

The Who record an appearance on Time For Blackburn

1968-11-16 Media

New Musical Exp

1968-11-21 Other

The Who record for Crackerjack

1968-11-22 Other

The Who were scheduled to appear on the BBC show How It Is

1968-11-23 Other

John goes back to Acton County Grammar School for a charity event

1968-11-30 Media

Pete tells Disc magazine about his new opera


The Who play Ma

1968-12-09 Other

The Who report for the cast rehearsal of the The Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus

1968-12-10 Other

Filming for the television special The Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus

1968-12-11 Other

Filming of The Rolling Stones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus continues.

1968-12-28 Other

John Lennon sends a Christmas card to Pete

1968-12-28 Other

Melody Maker lo

1968-12-31 TV Appearance

The Who mime to

1969-01-17 Media

Go magazine has the article: “The Who plan new tv pop opera”

1969-01-17 Other

The Who were scheduled to play King’s College in London.

1969-01-22 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Nederlands 2 in an pre-recorded interview

1969-01-27 Other

The Who begin five days of rehearsals at the Whitehall Theatre

1969-01-30 Other

The Who continue rehearsals at Whitehall Theater

1969-01-31 Other

It was Pete’s i

1969-01-31 Other

The Who wrap up

1969-02-01 Media

New Musical Exp

1969-02-01 Other

Pete is working

1969-02-01 Media

Melody Maker ca

1969-02-03 Other

The Who begin a

1969-02-04 Other

Kit Lambert bri

1969-02-06 Media

Down Beat magaz

1969-02-07 Studio

The Who record

1969-02-10 Other

The Who go back

1969-02-12 Studio

The instrumenta

1969-02-15 Other

The Who play Dreamland in Margate

1969-02-15 Media

Rolling Stone m

1969-02-22 Media

Disc magazine reports that Pete sat in during recent Small Faces’ recording sessions

1969-02-24 Studio

The Who are at IBC Studio A

1969-03-03 Studio

The Who end the recording of Tommy at IBC Studio A

1969-03-07 Record Release

“Pinball Wizard” backed with “Dogs Part 2” is released in Britain

1969-03-10 Other

Recording engineer Damon Lynn-Shaw and assistant engineer Ted Sharp begin the process of mixing Tommy.

1969-03-14 TV Appearance

The Who appear on BBC 1s How Late It Is miming to “Pinball Wizard”

1969-03-15 Media

Billboard repor

1969-03-18 Other

John and Keith are interviewed at the BBC’s Paris Studios for Radio 1 Club

1969-03-18 Other

The Who rehears

1969-03-22 Record Release

Pinball Wizard,

1969-03-22 Media

New Musical Express carries an interview with Pete


Keith is photog

1969-03-26 Other

The Who continue rehearsals at Bickersteth Memorial Hall Grove Place in North West London.

1969-03-27 TV Appearance

The Who record

1969-03-28 Media

Go prints the article: “The Who return to blow your minds.”

1969-03-28 TV Appearance

The Who appear live on Thames Television’s Today show

1969-03-28 Other

Emma Townshend, Pete’s first child, is born

1969-03-29 Media

Keith is interv

1969-03-31 Other

Having spent a

1969-04-01 Other

The Who are reh

1969-04-03 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-05 Other

Melody Maker gr

1969-04-08 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-09 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-10 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-10 TV Appearance

The Who perform

1969-04-11 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-11 Other

Pete is intervi

1969-04-12 Other

Keith gets his

1969-04-12 Other

“Pinball Wizard

1969-04-13 Other

The Who attend the Melody Maker Pollwinners concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London

1969-04-13 Other

The New York Ti

1969-04-16 Other

The Who are at

1969-04-18 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1969-04-19 Other

New Musical Exp

1969-04-19 Other

Melody Maker ha

1969-04-20 TV Appearance

The Who appear

1969-04-21 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-23 Other

The Who continu

1969-04-24 Other

The Who tape an

1969-04-26 Other

“Pinball Wizard

1969-05-02 Other

Roger, John, Ke

1969-05-03 Other

The Tommy album

1969-05-03 Other

“Pinball Wizard

1969-05-17 Other

Pete and Roger surrender themselves to the authorities at the Ninth Precinct station for the previous nights on-stage incident.

1969-05-17 Other

The first copies of the Tommy LP are appearing on store shelves in America, disc jockeys also receive a 4-single box set of selected tracks.

1969-05-17 Other

Disc and Music Echo runs a profile on John, Pete and Keith’s wives

1969-05-17 Other

Hit Parader carries an interview with Pete in which he criticizes BBC Radio 1 for ignoring new artists

1969-05-18 Other

BBC1 repeats the Omnibus: All My Loving special

1969-05-19 Other

A statement of apology by The Who for the Fillmore East altercation appears in the New York Times.

1969-05-21 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the Capitol Theatre in Ottawa, Canada

1969-05-23 Record Release

Track Records releases the Tommy LP in Britain.

1969-05-24 Media

New Musical Express carries a review of Tommy titled “Who’s Sick Opera” calling it a “disappointment”

1969-05-27 Other

Roger and Pete

1969-05-31 Other

Billboard carries a full page ad for Tommy


Melody Maker runs a review of Tommy entitled “An extremely tasteful pop opera”

1969-06-06 Other

Around this time The Who are photographed by Jack Robinson for for a feature in Vogue magazine

1969-06-08 Other

Melody Maker declares Tommy the Pop LP of the Month saying it gives “a facelift to pop’s image”.

1969-06-09 Other

The Who and ent

1969-06-11 Other

Thunderclap Newman’s “Something In The Air” hits the British charts.

1969-06-14 Other

The Who were sc

1969-06-14 Other

Rolling Stone premieres its U.K. edition of the magazine with Pete on the cover

1969-06-20 Other

Roger and Pete

1969-06-26 Other

Pete is trapped in tour booker Frank Barselona’s apartment while Barselona attempts to talk Pete into having The Who return to the U.S.

1969-06-28 Other

New Musical Exp

1969-07-01 Record Release

During this mon

1969-07-03 Other

Brian Jones, ex

1969-07-05 Record Release

“I’m Free” backed with “We’re Not Gonna Take It” from the Tommy album is released in the U.S.

1969-07-05 Media

Billboard magaz


Cashbox carries

1969-07-06 Other

Pete begins pro

1969-07-10 Other

Pete writes the

1969-07-10 Other

Keith accompani

1969-07-11 Other

Keith accompani

1969-07-12 Other

Melody Maker carries a couple of items on The Who

1969-07-12 Other

Rolling Stone m

1969-07-19 Other

Three promotion

1969-08-02 Other

Keith denies to

1969-08-10 Other

The Who fly to

1969-08-16 Other

Thunderclap New

1969-08-16 Other

The Who arrive

1969-08-18 Other

Tommy becomes T

1969-08-22 Other

Keith begins an

1969-08-23 Other

The Who were to

1969-08-23 Chart, Other

“I’m Free” hits

1969-08-26 Other

The Who travel

1969-08-26 Other

A pre-recorded

1969-08-28 Other

Who manager Kit

1969-09-05 Other

Keith and John

1969-09-17* Media

The Melody Make

1969-09-27 TV Appearance

Beat Club shows

1969-10-01 Other

The Who’s Concertgebouw show is broadcast on AVRO radio.

1969-10-08 Media

Christian Century magazine calls Tommy “a thoroughly religious work.”

1969-10-18 Media

Cash Box magazine features a photo of The Who receiving the Edison Award

1969-10-18 Media

New Musical Express carries an article titled “Who will perform ‘Tommy’ at the London Coliseum

1968-10-21 Other

The Who are at IBC Studios

1969-10-26 Other

The classical music reviewer for The New York Times, Clive Barnes, discusses The Who and rock operas in an article

1969-11-09 Other

The Who were sc

1969-11-15 Media

New Yorker magazine runs an article on The Who with the band’s comments after they receive gold records for Tommy

1969-11-18 Other

The Who flew back to London

1969-12-16 TV Appearance

The Who record their appearance on “Pop Goes The Sixties”

1969-12-27 Other

Rolling Stone c

1969-12-31 TV Appearance

Pop Goes The Si

1970-01-02 Other

Keith spends the day with his old group The Beachcombers, then takes them out to the Speakeasy.

1970-01-03 Media

Melody Maker article: “Who in row over those ‘late’ concerts”

1970-01-04 Other

Keith’s chauffeur, Neil Boland, dies in a tragic accident

1970-01-06 Other

Damon Lyon-Shaw

1970-01-09 Other

The first inquest into the death of Neil Boland is held

1970-01-09 Other

“Topo D. Bil,” releases the single “Witchi Tai To” in the U.K.

1970-01-10 Media

Melody Maker publishes an interview with Pete by Chris Welch.

1970-01-19 Studio

The Who are at IBC Studios

1970-01-24 Media

Melody Maker prints the article: “Who in colour tv film.”

1970-02-06 Media

Rolling Stone m

1970-02-10 Studio

The Who record

1970-02-20 Other

A verdict is delivered on the death of Keith Moon’s chauffeur Neil Boland.

1970-02-25 Other

The Universal Spiritual League releases “Happy Birthday”

1970-03-01 Media

The Sunday Tele

1970-03-08 Media

The New York Ti

1970-03-19 Other

The Who pre-record “The Seeker” for Top of the Pops

1970-03-19 Other

Bobby Shad and

1970-03-20 Record Release

“The Seeker” ba

1970-03-23 Other

Keith pleads gu

1970-03-26 TV Appearance

The Who’s play

1970-03-26 Other

The documentary

1970-04-11 Media

Melody Maker reports that Live At Leeds will be released on May 1st

1970-04-11 Other

“The Seeker” ba

1970-04-12 Other

Keith drums as

1970-04-13 Studio

The Who go into

1970-04-16 Other

Rolling Stone p

1970-04-18 Other

Pete is intervi

1970-04-25 Other

Pete is intervi

1970-04-25 Media

Billboard magaz

1970-04-30 Media

Rolling Stone m

1970-04-30 Media

The Daily Mirro

1970-05-11 Other

The Who spend f

1970-05-14 Other

Down Beat carries an interview with Pete in which he discusses his love of The James Gang

1970-05-15 Other

Nippon Grammophon in Japan releases paired LP’s in a metal can.

1970-05-16 Record Release

Live at Leeds is released in the U.S.

1970-05-16 Other

Melody Maker pr


Record World magazine reports The Who will play the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City

1970-05-16 Media

Record Mirror carries an article titled “Woodstock Film – Soundtrack Album”

1970-05-22 Record Release

Live at Leeds is released in Britain

1970-05-23 Media

Record Mirror has an interview with John

1970-05-23 Other

New Musical Express, which has a cover advertisement for Live At Leeds, carries a picture of Pete, Graham Nash and Tiny Tim

1970-05-23 Record Release

Track Records r

1970-05-25 Other

The Who rehearse at the Granada Theatre in Wandsworth, London

1970-05-25 Other

More of the Who’s BBC recordings of April 13th are played on BBC Radio One’s The Johnnie Walker Show and The Dave Symonds Show.

1970-05-26 Other

The Who rehearse at the Granada Theatre in Wandsworth, London

1970-05-27 Other

The Who rehearse at the Granada Theatre in Wandsworth, London

1970-05-28 Other

The Who rehearse at the Granada Theatre in Wandsworth, London

1970-05-29 Other

The Who rehearse at the Granada Theatre in Wandsworth, London

1970-05-30 Other

Live at Leeds enters the Billboard “Top LP’s”

1970-05-30 Other

An interview with Roger appears in New Musical Express.


The Who are presented with plaques from Decca Records for $5,000,000 worth of records sold in the U.S.

1970-06-13 Cover, Other

The Assembled Multitude enters the U.S. charts with “Overture From Tommy (A Rock Opera)”.

1970-06-18 Other

The Who reporte

1970-06-24 Other

Variety reports

1970-06-25 Other

The movie Woods

1970-06-27 Other

The second single from Thunderclap Newman’s Hollywood Dream LP, “Accidents”, hits the British charts

1970-06-27 Media, Other

Cashbox carries a full page ad for “Summertime Blues”

1970-06-27 Media

Billboard magaz

1970-06-28 Other

The James Gang

1970-07-01 Other

This month’s Ja

1970-07-02 Other

Keith buys his

1970-07-04 Other

New Musical Exp

1970-07-09 Other

The Who fly bac

1970-07-09 Media

Rolling Stone m

1970-07-09 Media

The Acton Gazet

1970-07-10 Record Release

The single “Summertime Blues” backed with “Heaven and Hell” is released.

1970-07-11 Other

Billboard runs

1970-07-17 Other

The BBC-2 relig

1970-07-18 Other

The soundtrack


Chris Welch lis

1970-07-24 Media

Rolling Stone m


Record Mirror a

1970-08-01 Other

Melody Maker re

1970-08-01 Other

Record Mirror c

1970-08-04 Other

Nancy Lewis of

1970-08-08 Other

Record Mirror magazine features The Who on the cover

1970-08-15 Other

Melody Maker sa

1970-08-22 Other

Melody Maker in

1970-08-28 Other

Another single

1970-09-04 Other

“Summertime Blu

1970-09-05 Media

Record Mirror magazine carries a two page review of the Isle of Wight concert

1970-09-12 Other

Record Mirror reports that 1.3 million copies of Tommy have been sold in 8-track format.

1970-09-14 Other

U.S. Vice-Presi

1970-09-14 Other

The Who stay in

1970-09-15 Other

“Summertime Blu

1970-09-19 Other

Melody Maker ca

1970-09-19 Other

Cash Box in the U.S. carries an ad from Decca Records offering a free Who poster to record dealers to encourage them to stock The Who’s back catalog.

1970-09-24 Other

Dick Fontaine p

1970-09-26 Other

“See Me Feel Me

1970-09-28 Other

In Senior Schol

1970-09-28 Other

Over the next 3

1970-10-02 Other

The Pete-produc

1970-10-03 Media

Melody Maker contains the article “Moon over Chipping Norton” about Keith’s part-ownership of country inn The Crown & Cushion.

1970-10-03 Other

Billboard magazine features an ad offering free posters to record dealers carrying The Who’s records

1970-10-09 Record Release

Track records releases “See Me Feel Me” backed with “Overture From Tommy” in Britain.

1970-10-17 Media

The 3rd Pete To

1970-10-17 Media, Other

New Musical Express’ cover features an ad for the “See Me, Feel Me” single

1970-10-24 Media

Pete talks to Disc and Music Echo

1970-10-31 Media

Melody Maker has an article entitled “Who’s cheap singles plan dampened.”

1970-11-03 Other

The Who are pho


The Who play in

1970-11-06 Record Release

More £1-each Ba

1970-11-06 Record Release

The poor-selling “See Me Feel Me” single on Track is withdrawn and replaced by a Tommy EP


£1-each Backtr

1970-11-07 Media

In Melody Maker, Chris Charlesworth pens “I See A Mad Moon Rising,” in which he recounts Keith’s antics before and after the October 29th Hammersmith Palais concert. In another article, Charlesworth interviews Bob Pridden.

1970-11-07 Media

New Musical Express has part one of a large interview with Pete conducted by Richard Green.

1970-11-08 Other

Keith sits in o

1970-11-13 Other

Thunderclap New

1970-11-14 Media

New Musical Exp

1970-11-14 Media

Melody Maker carries the fourth installment of “The Pete Townshend Page“

1970-11-26 Other

The Who fail to play the Fillmore North in Newcastle after Roger gets fogged in on the motorway.

1970-11-30 Studio

John begins recording the first Who solo album, Smash Your Head Against The Wall at Trident Studios.

1970-12-14 Other

Keith is photog

1970-12-26 Media

Billboard magaz

1970-12-30 TV Appearance

The Who pre-rec

1970-12-31 TV Appearance

BBC1 broadcasts

1971-01-02 Media

Sounds magazine prints an interview with Pete conducted by Penny Valentine.

1971-01-02 Media

Vivian Stanshall writes an article in Record Mirror about his experiences clowning around with his friend Keith.

1971-01-13 Other

The Who hold a press conference at the Young Vic

1971-01-16 Media

The 6th Pete Townshend page in Melody Maker appears.

1971-01-23 Media

Pete again tries to explain what the Lifehouse project entails to Penny Valentine in Melody Maker

1971-01-23 Media

Record Mirror c

1971-01-24 Other

Pete and Keith are drinking at the Speakeasy when Frank Zappa asks them if they want to be in his new movie

1971-01-29 Other

Frank Zappa’s videotape movie 200 Motels begins shooting and concludes on the 29th.

1971-02-06 Media

Disc magazine c

1971-02-07 Media

Nik Cohn interviews Pete in The New York Times: “The Who, from Tommy to Bobby”

1971-02-08 Other

The Who are billed as session guests on BBC Radio One’s The Johnnie Walker Show.

1971-02-10 Other

Pete Townshend

1971-02-13 Media

The seventh “The Pete Townshend Page” called “Change – by taking people up” is published in Melody Maker.

1971-02-13 Media

Pete and John are interviewed by Keith Altham in Record Mirror.

1971-02-20 Other

Keith is the guest MC at a “Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes and Freaks” show

1971-02-22 Other

The Who are booked to appear at the Young Vic Theatre but fail to show up for some unspecified reason

1971-03-02 Other

Keith drums for an impromptu group called Freaks

1971-03-11 Other

Keith is a surprise participant in an All-Star Jam Session

1971-03-13 Media

Melody Maker runs the eighth “The Pete Townshend Page”

1971-03-15 Studio

The Who are at the Record Plant Studios in New York City

1971-03-16 Studio

The Who are at the Record Plant Studios in New York City

1971-03-17 Studio

The Who are at the Record Plant Studios in New York City

1971-03-18 Studio

The Who are at the Record Plant Studios in New York City

1971-03-19 Other

The Who attend a Humble Pie concert at the Fillmore East.

1971-03-20 Other

John Peel’s Top Gear show broadcasts the “Freaks” music, featuring Keith, recorded on the 2nd.

1971-04-01 Record Release

John releases his first solo record “I Believe In Everything” backed with “My Size.”

1971-04-01 Other

Pete and his fa

1971-04-03 Media

Sounds magazine

1971-04-05 Other

Keith performs as part of an All-Star Jam Session

1971-04-13 Other

Les Grands Ballet Canadiens premiere a ballet version of Tommy at New York’s City Center.

1971-04-17 Media

Melody Maker runs the ninth and last Pete Townshend Page called “Things are different across the sea.”

1971-04-23 Other

The Rolling Sto

1971-04-24 Other

Pete and Karen’s 2nd daughter, Aminta Alice, is born

1971-04-24 Media

NME carries an interview with John entitled “I had to do a solo album or I’d go out of my mind.”

1971-04-25 Other

The Who return to the Young Vic Theatre in London to rehearse for the next day’s recording.

1971-04-28 Other

The Seattle Opera premiers its version of Tommy at The Moore Theatre.

1971-05-02 Other

Another attempt

1971-05-07 Other

Mike Heron rele

1971-05-08 Other

Melody Maker in

1971-05-08 Other

Record Mirror i

1971-05-11 Other

The Who complet

1971-05-14 Record Release

John releases The Who’s first solo LP, Smash Your Head Against The Wall in the U.K. and Europe.

1971-05-22 Media, Other

Chris Charlesworth pens an article in Melody Maker about the stereo system in Keith’s Rolls Royce

1971-05-22 Other

Pete’s face appears in an experimental movie by Peter Gidal called Heads

1971-05-28 Other

Glyn Johns give

1971-05-29 Media

Record Mirror reviews John’s “Smash Your Head Against The Wall”

1971-06-05 Studio

Six takes of “B

1971-06-07 Studio

The Who record

1971-06-11 Other

Beach Boy Dennis Wilson puts his hand through a window severing tendons

1971-06-17 Record Release

The first track

1971-06-18 Studio

The Who record

1971-06-19 Studio

The Who record

1971-06-20 Studio

The Who complete the final mixing of “Let’s See Action” at Olympic Studios in Barnes.

1971-06-25 Record Release

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” is released in Europe where it reaches #9 in the British charts.

1971-06-26 Other

Keith introduce

1971-07-03 Other

Melody Maker re

1971-07-04 Other

The Who are dis

1971-07-07 Other

The Who mime a

1971-07-14 Other

Keith Moon hold

1971-07-15 TV Appearance

Top of the Pops

1971-07-17 Other

Chris Charleswo

1971-07-17 Other

Roger discusses

1971-07-17 Media, Other

Nick Logan inte

1971-07-17 Other

Billboard magaz

1971-07-19 Other

Roger marries h

1971-07-19 Other

Keith sits in o

1971-07-24 Media

Billboard magazine carries an article titled “Who to Tour U.S. in Tie With LP; Labelle on Trip”

1971-07-24 Media

Sounds magazine features Pete on the cover and an interview with him where he talks about the future of rock

1971-07-30 Other

Pete is intervi

1971-07-31 Other

Henry Mancini’s

1971-08-01 Other

Members of The Who attended the evening “George Harrison And Friends” concert benefitting Bangla Desh at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

1971-08-05 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries an article titled “It’s About Time For Townshend” by Chris Hodenfield


The Who were to

1971-08-12 Other

Pete is intervi

1971-08-14 Record Release

Who’s Next ente

1971-08-14 Other

A pre-recorded interview with Pete is broadcast on BBC Radio 1’s Scene And Heard

1971-08-14 Other

“Won’t Get Fool

1971-08-14 Other

Keith appears i

1971-08-14 Media

Billboard magaz

1971-08-14 Media

Cashbox magazin

1971-08-20 Other

The Who fly bac

1971-08-21 Other

The Who were reportedly going to play a festival in St. Paul, Minnesota

1971-08-21 Media, Other

Pete is intervi

1971-08-21 Other

A Pete intervie

1971-08-21 Chart

Billboard magaz

1971-08-22 Other

Denver authorit

1971-08-25 Record Release

Who’s Next is f

1971-08-29 Other

The Who planned

1971-08-31 Other

Pete records th

1971-09-01 Other

During this mon

1971-09-02 Media

Rolling Stone carries a full page review of Who’s Next

1971-09-04 Other

The Who were to

1971-09-04 Other

“Won’t Get Fool

1971-09-06 Other

The Who make th

1971-09-06 Other

The scheduled s

1971-09-09 Other

International T

1971-09-11 Chart, Other

Who’s Next hits

1971-09-15 Other

Around this tim

1971-09-16 Other

Who’s Next is c

1971-09-18 Other

Who’s Next hits

1971-09-20 Other

The Who make th

1971-09-23 Other

International T

1971-09-24 Chart

WDRC radio station in the Hartford Connecticut area publishes their “Big D Sound Survey” showing “Won’t Get Fooled Again” at #10, up 5 places from the previous week

1971-09-25 Other

The production

1971-09-25 Media, Other

In Melody Maker

1971-09-25 Media

Record Mirror features a story titled “Pitch and bowl for a pig!” about Keith.

1971-09-28 Other

Who’s Next enters the Kvällstoppen Swedish sales chart where it will peak at #14.

1971-10-01 Media

Beat Instrumental carries an ad for Ned Callan Guitars featuring John

1971-10-09 Media

New Musical Express carries a rather sober interview with Keith about rock and drumming for The Who.

1971-10-09 Record Release

John’s first solo album Smash Your Head Against The Wall is finally released by Decca/MCA in the U.S. It peaks at #126

1971-10-14 Media

Rolling Stone features a article titled “Performance” by Jon Landau talking about the changes in Rock concerts

1971-10-14 Media

The Daily Mirror carries an ad for this weeks Melody Maker which features an article by Pete

1971-10-15 Record Release

“Let’s See Action” backed with “When I Was A Boy” is released in Europe.

1971-10-16 Media

Melody Maker has two Who related articles: “The Raver: by the light of the looning Moon” and ““Creators or capitalists?”

1971-10-16 Media

Record Mirror reports that The Who will be the opening act at the Rainbow Theatre

1971-10-23 Chart, Other

John’s first solo LP Smash Your Head Against The Wall hits the U.S. charts peaking at #126

1971-10-23 Other

John’s single with “My Size” and “I Believe In Everything” is released in the U.S.

1971-10-23 Media

Melody Maker prints an interview of Roger by Chris Welch called “Squire Daltrey.”

1971-10-30 Other

“Behind Blue Eyes” backed with “My Wife,” appears on the U.S. charts. It peaks at #34 in the Billboard charts and #24 in the Cash Box charts.

1971-10-30 Media

Melody Maker carries a letter in response to Pete’s October 16th response.

1971-10-30 Record Release

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is released in the U.S

1971-11-05 TV Appearance

ITV’s Today programme shows The Who from the night before performing “See Me Feel Me.

1971-11-06 Media

Pete writes another defense of The Who’s higher ticket prices in Melody Maker

1971-11-12 Other

“Baba O’Riley”

1971-11-13 Other

Richie Havens’

1971-11-18 Other

The Who fly to New York to rehearse for their second U.S. tour of 1971.

1971-11-20 Other

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy hits the U.S. charts.

1971-11-20 Other

Billboard reports that “Won’t Get Fooled Again” has peaked at #10 in Poland.

1971-11-20 Other

The Who sponsor a Mini Cooper S in the Daily Mirror Rally of Great Britain.

1971-11-24 Other

Pete pays his first visit to the Meher Baba Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

1971-11-26 Record Release

Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is released by Track in the U.K


Billboard repor

1971-12-11 Other

“Let’s See Acti

1971-12-11 Other

John’s solo alb

1971-12-28 Other

Keith is the em

1972-01-08 Media

Billboard magaz

1972-01-15 Other

Billboard lists

1972-01-17 Other

Meaty Beaty Big &amp Bouncy is certified gold by the RIAA.

1972-01-23 Other

John’s son Chri

1972-01-29 Other

Pete takes off

1972-02-03 Media

Rolling Stone m

1972-02-09 Media

Keith attends t

1972-02-10 Other

The Who assembl

1972-02-12 Media

New Musical Exp

1972-03-18 Other

Billboard magaz

1972-03-19 Other

Keith, who neve

1972-03-19 Media

The Who appear

1972-03-27 Other

Pete pre-records his appearance on the BBC1 TV programme How Can You Be So Sure? discussing his belief in Meher Baba

1972-03-28 TV Appearance

Pete appears on “Whatever Happened to Tin Pan Alley?”

1972-03-28 Other

Keith purchases

1972-04-01 Other

New Musical Exp

1972-04-08 Other

New Musical Exp

1972-04-15 Other

New Musical Exp

1972-04-16 TV Appearance

Pete appears on “How Can You Be So Sure?” on BBC1 recorded the previous month

1972-04-22 Other

Melody Maker pr

1972-04-22 Other

“Behind Blue Ey

1972-04-28 Other

Keith is on the

1972-05-02 Other

Pete records hi

1972-05-06 Media

The Birmingham

1972-05-13 Record Release

Tommy (Part One), a budget re-release of disc one of the Tommy LP, hits store shelves in Britain

1972-05-19 Studio

The Who reunite for the first documented session of the Who’s Next follow-up album at Olympic Sound Studios in Barnes, England.

1972-05-22 Studio

“Join Together With The Band” is recorded.

1972-05-26 Studio

“Relay” is recorded. It is shortened for later single release

1972-06-03 Other

Keith Moon emcees a “Garden Party” at the Crystal Palace Bowl in South London.

1972-06-05 Studio

The Who record

1972-06-06 Studio

The Who record “Put The Money Down” as an instrumental track with guide vocal, leaving it unfinished

1972-06-09 Other

Keith emcees the Sha Na Na concert at the Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle

1972-06-12 Other

John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s album Some Time in New York City is released in the U.S.

1972-06-16 Record Release

“Join Together” backed with a live recording of “Baby Don’t You Do It” is released in Britain

1972-06-24 Record Release

Track Records r

1972-06-24 Media

Pete tells

1972-06-24 Media, Other

Record Mirror features a full page ad for Join Together as well as a review of the new single

1972-06-25 Other

The Who gather

1972-06-30 Other

Gallagher and Lyle release their single “Give A Boy A Break.”

1972-07-01 Other

Keith begins th

1972-07-07 Other

New Musical Exp

1972-07-08 Other

An ad for the new Who single “Join Together” appears in Billboard.

1972-07-11 Other

“Join Together”

1972-07-12 Other

The London Symp

1972-07-12 Other

Keith is admitt

1972-07-13 Other

The promotional

1972-07-16 Other

Keith hosts an

1972-07-18 TV Appearance

NBC-TV in the U

1972-07-20 Other

The promotional

1972-07-22 Other

Keith discusses

1972-07-26 Other

Pete, having de

1972-08-03 Other

The three-recor

1972-08-05 Media, Other

John is interviewed in Record Mirror: “Why the WHO play better in the U.S.”

1972-08-05 Other

Billboard reports that “Join Together” has peaked at #9 on the Swiss charts while it has climbed 11 spots to #36 in the Hot 100.

1972-08-07 Other

The Who and Gly

1972-08-09 Other

Variety carries

1972-08-11 Other

Andy Newman’s s

1972-08-12 Other

Pete is heard o

1972-08-13 Other

Keith flies bac

1972-08-19 Other

Pete is heard o

1972-08-19 Other

New Musical Exp

1972-08-19 Other

Melody Maker pr

1972-08-26 Other

“Join Together”

1972-09-02 Other

Billboard lists

1972-09-08 Other

A previously an

1972-09-09 Other

“Join Together”

1972-09-29 Other

The Ellis Group

1972-09-25 Other

The Who purchas

1972-09-29 Record Release

Pete releases the album Who Came First

1972-10-03 Other

Roger’s first daughter Rosie Lea is born at Pembury Hospital in Kent

1972-10-05 Other

Keith and Pete

1972-10-13 Other

Recording begins at Olympic Studios, London for the soundtrack of the movie That’ll Be The Day.

1972-10-17 Other

Keith is photographed by Jack Kay for the Daily Express with his daughter and his collection of cars.

1972-10-18 Media

Melody Maker reports that John has formed a new solo band called Ro Ro

1972-10-21 Other

Pete’s album Who Came First hits the British charts

1972-10-23 Other

The Great Speckled Bird carries a negative review of a production of Tommy at Georgia State University.

1972-10-25 Other

Keith reports to the set of That’ll Be The Day at Warners Holiday Camp where he is playing drummer J. D. Clover in the rock ‘n’ roll movie set in the late 1950s

1972-10-26 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries a brief interview with Pete titled “Who’s Next; Pete Townshend works on a new opera.”

1972-10-28 Other

The United States Council For World Affairs adopts “Join Together” as its anthem

1972-11-01 Other

Pete records th

1969-11-02 Other

A documentary film called Shadows Of Bliss is broadcast on BBC-2 TV’s Horizon series.


John’s Whistle Rymes is released in the U.K.

1972-11-03 Record Release

John’s second s

1972-11-04 Media

Melody Maker reports that the upcoming live concert of the all-star version of Tommy has been banned from the Royal Albert Hall

1972-11-04 Record Release

John’s second solo album Whistle Rymes is released in the U.S.

1972-11-18 Other

John’s second s

1972-11-23 Other

Roger is photog

1972-11-24 Record Release

The all-star recording of Tommy by the London Symphony orchestra is released in the U.K.

1972-11-25 Record Release

A new record fe

1972-11-25 Other

Keith attends a benefit for the Southern California Council of Free Clinics at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles.

1972-11-27 Record Release

The all-star recording of Tommy by the London Symphony orchestra is released in the U.S.

1972-11-28 Other

Pete is interviewed about the London Symphony Orchestra’s Tommy for the programme Scene and Heard.

1972-11-28 Other

Pete is interviewed about the London Symphony Orchestra’s Tommy for the programme Scene and Heard.

1972-12-01 Other

Pete is a guest on BBC Radio 1’s Roundtable.


Pete is on Scen

1972-12-02 Other

Pete is intervi


The beginning o


The Who appear

1972-12-23 Record Release

“Relay” backed with “Waspman,” is released in Britain.

1972-12-23 Other

Chris Charleswo

1973-01-03 Other

The Who tape an appearance on Russell Harty Plus at London Weekend Television Studios.

1973-01-06 Media

Russel Harty Pl

1973-01-10 Other

Keith appears in Chertsey Court were he pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a license.

1973-01-13 Other

Eric Clapton plays two shows at The Rainbow Theatre in London. Backing Clapton onstage is not only Pete, but also Ron Wood, Steve Winwood, Jim Karstein, Jim Capaldi and Rick Grech.

1973-01-15 Other

Keith flies to Paris to accept the Grand Prix de I’Academie du Disque Francais for Pete.

1973-01-17 Other

The group Ellis

1973-01-18 Media

Rolling Stone m

1973-01-19 Other

Keith is a guest on BBC Radio One’s Roundtable.

1973-01-23 Other

Keith performs on Dave Carlsen’s album A Pale Horse.

1973-01-26 Other

John and his new solo band Rigor Mortis release the single “Made In Japan” backed with “Hound Dog” in the U.K.

1973-01-29 Other

The Who tape their appearance on BBC-2’s TV programme The Old Grey Whistle Test

1973-02-02 Other

Relay enters th

1973-02-03 Media

Record Mirror c

1973-02-04 Other

Keith and Viv S

1973-02-06 Other

Keith Moon sits

1973-02-10 Media

Pete tells Melo

1973-02-11 Other

Pete was to hav

1973-02-16 Other

Billy Nicholls’

1973-02-17 Other

The New Seekers’ cover “Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me” hits the U.S. charts.

1973-02-21 Other

Keith Moon returns from vacation in Gibraltar.

1973-02-24 Other

Pete is intervi

1973-02-24 Media

Billboard magaz

1973-02-28 Other

The Who gather in London at the offices of A&M to receive gold records for the orchestral version of Tommy.

1973-03-01 Other

John attends th

1973-03-03 Media

New Musical Exp

1973-03-03 Studio

The Who break in their new studio, Ramport Studios, in Battersea, South London

1973-03-05 Other

The Who rehears

1973-03-06 Other

The Who rehears

1973-03-12 Other

Roger is back i

1973-03-13 TV Appearance

Roger appears on The Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC-2

1973-03-16 Other

Giving It All A

1973-03-17 Other

Roger is interv

1973-03-18 Other

Keith is rushed to St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey after a “magic wand gun” he is playing with fires a pellet, striking him in the chest.

1973-03-19 Other

Pete records Jo

1973-03-20 Other

Pete records hi

1973-03-29 TV Appearance

Roger appears on Top Of The Pops on BBC-2

1973-03-31 Other

Keith becomes the first member of The Who to return to Australia after the disastrous 1968 tour.

1973-04-03 Media

The Daily Mirro

1973-04-19 Other

Keith appears i


Roger Daltrey r

1973-04-21 Other

Melody Maker, i

1973-04-22 TV Appearance

The programme R


Keith plays in

1973-04-24 Other

John and Keith


Rolling Stone m

1973-05-11 Media

The Harrow Obse

1973-05-11 Record Release

John’s third solo album John Entwistle’s Rigor Mortis Sets In is released in Britain.

1973-05-19 Media

Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for “Giving It All Away”

1973-06-02 Other

Keith begins recording a radio show

1973-06-06 Media

The Coventry Evening Telegraph reviews John’s “Rigor Mortis Sets In”


John’s third solo album John Entwistle’s Rigor Mortis Sets In is released in the U.S.


The Who gather at the Rainbow Theatre in north London for filmmaker Peter Neal to take photos of the band

1973-06-09 Media

The Coventry Evening Telegraph’s “Pop Inn” by Bob Stanton runs with the title “The Who to end their ‘idle’ period soon”

1973-06-11 Other

John and his ba

1973-06-14 Other

The film Jimi Hendrix, which begins with a 1972 interview with Pete, premiers at the Warner West End in Leicester Square

1973-07-11 Other

Keith is interv

1973-07-18 Other

Ken Russell’s s

1973-07-19 Other

Footage is shot

1973-07-20 Record Release

Roger’s solo si

1973-07-24 Other

Rachel Fuller, Pete’s wife, is born in Ipswich

1973-07-25 Other

Mike Shaw of Track Records writes The Who with the lineup for a proposed “Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy Volume 2” LP

1973-07-27 Cover, Other

Yvonne Elliman’s cover of “I Can’t Explain,” with lead guitar by Pete, is released as a single

1973-07-31 Other

Anne Nightingal

1973-08-01 Other

The August issu

1973-08-18 Media

Record Mirror m

1973-09-1 Media

Roger is interviewed in Sounds magazine

1973-10-03 Other

The Who record

1973-10-04 TV Appearance

The Who appear on Top of the Pops

1973-10-05 Other

“5.15,” from the new album Quadrophenia, is released in the U.K.

1973-10-05 Other

Pete is intervi

1973-10-06 Media

New Musical Express has an interview with Roger

1973-10-07 Other

Roger picks his favorite dozen songs on BBC Radio 1’s My Top 12.

1973-10-07 Media

“The People” carries an article titled “Life with Mad Keith Moon”

1973-10-09 Other

Keith’s father, Alfred “Nobby” Moon, dies of a heart attack at the age of 53.

1973-10-10 Other

Scheduled rehearsals for the Quadrophenia stage show were to take place for the next three days at D Stage at Shepperton Studios.

1973-10-13 Media

Record Mirror carries an article titled “The Who – five British dates”

1973-10-15 Other

Five days of rehearsals for the Quadrophenia stage show at Shepperton begin.

1973-10-19 Other

Pete appears on BBC Radio 1’s Rockspeak discussing Quadrophenia.

1973-10-20 Media

Chris Welch gives an advance review of Quadrophenia in Melody Maker calling it “a masterpiece.”

1973-10-22 Other

The box office

1973-10-23 Other

The Who are in rehearsals at Shepperton Studios

1973-10-24 Other

Filmmakers Rich

1973-10-26 Record Release

The massive Qua

1973-10-26 Other

Part two of Pete’s interview about Quadrophenia is broadcast on Rockspeak.

1973-10-27 Record Release

Quadrophenia is released in U.S. at the same time as a single version of “Love, Reign O’er Me” with a different mix from the album.

1973-11-02 Other

Quadrophenia finally gets a wide release in the U.K. with the second pressing.

1973-11-03 Other

David Bowie’s a

1973-11-06 TV Appearance

Pete and Keith appear on the local TV show Look North

1973-11-07 Media

The Chronicle runs an interview with four girls who felt insulted by Pete’s behavior at the 11/5 show.

1973-11-08 Media

In Listener mag

1973-11-12 Media

In Newsweek, Hu

1973-11-12 Media

John Rowntree i

1973-11-17 Media

Melody Maker carries an interview with John, a review of the Nov. 13th show, and news about the upcoming Tommy film

1973-11-21 Other

Keith spends his free day in Los Angeles sleeping in his hotel room for 10 hours.

1973-11-23 Other

Billboard carri

1973-11-24 Media

A short letter from Pete appears in Melody Maker.


Billboard magaz

1973-12-05 Other

The Who take the train to Washington, D.C,

1973-12-07 Media

Roger Daltrey is interviewed in the Washington Post

1973-12-13 Other

Roger performs the first of two nights as Tommy in the second all-star concert version of the orchestral Tommy at the Rainbow Theatre

1973-12-14 Other

Roger performs the second of two nights as Tommy in the second all-star concert version of the orchestral Tommy at the Rainbow Theatre

1974-01-01 Other

Keith, returnin

1974-01-10 Studio

Pete, John and Keith record backing tracks for “I’m Free” and “Pinball Wizard” for the Tommy soundtrack.

1974-01-12 Record Release

The Real Me” backed with “I’m One” is released as a single in the U.S.

1974-01-12 Studio

Supposedly due

1974-01-19 Media

Billboard magaz

1974-01-19 Media

Record Mirror m

1974-01-26 Media

Billboard magaz

1974-02-09 Media

Melody Maker pr

1974-02-14 Other

Keith Moon flie

1974-02-16 Other

A reception is

1974-02-16 Media

Melody Maker ca

1974-03-01 Other

Keith Moon reports to the set of Stardust where he is playing drummer J.D. Clover.

1974-03-02 Media

New Musical Exp

1974-03-16 Media

The Rainbow The

1974-03-17 Other

Keith takes part in a re-creation of a New Musical Express Poll Winner’s concert as part of the Stardust movie

1974-03-21 Other

Keith records an interview with the BBC about his participation in the movie Stardust.

1974-03-23 Media

Billboard magaz

1974-03-27 Other

The BBC airs a Keith interview recorded on the 21st on the Film Night program

1974-03-31 Other

The King Biscui

1974-04-01 Other

Keith Moon and

1974-04-08 Other

Ken Russell com

1974-04-09 Other

Keith joins Rin

1974-04-10 Other

Pete attends an

1974-04-10 Other

Keith and Douga

1974-04-14 Other

Pete performs l

1974-04-14 Other

Keith and Ringo

1974-04-15 Studio

Seven days of o

1974-04-19 Other

Keith leaves hi

1974-04-19 Other

Ringo’s film Co

1974-04-22 Other

The filming of

1974-04-24 Other

Filming begins

1974-04-27 Other

Pete reviews ov

1974-04-27 Other

Filming of the

1974-04-29 Other

Three more days

1974-05-01 Other

The Who spend t

1974-05-02 Other

This is the sec

1974-05-04 Other

This is the fin

1974-05-05 Other

Keith shows up

1974-05-08 Other

The Who begin t


Three days of f

1974-05-13 Other

Three more days of “Tommy” filming begin

1974-05-13 Other

John and Keith appear on Capital Radio’s Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It from their studios in Euston Tower, London.

1974-05-16 Other

Two days of filming the “Sally Simpson” sequence begins at Wesley Central Hall in Portsmouth.

1974-05-18 Other

Melody Maker has an article on Pete written by Chris Charlesworth

1974-05-21 Other

John continues

1974-05-23 Other

The “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” sequence with Keith Moon riding the organ is filmed at Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth

1974-05-25 Other

Track Records releases 3 Allsorts LP’s (Aniseed, Peppermint and Coconut) featuring various Who tracks

1974-05-25 Other

The Who were supposed to perform at Shawfield Stadium in Glasgow

1974-05-30 Other

The first day of filming of the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” sequence for the Tommy movie

1974-06-01 Record Release

Track Records releases A Quick One/The Who Sell Out as a low-price double album.

1974-06-03 Other

Five days of filming the end of Tommy: The Movie begins at Portsmouth


Pete is photographed by Allan Tennenbaum in an elevator as he attends an after concert party in New York.

1974-06-09 Other

Henry Edwards blasts The Who in an article in The New York Times

1974-06-11 Other

Ken Russell is filming part of the “Bernie’s Holiday Camp” sequence for the Tommy movie at the South Parade Pier in Portsmouth.

1974-06-13 Media, Other

Pete is interviewed in The New York Times


Oliver Reed is photographed during filming of Tommy

1974-06-14 Other

Most of The Who attends a party thrown by MCA at a roller-skating rink at the Manhattan Center

1974-06-16 Other

Tina Turner is in The Who’s Ramport Studios to overdub her vocals for “The Acid Queen.

1974-06-17 Other

Roger, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed and Jack Nicholson report to Harefield Grove to shoot the “Go to the Mirror” sequence.

1974-06-20 Other

Geoffrey Stokes

1974-06-20 Other

In an interview in Rolling Stone, Pete says he is excited by his new re-write of Tommy and loves Ken Russell’s approach to his work

1974-06-21 Other

Shooting for the “Champagne” and “Smash The Mirror” sequences are held

1974-06-22 Other

Nigel Rogers in

1974-07-01 Other

The Tommy movie

1974-07-04 Other

John completes

1974-07-06 Other

Cashbox carries

1974-07-17 Other

Odds and Sods r

1974-07-20 Other

New Musical Exp

1974-07-20 Media

Sounds magazine features Roger on the cover


Record Mirror c

1974-07-23 Other

Former High Num

1971-07-24 Media

New Musical Express covers The Who’s “Who’s Next” release party at Keith Moon’s home.

1974-07-27 Other

Pete attends a

1974-07-29 Other

Mama Cass dies

1974-08-01 Other

Pete decides to

1974-08-02 Other

Pete accompanie

1974-08-02 Other

Billy Nicholls’

1974-08-02 Other

Dave Marsh writ

1974-08-04 Other

Pete and Keith

1974-08-19 Other

The Harry Nilss

1974-08-21 Other

Principal photo

1974-08-23 Other

Keith celebrate

1974-08-29 TV Appearance

Pete is intervi

1974-08-29 Other

Keith flies bac

1974-08-30 Other

The Harry Nilss

1974-09-02 Other

The Daily Mirror reports that Kieth had been kicked out of his hotel the previous day for playing loud music

1974-09-04 Other

Keith Moon vide

1974-09-06 Other

John appears on

1974-09-13 Other

John and John A

1974-09-21 Other

Pete writes a track-by-track review of Odds & Sods for New Musical Express

1974-09-21 Other

Pete discusses

1974-09-26 Other

Pete is intervi

1974-09-28 Other

Keith’s “Don’t

1974-09-28 Other

Chris Welch pre

1974-09-28 Media

Record Mirror publishes an article titled “Who’s Who heads Autumn changes”

1974-10-04 Record Release

Odds and Sods i

1974-10-05 Other

This date is declared to be “Who Day” on the BBC

1974-10-05 Media

Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for Keith’s “Don’t Worry Baby”

1974-10-05 Media

Radio Times features Pete on the cover and an article titled “Who is Tommy”

1974-10-05 Media

Record Mirror magazine features a review of “Odds and Sods”

1974-10-07 Other

John is interviewed for the second of a four-part interview program for BBC Radio 1.

1974-10-09 Other

John begins two weeks of intermittent recording at Wessex Studios, Highbury New Park, North London

1974-10-11 Media

Herbert London of the National Review reviews a large party given in New York by The Who on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.

1974-10-12 Media, Record Release

Odds and Sods is released in the U.S.

1974-10-14 Other

Keith is interviewed for the third of a four-part interview program with The Who for BBC Radio 1

1974-10-19 Media

The Liverpool Echo carries an interview with Pete titled “Still Hot: The Blaze of Fire”

1974-10-21 Other

Roger is interviewed for the last of a four-part interview program with The Who for BBC Radio 1.

1974-10-24 Other

Zoo World magazine interviews Keith as he records his solo album

1974-10-24 Other

Stardust premiers at the ABC on Shaftesbury Avenue in London.

1974-10-30 Other

Stardust has its U.S. premiere at the Beverly Canon Theatre in Beverly Hills, California.

1974-11-01 Other

Odds and Sods a

1974-11-08 TV Appearance

Keith appears o

1974-11-23 Record Release

“Postcard “ bac


MCA releases Magic Bus/The Who Sings My Generation and A Quick One (Happy Jack)/The Who Sell Out as double LP’s in the U.S.

1974-12-25 Other

Keith and Alice

1974-12-28 Other

Billboard magaz

1975-01-25 Media

Tony Palmer in Melody Maker writes an early review of Tommy: The Movie


John Entwistle

1975-01-29 Other

Keith Moon and David Essex attend the U.S. premier of the movie Stardust at the SackCheri Complex, Boston.

1975-01-31 Other

Keith attends a

1975-02-03 Other

Ken Russell’s n

1975-02-07 Record Release

John and his solo band Ox release the single, “Mad Dog”, backed with “Cell Number 7” in Europe

1975-02-14 Other

John and his ba

1975-02-21 Other

John Entwistle’

1975-02-22 Other

John and his ba

1975-02-22 Record Release

The soundtrack

1975-02-23 Other

John and his ba

1975-02-26 Media

Variety reports on a marketing test run to find ways to promote the movie of Tommy to non-rock audiences.

1975-02-26 Other

John and his ba

1975-02-26 Other

MCA holds a pro

1975-02-28 Record Release

John’s fourth solo album, Mad Dog, is released

1975-03-01 Media

Melody Maker re

1975-03-01 Other

John and his so

1975-03-02 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-03 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-05 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-07 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-07 Other

Pete records a

1975-03-08 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-08 Other

BBC Radio 1’s R

1975-03-08 Other

Keith’s forthco

1975-03-09 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-10 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-12 Other

A. D. Murphy in

1975-03-12 Other

John Entwistle’

1975-03-13 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-14 Other

Roger is interv

1975-03-14 Other

MCA sends U.S.

1975-03-14 Other

The U.S. Navy R

1975-03-14 Other

A double A-side

1975-03-15 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-16 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-17 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-17 Record Release

Keith Moon’s on

1975-03-17 Other

Pete is at the

1975-03-18 Other

Tommy: The Movi

1975-03-19 Other

Tommy: The Movi

1975-03-20 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-20 Other

Roger’s daughte

1975-03-21 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-21 Other, Record Release

The soundtrack

1975-03-21 Media

On this date in

1975-03-22 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-22 Media

Billboard magaz

1975-03-23 Other

John and his ba

1975-03-26 Other

ABC broadcasts

1975-03-26 Other

Tommy: The Movi

1975-03-27 Other

Roger and Ken R

1975-03-28 Other

The Russell Har

1975-04-06 Other

John’s intervie

1975-04-07 Other

Pete demos “Gir

1975-04-09 Record Release

A single is rel

1975-04-10 Media

In remarks to R

1975-04-11 Other

Keith’s marriag

1975-04-12 Other

Pete, in an int

1975-04-18 Other

Recording for T

1975-04-21 Other

With Roger busy

1975-04-24 Media

Rolling Stone m

1975-04-29 Other

Keith and his s

1975-04-30 Other

Keith joins Pet

1975-05-02 Record Release

Keith’s “Don’t Worry Baby” backed with Together” is released in the U.K

1975-05-07 Studio

“However Much I Booze” is recorded by The Who at Shepperton Studios.

1975-05-13 Media

John is featured on the cover of Good Times magazine

1975-05-16 TV Appearance

Keith is interviewed on The Old Grey Whistle Test

1975-05-18 Other

Roger is interviewed in The New York Times.

1975-05-19 Other

Pete, on his 30th birthday, is interviewed by Roy Carr.

1975-05-23 Other

The album Flash Fearless Versus The Zorg Women Parts 5 & 6 is released.

1975-05-23 Record Release

Keith’s one solo album Two Sides of The Moon gets its release in the U.K.

1975-05-23 Studio

Roger is finally free from the filming of Ken Russell’s insane biopic Lisztomania

1975-05-24 Media

New Musical Express carries the interview Pete gave to Roy Carr on May 19

1975-05-28 Studio

The Who are in

1975-05-30 Record Release

Roger’s single “Get Your Love” is released in Britain.

1975-06-02 Other

Roger goes to Shepperton Studios for the first day of a two-day shoot of music videos

1975-06-05 Media

Rolling Stone magazine features a review of “Tommy Original Soundtrack Recording”

1975-06-07 Media

New Musical Express reviews a stage performance of Tommy in Leicester.

1975-06-07 Media

Melody Maker reviews a production of Tommy that stars Olivia Newton-John, Cliff Richard and, as Tommy, Leo Sayer.


Billboard magaz

1975-06-30 Other

Roger’s promo v

1975-07-01 Record Release

During this mon

1975-07-04 Record Release

Roger’s second

1973-07-05 Other

The Who work on

1975-07-07 Other

Keith Moon has

1975-07-19 Other

Kit Lambert is

1975-07-26 Other

Roger’s second

1975-08-08 Other

A single from R

1975-08-08 Other

Roger receives

1975-08-09 Other

New Musical Express prints Roger’s rebuttal to Pete’s remarks in his interview of 31 May

1975-08-09 Other

Keith and Roger

1975-08-10 Other

Roger is photographed at a party in Los Angeles, California

1975-08-12 Other

Roger does promotion in Atlanta, putting his hand prints in cement in front of Peaches record store.


Roger appears o

1975-08-14 Other

Keith Moon joins Eric Clapton on stage at the Los Angeles Forum

1975-08-15 Other

Around this tim

1975-08-18 Other

Roger arrives i

1975-08-19 TV Appearance

Roger promotes

1975-08-19 TV Appearance

Roger appears on the Merv Griffin show

1975-08-22 Other

Roger appears on NBC-TV’s Midnight Special miming to “Get Your Love” and “Walking The Dog” and performs a medley of Tommy tunes with host Helen Reddy

1975-08-23 Other

In New Musical

1975-08-24 TV Appearance

Roger shows the host of the children’s show Wonderama how to twirl a microphone.

1975-08-25 TV Appearance

Keith tapes an

1975-09-01 Other

During this mon

1975-09-03 TV Appearance

The Merv Griffi

1975-09-08 Other

Keith arranges

1975-09-08 Other

Keith attends P

1975-09-11 Media

Rolling Stone m

1975-09-13 Other

A single from R

1975-09-16 Other

The new Who alb

1975-09-18 Other

Pete attends a

1975-09-20 Other

Keith returns f

1975-09-20 Cover, Other

Tina Turner’s a

1975-10-01 Other

Keith Moon appe

1975-10-02 Other

Keith is interv

1975-10-02 Other

John Entwistle

1975-10-03 Record Release

The Who’s first full-length studio album in two years, The Who By Numbers, is released.

1975-10-04 Media

New Musical Express features an ad for The Who’s new album as well as their upcoming tour dates

1975-10-08 TV Appearance

Roger appears on French television to promote his new film Lisztomania

1975-10-08 Media

The Daily Mirror carries a story titled “Fighting Fit!”

1975-10-10 Other

The ‘Lisztomania’ film starring Roger as Franz Liszt and featuring Ringo Starr as the Pope opens at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York.

1975-10-11 Other

Keith does one

1975-10-11 Other

Melody Maker features The Who on the cover with an article entitled “Who Pull A Christmas Cracker”.

1975-10-17 Other

The Who fly out of Glasgow Airport for their next stop

1975-10-18 Media

New Musical Express features Keith on the cover with the title “The Saving Of The Who”

1975-10-18 Media

Billboard Magazine carries a review of The Who By Numbers as well as a full page ad for Lisztomania

1975-10-18 Media

Cash Box magazine carries a article on The Who’s upcoming tour

1975-10-18 Media

Sounds magazine features The Who on the cover

1975-10-21 Other

The soundtrack to Lisztomania is released.

1975-10-24 Other

After their concert Keith entertained fans in local pub

1975-10-25 Record Release

The Who By Numbers is released in the U.S.

1975-10-25 Advertisement, Media

Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for The Who By Numbers. This issue also features a short review of “Lisztomania – Original Soundtrack”.

1975-11-05 Other

“Love’s Dream” backed with “Orpheus Song”, a single by Roger from the Lisztomania soundtrack is released in the U.S.

1975-11-08 Other

The soundtrack

1975-11-08 Media

New Musical Exp

1975-11-13 Other

The film Liszto

1975-11-15 Media

Melody Maker runs a contest in which the following sentence is to be completed: “The Who is the best band in the world because… “,

1975-11-18 Other

The Who fly to New York to begin the first leg of their North American tour

1975-11-22 Record Release

“Squeeze Box “ backed with “Success Story “ is released in the U.S.

1975-11-28 Record Release

“Love’s Dream”

1975-12-15 Media

Roger is the co


Cashbox carried

1975-12-27 Other

Billboard featu

1976-01-01 Media

Rolling Stone m


“Squeeze Box” b

1976-01-17 Media

Roy Carr has a

1976-01-29 Media

Rolling Stone m

1976-01-31 Other

Pete flies to I

1976-02-14 Media

Cashbox magazin

1976-02-21 Other

New Musical Exp

1976-02-28 Other

“Squeeze Box” h

1976-03-01 Other

The Who By Numb

1976-03-01 Other

The Village Voi

1976-03-10 Other

Keith’s nearly

1976-03-19 Other

The Who were scheduled to play the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado

1976-03-20 Other

A year after th

1976-03-22 Other

Pete goes to a

1976-04-01 Media

Roger is interv

1976-04-04 Media

Billboard magaz

1976-04-17 Other

The Patti Smith

1976-04-22 Media

Rolling Stone m

1976-05-07 Other

The Steve Gibbo

1976-05-08 Media

Record Mirror c

1976-05-15 Other

Keith flies into London to rehearse with The Who before the next leg of the tour.

1976-05-27 Other

Keith arrives at Brecknock School in North London school to inspect the boys of the 51st Company of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

1976-05-27 Other

Keith and John attend the Rolling Stones’ concert at Earls Court

1976-05-29 Media

Record Mirror features a story titled “The Man In The Moon”.

1967-06-03 Media

Disc and Music Echo features a story on Keith being admitted to the hospital as well as Pete’s opinion on The Beatles’ latest album.

1976-06-05 Media

Record Mirror features The Who on the cover

1976-07-03 Other

Pete opens his

1976-07-10 Other

Pete, Ronnie La

1976-07-10 Other

Melody Maker pr

1976-07-11 Other

The convention

1976-07-17 Other

John discusses

1976-07-25 Other

Keith and Alice Cooper are photographed by Eddie Sanderson sitting on Rolls Royces

1976-08-01 Other

The Who fly to

1976-08-07 Other

A 3:30 edited v

1976-08-09 Other

Who fan Ed Hane

1976-08-27 Other

John Otway & Wi

1976-09-07 Other

Roger attends Paul McCartney’s first celebration of the birthday of Buddy Holly at the Lyceum

1976-09-17 Other

Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane’s soundtrack to the movie Mahoney’s Last Stand is released

1976-09-18 Media, Other

New Musical Exp

1976-09-18 Other

Keith accepts an award on behalf of the Beatles at the 2nd Annual Rock Music Awards at the Hollywood Palladium.

1976-09-23 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries an article titled “Keith Moon Hospitalized: ‘I Felt Dizzy'”

1976-09-24 Record Release

Polydor Records releases The Story of The Who worldwide except in the U.S. and Canada

1976-09-25 Media

Record Mirror magazine reviews “The Story of The Who”

1976-09-30 Other

Pete attends country & western singer Don Williams’ concert at the Hammersmith Odeon

1976-10-03 Other

Keith participates in a celebrity tennis match billed as ‘The Eagles Charity Tennis Festival’ in Los Angeles.


Record Mirror magazine carries a brief story titled “Who maxi single”

1976-10-22 Other

The Who return to England except for Keith who returns to Los Angeles.

1976-10-23 Other

Keith is in New York and attends an “after show” party with Lynyrd Skynyrd at Nathans in New York City

1976-11-01 Studio

Recording begin

1976-11-04 TV Appearance

Top Of The Pops airs The Who’s performance of “Substitute” from Charlton since the song is back in the charts

1976-11-05 Other

The soundtrack for All This And World War II, containing Keith Moon’s recording of “When I’m Sixty-Four,” is released in the U.K.

1976-11-11 Other

All This And World War II has its world premiere in Los Angeles.

1976-11-20 Other

“Substitute” re-issue hits its U.K. chart peak at #7.

1977-01-20 Other

The Who’s lawsuit against ex-managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp is settled

1977-01-20 Other

Pete and Chris Stamp go clubbing at The Speakeasy

1977-01-24 Other

Eric Clapton re

1977-01-29 Media

New Musical Exp

1977-01-31 Other

Keith Moon is a

1977-02-05 Other

Roger appears o

1977-02-11 Other

The Steve Gibbo

1977-02-25 Other

Keith Moon chec

1977-03-05 Other

John jumps to P

1977-03-10 Other

Keith Moon chec


Billboard magaz

1977-03-14 Other

John “Wiggy” Wo

1977-03-30 Other

Pete demos “Nev

1977-04-07 Other

Roger appears o

1977-04-19 Other

On or about thi

1977-04-21 Other

A promotional f

1977-04-22 Other

Keith checks ba

1977-04-22 Record Release

The first singl

1977-04-29 Other

Pete plays “Lay

1977-05-04 Other

Roger appears o

1977-05-11 Other

Who manager Bil

1977-05-20 Record Release

Roger releases

1977-05-21 Media

Billboard magazine publishes a special feature about the 100th anniversary of the recording industry

1977-05-25 Other

In honour of Pa

1977-05-28 Other

Part 15 of Tony

1977-05-30 Other

Official production of Who fan Jeff Stein’s movie of the band, The Kids Are Alright, begins

1977-06-02 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries an article titled “Who’s still angry? Roger Daltrey is” by Mick Brown

1977-06-11 Record Release

Roger’s solo album One Of The Boys is released in the U.S.

1977-06-23 Other

Keith Moon comes out of seclusion to join Led Zeppelin during an encore at the Los Angeles Forum.

1977-06-23 Other

John celebrates

1977-07-01 Other

The John Otway

1977-07-05 Other

Keith Moon over

1977-07-09 Other

Keith is releas

1977-07-10 Other

Keith flys back

1977-07-11 Other

The Who regroup

1977-07-20 Other

Director Jeff S

1977-07-21 Other

Filming continu

1977-07-30 Other

A single from R

1977-08-02 Other

The Who finaliz

1977-08-08 Other

Filming of The

1977-08-09 Other

Filming of The

1977-08-10 Other

Filming of The

1977-08-11 Other

Filming for The

1977-08-12 Other

Filming of The

1977-08-26 Other

Around this tim

1977-08-28 Other

Roger is on the

1977-08-28 Other

John produces a

1977-09-05 Record Release

Pete’s album ma

1977-09-07 TV Appearance

US Against The

1977-09-09 Other

The Fabulous Po

1977-09-12 Other

Keith ends his


Zak Starkey turns 12 and Kieth gifts him a 25 piece drum set

1977-09-15 Other

Around this tim

1977-09-16 Record Release

Pete’s album ma

1977-09-17 Media, Other

Pete and Ronnie

1977-09-19 Other

The Who reunite

1977-09-26 Other

Pete and Ronnie

1977-10-01 Other

Another single

1977-10-03 Other

Pete is interviewed on a pre-recorded segment of Capitol Radio’s Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It.

1977-10-15 Other

Pete goes on BBC Radio One’s Rock On to promote The Story Of Tommy.


The Who begin r


The Who begin r

1977-10-25 Media

The Guardian carries an interview with Pete


The Who continu

1977-10-27 Other

Tension between Roger and producer Glyn Johns comes to a head. Roger hits Glyn and Glyn quits.


Pete is intervi

1977-10-31 Other

Pete is interviewed in his Twickenham home for the BBC-TV programme Tonight.


Keith Moon is a

1977-11-04 Other

Keith Moon is arrested at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.


Pete goes on Ni

1977-11-07 Other

Pete goes on Nicky Horne’s radio show Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It


Pete sees an AT

1977-11-09 Other

Pete sees an ATV documentary called Dummy directed by Franc Roddam.


Pete’s “Street

1977-11-11 Record Release

“Street In the City” backed with Ronnie Lane’s “Annie” comes out in Britain


“My Baby Gives

1977-11-19 Record Release

“My Baby Gives


Keith Moon take

1977-11-21 Other

Keith takes Mel

1977-11-25 TV Appearance

CBS television


Keith Moon is p

1977-12-01 Other

Keith is photog


Keith drags Pet

1977-12-12 Other

Keith drags Pet


Pete is intervi

1977-12-13 Other

Pete is intervi


The Who rehears

1978-01-05 Other

The film crew for The Kids Are Alright travel to Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire for two days shooting at John Entwistle’s manor house.

1978-01-07 Other

Keith Moon is r

1978-01-16 Other

Shooting begins

1978-01-21 Media

Billboard magaz

1978-02-11 Other

Keith and Annet

1978-02-16 Other

Keith Moon and

1978-02-17 Other, Record Release

A solo single b

1978-02-24 Other

Keith attended

1978-03-06 Other

Texan John “Rab


The Who again r


Keith Moon and


John provides a

1978-03-18 Record Release

Pete’s solo tra

1978-03-18 Other

John provides a

1978-03-18 TV Appearance

Pete makes his

1978-03-22 Other

Keith Moon and

1978-05-20 Media

Record Mirror r

1978-05-25 Other

Who fans and the members of the bands Generation X, The Rich Kids, The Pretenders and The Sex Pistols assemble at Shepperton Studios in London for an impromptu Who concert

1978-05-25 Other

After the show at Shepperton Studios the audience is grouped in four equal lines, each with a member of The Who at the head.

1978-06-16 Other

The Simon Townshend Band play the Red Lion

1978-07-05 Other

Keith Moon and

1978-07-14 Record Release

The Who release

1978-07-15 Other

The “Who Are Yo

1978-07-22 Media

Record Mirror c

1978-07-29 Media

Record Mirror c

1978-07-30 Record Release

A version of “W

1978-07-30 Other

Peter Meaden, t

1978-08-05 Media

Billboard magazine carries “ads” for The Who’s “Who Are You”

1978-08-07 TV Appearance

Pete and Keith appear on Good Morning America

1978-08-10 Other

Roger, Pete and Keith arrive separately at Universal Studios, Hollywood for the press launch of their new album Who Are You.


The Acton Gazette carries an interview with Irish Jack titled “Talking ’bout a generation”

1978-08-12 Other

A full-page ad

1978-08-12 Other

Paul Weller is

1978-08-17 Media

Pete is intervi

1978-08-17 Other

The Acton Gazet

1978-08-18 Record Release

Who Are You is

1978-08-24 Other

The Simon Townshend Band performs at the Golden Lion in Fulham

1978-09-02 Media

Melody Maker carries a story titled “Who comes next?” about Paul and Simon Townshend

1978-09-07 Other

Keith Moon dies

1978-09-13 Other

Pete, Roger and

1978-09-23 Media

Billboard magazine carries a review of “Who Are You” by Dick Nusser.

1978-10-05 Media

Rolling Stone magazine features The Who on the cover with a story titled “The Who Come To a Fork In The Road” by Dave Marsh


Keith Moon’s ex-wife Kim marries former Small Faces member Ian McLagen at Wandsworth Register Office in South London. Keith’s mother attends the wedding.

1978-10-14 Media

Pete is interviewed for the first time since Keith’s death in Melody Maker

1978-10-19 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries tributes to Keith written by Dave Marsh, Greil Marcus, Jerry Hopkins.

1978-10-21 Cover

The Jam’s single “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight” enters the British charts

1978-10-21 Chart

Billboard’s album chart features The Who’s “Who Are You” at #2

1978-10-25 Other

Roger is photographed during the shooting of Quadrophenia


“Trick Of The L


Roger is interv


Alice Cooper’s

1978-12-16 Media

Billboard magaz

1978-12-23 Media

Billboard magaz


Roger is interv

1979-01-27 Media

In Melody Maker

1979-02-06 Other

Tommy opens as

1979-02-10 Other

The Fabulous Po

1979-02-12 Other

The press repor

1979-04-01 Record Release

The advance sin

1979-04-01 Media

Record World fe

1979-04-07 Studio

John holds the

1979-04-09 Other

The Who, now wi

1979-04-15 TV Appearance

Roger and Kenne

1979-04-29 Other

Kenney is inter

1979-05-09 Other

In Variety, Pet


“The Kids Are Alright” and “Quadrophenia” make their debut at the Cannes Film Festival

1979-05-17 Media

Rolling Stone magazine publishes an article titled “The Who unveil plans for New York shows” by Dave Marsh

1979-06-01 Other

The May 16th Wh

1979-06-06 Other

Roger and Pete

1979-06-08 Record Release

The Kids Are Alright soundtrack double LP is released in the U.K.

1979-06-14 Other

The movie The Kids Are Alright has its U.S. premiere in New York. John and Kenney Jones fly over to attend the showing

1979-06-15 Other

John and Kenney

1979-06-16 Other

Pete, John

1979-06-17 Other

Pete, John and Kenney attend a dinner party in honor of The Who at Windows on The World

1979-06-18 Other

Pete, John and

1979-06-19 Other

Pete is intervi

1979-06-24 Other

The Kids Are Alright premieres at the Rialto Theatre in Leicester Square

1979-06-27 Other

Pete is intervi

1979-06-28 Media, Other

Rolling Stone magazine carries a review of The Who’s May 2nd show at London’s Rainbow Theatre

1979-06-29 Other

The New York Times prints an interview with Pete where he admits he has reservations about touring but feels “fired up” about the new Who

1979-06-29 Other

The Kids Are Al

1979-06-30 Other

Pete performs a

1979-07-07 Record Release

“Long Live Rock

1979-07-08 Other

Pete is on the

1979-07-13 Other

Pete performs a

1979-07-21 Other

Simon Frith wri

1979-07-26 Other

The British Pho

1979-08-01 Other

Roger spends this month shooting his new feature film McVicar

1979-08-09 Media

Rolling Stone magazine carries Dave Marsh’s review of “The Kids Are Alright”

1979-08-16 Other

The movie versi

1979-08-16 Other

Members of THE


BBC’s Nationwid

1979-08-24 Other

Drummer and fut

1979-08-24 Other

The Harrow Observer carries an interview with Ivan Waterman

1979-09-14 Other

Quadrophenia plays at the Toronto Film Festival

1979-09-24 Other

In The Village

1979-09-25 Record Release

A single from t

1979-09-29 Media

Billboard magazine carries a review of the Quadrophenia Movie Soundtrack

1979-10-05 Other

The Kids Are Alright soundtrack album is certified platinum (1 million in sales) in the U.S. by the RIAA.

1979-10-05 Record Release

The Quadrophenia Soundtrack is released

1979-10-06 Media

Billboard magazine features a section on “Soundtracks and Original Cast Recordings” with a mention of “The Kids Are Alright” as well as 3 pages of Ads for The Who’s albums

1979-10-30 Other

Roger attends a party for the opening of the film Quadrophenia at the Mudd Club in New York.

1979-11-13 Media

Roger and John

1979-11-30 Other

Lesley Duncan r

1979-12-10 Other

The Who are informed that the readers of Rolling Stone have voted them the best band of 1979.

1979-12-12 Other

The initial report of the Cincinnati inquiry is released.

1979-12-29 Other

Pete performs a

1980-01-08 Other

Pete attends a Clash concert at Brighton Top Rank and is invited onstage by Joe Strummer.

1980-01-16 Media

Variety reports The Who have been signed to Warner Brothers Records

1980-01-24 Media

Chet Flippo wri

1980-02-11 Other

The television

1980-02-15 Studio

Pete assembles his demo reel of songs for the new Who album at Warner Brothers Recording Studios – Studio C in North Hollywood

1980-02-18 Other

Pete is back in London to play his demo tape for the assembled Who.

1980-02-23 Media

Keith Altham, The Who’s press agent, defends The Who in a letter to Melody Maker.


Pete releases h

1980-03-19 TV Appearance

Pete is filmed

1980-03-22 Other

New Musical Exp

1980-04-10 Other

Pete lands in N

1980-04-14 Record Release

Pete’s first to

1980-04-17 Other

Pete is in San

1980-04-19 Other

New Musical Exp

1980-04-19 Other

Annie Liebovitz

1980-04-21 Record Release

Pete’s solo alb

1980-05-10 Other

Billboard magaz


Record Mirror c

1980-05-12 Other

The Who are on

1980-06-01 Other

The Who Anthology, a collection of Who songs in sheet music form, is published in the U.K.

1980-06-14 Other

Pete’s solo single “Let My Love Open The Door” backed with “And I Moved” hits the U.S. charts

1980-06-14 Other

Record Mirror carries an ad for Pete’s “Let My Love Open The Door” which features “Classified” and “Greyhound Girl” on the b-side

1980-06-21 Other

“Let My Love Open The Door” reaches the British charts.

1980-06-21 Other

Billboard carries a photo of Roger at the preview of ‘McVicar” the previous month at Cannes

1980-06-24 Other

Simon Townshend appears in court and is fined £15 for vandalism

1980-06-24 Media

The Daily Mirror publishes an interview with Pete by Noreen Taylor

1980-06-26 Other

Rolling Stone magazine features an interview with Pete as well as a cover featuring Pete

1980-07-05 Media

Record Mirror c

1980-07-05 Record Release

A single from t


Pete is intervi

1980-07-09 Other

It is reported

1980-07-14 Other

Boxoffice magaz

1980-07-26 Other

Billboard carri

1980-08-02 Other

Roger Daltrey’s


Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for the McVicar soundtrack album

1980-08-11 Other

The Recording Industry Association of America certifies Pete’s solo album Empty Glass as Gold.

1980-08-16 Other

The soundtrack

1980-08-23 Other

The soundtrack

1980-08-27 Other

The film McVica

1980-08-30 Media, Other

Record Mirror carries a full page ad for McVicar

1980-09-03 Other

The Who and man

1980-09-06 Other

Melody Maker pr

1980-09-20 Other

Roger’s second

1980-09-27 Other

David Bowie’s L

1980-09-29 Other

Pete and Paul Weller are photographed in front of the Marquee club for an upcoming issue of Melody Maker magazine

1980-09-30 Other

Us magazine doe

1980-10-11 Other

Roger’s “Without Your Love” backed with “Say It Ain’t So Joe” & “Free Me” enters the British charts where it peaks at #55

1980-10-11 Other

Pete’s “A Littl

1980-10-11 Media

Melody Maker pr

1980-11-18 Other

The third single from Pete’s solo album Empty Glass, “A Little Is Enough” backed with “Cats In The Cupboard”, peaks at #72 in the U.S. Billboard charts. It reaches #89 in Cash Box

1980-10-25 Media, Record Release

The Who re-release their long out-of-print first album My Generation in the U.K.

1980-11-04 Studio

The Who are at Odyssey Studios

1980-11-15 Other

Pete’s “Rough B

1980-12-16 Other

Roger and Kenne

1980-12-27 Other

Billboard magaz

1980-12-31 Other

Pete’s staff co

1981-01-04 Other

ITV in the U.K. airs a special consisting of highlights from the 1979 Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea

1981-01-17 Media

Paulo Hewitt in Melody Maker reports on spending a day with The Who

1981-01-23 Media

Billboard magaz


Bill Curbishley

1981-02-27 Record Release

The first Who s

1981-03-04 Other

Previews are he

1981-03-04 Other

The Who record

1981-03-05 TV Appearance

BBC1 airs Top O

1981-03-06 Record Release

The Who’s first

1981-03-07 TV Appearance

Pete is intervi

1981-03-07 TV Appearance

Roger and Kenne

1981-03-11 Other

A luncheon part

1981-03-20 Record Release

Face Dances is

1981-03-21 Other

“You Better You

1981-03-28 Media

Billboard magaz

1981-03-30 Other

The double LP C

1981-03-31 Other

The BPI in Lond

1981-04-05 Other

Kit Lambert, Th

1981-04-07 Other

Kit Lambert die

1981-04-11 Media, Other

John has a long

1981-04-29 Other

Kit Lambert is

1981-05-01 Record Release

The second sing

1981-05-05 Other

John completes

1981-05-11 Other

Pete and Chris

1981-05-20 Other

The RIAA certifies Face Dances as reaching gold record status

1981-05-23 Other

Germany’s Polydor releases Phases, the first box set retrospective of The Who

1981-05-30 Other

Pete plays a solo show at Brockwell Park in Brixton

1981-06-06 Cover, Other

The Jam release the single “Funeral Pyre.”

1981-06-07 Other


1981-06-09 Other

Pete takes Bruc

1981-06-14 Other

John is a guest on the Robert Klein Radio Show

1981-06-27 Other

The Who’s “Don’t Let Go The Coat” backed with “You” hits the U.S. charts

1981-07-01 Media

The July issue of Creem magazine features a device of Face Dances

1981-07-11 Chart, Other

Roger’s best-of

1981-07-25 Media

Billboard magazine carries an article titled “Entwistle on Whistle Stop Tour Hypoing His ‘Hero” Album”

1981-07-30 Other

Many stories be

1981-08-14 Other

John is reportedly in New York City having photos taken by Ebet Roberts

1981-08-24 Other

The Rolling Sto

1981-09-01 Other

Early in the mo

1981-09-03 Media

John Entwistle is interviewed in Rolling Stone

1981-09-18 Other

Face Dances is

1981-09-19 Other

Billboard magazine publishes a massive advertising section dedicated to The Who with messages from labels, management and even Paul and Linda McCartney

1981-09-24 Other

Pete writes to


Egyptian presid


John’s Too Late

1981-10-17 Record Release

MCA’s new cash-

1981-10-17 Media

Billboard carries a small ad for “Too Late The Hero”

1981-11-23 Record Release

John’s solo album Too Late The Hero is released in the U.K.


Pete visits his

1982-02-14 Other

Having beaten b

1982-02-24 Other

MTV begins the


Pete writes an

1982-03-14 Other

John joins Ring

1982-03-27 Other

Roger’s solo co

1982-04-29 Other

The Who is hono

1982-05-10 Other

The Westwood On

1982-05-21 Other

A single from P

1982-06-04 Other

Pete fills in T

1982-06-12 Other

Pete discusses his two-year drug and alcohol binge and his recent recovery in New Musical Express

1982-06-14 Other

Pete’s All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes is released.

1982-06-19 Other

Billboard runs

1982-07-03 Other

Pete’s LP All T

1982-07-04 Other

Keith’s former

1982-07-14 Other

Pete attends th

1982-07-21 Other

Pete performs a

1982-07-30 Record Release

Pete’s “Uniforms (Corps d’Esprit)” is released in Britain where it peaks at #48

1982-08-14 Other

Billboard runs

1982-08-20 Other

Roger, without

1982-08-28 Other

Billboard magaz

1982-09-03 Record Release

The Who’s last studio album for the next 24 years, It’s Hard, is released.

1982-09-04 Record Release

The first single from the new album, “Athena” backed with “It’s Your Turn”, hits the U.S. charts.

1982-09-04 Advertisement, Other

Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for The Who’s new album

1982-09-11 Other

Billboard reports that several arrests were made after a scuffle in line for Who tickets at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

1982-09-15 Other

Pete’s second s

1982-09-19 Other

MTV airs a film made to promote Pete’s All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes.

1982-09-21 Other

The Who hold a

1982-09-22 Other

The Who record

1982-09-25 Other

The Who’s last single of new studio material released in Britain for the next 22 years hits store shelves.

1982-10-01 Other

Milwaukee DJ for WQFM, Tim “The Rock ‘n Roll Animal” U’ren ends his two-week stay on his radio station’s outdoor ledge as Roger calls and says The Who will schedule a date in Milwaukee

1982-10-09 Media

Billboard magazine carries a short article titled “Schlitz Boosts Rock Role Who Tour Link” as well as a photo of Roger and Mick Jagger during the current tour

1982-10-11 Other

Pete is contacted in New York by Henry Mount-Charles of the prestigious publishing firm Faber & Faber.

1982-10-12 Other

Pete is interviewed by the BBC while riding through New York.

1982-10-12 Other

Pete and John attend a Who Concert Party at the Parker Meridian Hotel in New York

1982-10-15 Other

The Associated Press reports that three soccer players at Bethel Park High School will not be reinstated after they were kicked off the team for missing a game to see The Who.

1982-10-18 Other

The New York magazine has a long article by Pete Hamill, The Who’s Washington, D.C. press conference, an interview with Pete and a history of The Who.

1982-10-21 Other

MTV airs their Farewell To The Who special.

1982-10-22 Other

The BBC2-TV program Newsnight airs footage of The Who’s concert at Shea Stadium during a report.

1982-10-23 Media

Billboard featured two items on The Who: A full page ad for “The Inside Track” featuring the band, and a photos from Shea Stadium with a description of the “riot” at the show

1982-10-24 Other

Roger rents a yacht for a Who press party on San Francisco Bay.

1982-10-29 Other

The Who hold a

1982-11-03 Other

It’s Hard is ce

1982-11-05 TV Appearance

The first episo


Roger, John Ken

1982-11-27 Other

Pete records “Prelude #556 “ in his hotel room on his TEAC Portastudio

1982-12-18 Media

Variety reports

1982-12-23 Media

In Listener magazine, Paul Gambaccini writes an article called “The Who; now for their last final appearance.”

1982-12-25 Other

“Eminence Front” backed with “One At A Time” hits the U.S. charts.


Billboard magaz

1983-02-08 Other

Pete wins a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BRIT Awards at the Grosvenor House, London.

1983-02-09 Other

The judge presiding over the Cincinnati concert case allows an appeal over the earlier decision to rule out punitive damages.

1983-03-12 Other

Pete is intervi

1983-03-12 TV Appearance

John appears on

1983-03-19 Record Release

Pete’s first album of demos, Scoop is released. A single from the album, “Bargain”$*$ backed with “Dirty Water,” is released in the U.S.

1983-06-13 Other

Pete and his wife Karen are reportedly photographed

1983-10-22 Media, Other

Roger gives an interview to the Times (London)

1983-11-14 Media

The New York Times reports on Roger’s current projects

1983-11-17 Other

John attends th

1983-11-26 Record Release

The Who’s re-re

1983-12-07 Other

Warner Brothers terminates The Who’s contract

1983-12-09 Other

Pete attends th

1983-12-16 Other

Pete releases a statement declaring he is breaking up The Who.


The BBC premier

1984-01-03 Media

The Sun (London) reports that Pete is working on an album

1984-02-17 Record Release

Roger’s solo album “Parting Should Be Painless” is released in the U.K.

1984-02-20 TV Appearance

Public Broadcasting in the U.S. shows the BBC-TV production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy Of Errors starring Roger as twin servants.

1984-02-20 TV Appearance

Roger appears on “The Leo Sayer Show”

1984-02-20 TV Appearance

Roger appears on the Leo Sayers show “Leo” miming to “Walking in My Sleep”

1984-03-03 Other

Roger’s “Walking In My Sleep” backed with “Somebody Told Me” (the 12′ also has “Gimme Some Lovin'” on the B-side) hits the charts.

1984-03-10 Media

Billboard carri

1984-03-17 Other

Roger’s first album for Atlantic Records, Parting Should Be Painless, enters the U.S. charts.

1984-03-17 Other

David Gilmour’s About Face with two songs Pete wrote for him hits the British charts.

1984-03-19 Other

Billboard magaz

1984-03-27 Other

Pete accompanie

1984-04-07 Other

The Who fanzine

1984-04-10 Other

John’s estrange

1984-04-12 Other

Roger performs

1984-04-14 Other

Roger’s single

1984-04-25 Other

Pete is intervi

1984-04-26 Other

Roger is interv

1984-05-01 Other

The press repor

1984-05-03 Other

Pete reviews Ph

1984-05-29 Other

Pete, his wife Karen and Kenney Jones are among the celebrities who attend a preview of the play Little Me at the Prince Of Wales Theatre in London.

1984-07-01 Other

Roger is interv

1984-07-27 Other

Pete and Eric C

1984-08-11 Other

John joins Bruc

1984-08-12 Other

Roger and his wife Heather attend the London premiere of David Mamet’s play American Buffalo

1984-08-18 Other

John attends th

1984-09-01 Other

During this mon

1984-09-12 Other

Roger attends t

1984-09-13 TV Appearance

Roger is interv

1984-09-14 Other

Roger attends t

1984-09-14 Media, Other

The Daily Mirror carries a story about Gabby Connolly, former singer for The Detours

1984-10-01 Other

Barry Gibb’s solo album Now Voyager is released with backup vocals by Roger on the song “Fine Line.”


John is a conte

1984-10-08 Other

Pete launches his anti-heroin crusade with an interview in The Times called “My crusade to beat the drug menace.”

1984-10-09 Other

Pete alienates his left-wing friends by addressing a meeting of the Young Conservatives at a Tory Party conference

1984-10-13 Media

Billboard magazine carries a story titled “High-Tech Video Operation AT Townshend’s Eel Pie”

1984-10-23 Other

Pete stages and performs at an anti-heroin benefit concert at The Moonlight in Hampstead.

1984-11-04 Other

ITV begins airing an ad for the American Express credit card featuring Roger at his trout farm

1984-11-10 Other

Meat Loaf’s LP

1984-11-17 Record Release

The Who: The Singles greatest hits compilation hits the racks in Europe.

1985-02-01 Other

The Who fanzine

1985-02-11 Other

Pete presents S

1985-02-19 Other

Mick Jagger releases his first solo album She’s The Boss

1985-03-04 Other

Pete meets Prin

1985-03-05 Other

Roger presents

1985-04-07 Other

You magazine in

1985-04-14 Other

Pete holds the

1985-04-26 Media

Newspapers repo

1985-04-29 Other

The Mirror repo

1985-05-02 Other

Pete attends th

1985-05-24 Other

Gerry Marsden releases a charity single as a benefit for the victims of the Bradford City Disaster Fund

1985-05-24 Other

Pete appears on the BBC talk show Wogan.

1985-05-26 Other

Pete is intervi

1985-05-27 Other

Pete’s short st

1985-06-01 Other

Pete takes his family to see Bruce Springteen at Slane Castle in Ireland.

1985-06-10 Media

The press reports that Pete has donated £1000 to the Greenwich Theatre Group

1985-06-28 Other

Pete introduces

1985-07-03 Other

Pete is intervi

1985-07-04 Other

Pete joins Dire

1985-08-09 Other

The U.K. press

1985-08-13 Other

In an issue of

1985-08-24 Other

John is a judge

1985-08-24 Other

A benefit concert for Pete’s Double O charity is held at the Crystal Palace.

1985-09-03 Other

Roger promotes

1985-09-09 Other

Roger makes a a

1985-09-11 Other

Roger picks up

1985-09-18 TV Appearance

Roger is back i

1985-09-19 Other

The Hastings Ob

1985-09-21 TV Appearance

Roger appears on the children’s programme Saturday Superstore

1985-09-21 Record Release

Under a Raging

1985-09-25 Other

The first single from Roger’s new album hits the charts in the U.S.

1985-09-30 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1985-10-05 Other

Roger’s solo si

1985-10-11 TV Appearance

Pete and his band “Deep End” appear on “The Tube”

1985-10-12 Other

Roger’s solo album Under A Raging Moon enters the U.S. charts

1985-10-12 Other

The Who Collection, hits the charts in Britain

1985-10-18 TV Appearance

John is featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”

1985-10-19 Media

Billboard magazine carries an ad for Pete’s “White City The Music Movie”

1985-11-01 Other

Pete and his ne

1985-11-02 Other

Pete and his new band Deep End play a second show in Brixton, England as part of a charity for the Brixton Academy.

1985-11-02 Record Release

Pete and Deep End’s first single “Face The Face “ backed with “Hiding Out “ is released.

1985-11-02 Other

Artists United Against Apartheid’s single “Sun City. “ hits the charts.

1985-11-02 Other

Roger’s Pete-penned solo single “After the Fire” reaches its peak on the U.S. Billboard charts at #48.

1985-11-03 TV Appearance

Pete is the sub

1985-11-09 Other

An episode of the Saturday morning children’s program Alvin & The Chipmunks features the Chipmunks performing “Magic Bus”.

1985-11-10 TV Appearance

The BBC program

1985-11-11 Other

Pete travels to New York to do promotion for the forthcoming White City video/album and his short-story collection Horse’s Neck.

1985-11-12 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1985-11-12 Other

Pete holds an a

1985-11-12 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1985-11-15 Other

Pete is photogr

1985-11-19 Other

Pete is interviewed by WMMR-FM Philadelphia who have taken their morning show to London.

1985-11-19 Other

Pete attends a party held by Prince Charles and Lady Diana to salute artists who have supported the Prince’s Trust charity


Pete’s mini-movie White City is released on videodisc and videotape.


Pete releases his first post-Who solo album. White City – A Novel is the soundtrack to a short film that is released simultaneously with the LP as a videotape.

1985-11-30 Record Release

Who’s Missing is issued in the U.S.

1985-12-02 Other

Pete Townshend does a two-hour radio interview with Rockline.

1985-12-11 Other

The radio show Rockline does an interview with Roger Daltrey

1985-12-15 Media

Melody Maker reports that Pete is promoting a printed directory that lists organizations concerned with helping drug abusers.

1985-12-22 Other

Pete and his wife Karen preside over the Snowball Review in aid of the Chiswick Family rescue

1985-12-28 Record Release

Roger’s single “Let Me Down Easy “ backed with “Fallen Angel “ is released

1986-01-06 Record Release

The theme song

1986-01-06 Other

The first episo

1986-01-18 Media

Billboard magaz

1986-01-22 Other

Pete Townshend’s solo album White City – A Novel is certified gold by the RIAA.

1986-01-27 Other

Pete appears vi

1986-01-29 Other

Pete takes his solo band Deep End to perform at Cannes.

1986-02-01 Record Release

The second sing

1986-02-01 Media

Billboard magaz

1986-02-04 TV Appearance

Roger appears on an MTV special about the making of the film Quicksilver Lightning.

1986-02-10 Other

Roger presents

1986-02-14 Other

The film Quicks

1986-02-15 Other

Pete’s LP White

1986-02-23 Other

Pete plays with The Rolling Stones at a private party at the 100 Club in London.

1986-03-01 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1986-03-01 Other

The soundtrack to the movie Quicksilver hits the U.S. charts

1986-03-05 Other

Roger does a phone-in interview to BBC Radio One.

1986-03-08 Other

Roger’s tribute to Keith Moon “Under a Raging Moon” backed with “Move Better In The Night,” hits the British charts

1986-03-20 Other

John is interviewed outside of his home

1986-03-22 Record Release

The third singl

1986-03-22 Other

Roger appears o

1986-03-25 Other

Roger appears on Howard Stern’s radio show broadcast from London.

1986-03-25 Other

Roger calls in

1986-03-26 TV Appearance

Roger is on the British television show Driving Force.

1986-04-04 Other

Roger and Bryan

1986-04-05 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1986-04-20 Other

While on vacati

1986-05-08 Other

Roger is part o

1986-05-08 Other

Roger performs

1986-05-09 Other

Roger’s solo so

1986-06-11 Other

Roger and John travel to New York to cheer Richard Branson on to victory in the Pride Of Britain Boat Race.

1986-06-15 Other

Pete was schedu

1986-06-20 Other

The Kids Are Alright is released on video in England

1986-06-24 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1986-06-29 Other

Pete’s father Cliff Townshend dies of cancer at the age of 70

1986-07-04 Other

Bruce Eder in G

1986-07-26 Cover, Other

The Flamin’ Groovies record an entire album in one night at Glebe Studios in Sydney, Australia

1986-08-01 Other

During this mon

1986-08-01 Other

Future British

1986-08-22 Other

Roger talks abo

1986-09-01 Other

Paul McCartney

1986-09-05 Other

Around this dat

1986-09-06 Other

Billboard repor

1986-09-12 Other

Bruce Eder revi

1986-09-14 Other

John’s solo alb

1986-09-15 Other

Around this dat

1986-09-16 Other

Pete holds a ch

1986-09-26 Other

Pete attends th

1986-10-18 Other

John performs with headliner Chuck Berry and Dave Edmonds at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden

1986-10-18 Media

Billboard magazine carries a story titled “Marketing Gives Townshend A Hit”

1986-11-05 Other

The U.S. Who Fan Club officially closes

1986-12-26 Other

The Little Matchgirl, a musical movie starring Twiggy and Roger Daltrey, is released

1987-01-31 Other

Billboard magaz

1987-02-08 Other

The John Entwistle Band performs at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

1987-02-24 Other

Roger and his w

1987-03-01 Other

John joins Meat

1987-03-05 Other

The Arts & Entertainment cable channel does a special on Roger

1987-03-07 Record Release

Pete’s second collection of his demos Another Scoop is released

1987-03-24 Media

Roger discusses the problems caused by the accidental killing of half of million of his trout at his trout farm in the magazine Today

1987-03-28 Other

Billboard reports that Roger has received an Ampex Golden Reel Award for Under A Raging Moon

1987-04-01 Other

John Entwistle

1987-04-01 Other

Roger plays The

1987-04-11 Other, Record Release

The Who raritie

1987-04-24 Other

The movie The S

1987-04-25 Other

New Musical Exp

1987-05-08 Other

The John Entwis

1987-05-15 Media

The press reports that The Who are planning live shows in Britain in 1988 to commemorate their 25th anniversary.

1987-05-24 Other

Roger and his w

1987-06-07 Media

The News Of The World attacks Pete in an editorial because he supports the Labour Party’s Wealth Tax

1987-06-08 Other

The British pre

1987-06-11 Media

The Pinner Obeserver carries a story titled “Rocking back the years…”

1987-06-20 Other

Pete attempts t

1987-07-01 Record Release

During this mon

1987-07-03 Other

Roger is on the

1987-08-01 Other

The soundtrack

1987-08-05 Other, TV Appearance

Roger appears on Good Morning America for the first of two days

1987-08-06 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1987-08-14 TV Appearance

During the ITV

1987-08-15 Other

Billboard magaz

1987-09-03 Other

Pete and his da

1987-09-20 Other

Pete and his da

1987-09-21 Other

MTV airs the AI

1987-09-24 Other

The Who fanzine

1987-10-20 Other

Pete’s Double O Charity throws an upscale benefit ball at the Mayfair Hotel in London

1987-10-25 TV Appearance

Roger is seen on a British television programme sitting in a red Ferrari at the Auto Show at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London

1987-11-04 Other

Pete’s daughter Emma tells the press that her father’s example has made sure she never dabbled with drugs

1987-11-06 Other

John and his band, Rat Race Choir are interviewed on Howard Stern’s radio show in New York.

1987-11-08 Other

John and his ba


John and his ba


John and his ba


John and his ba


John and his ba


Billboard carri


John and his ba


John Entwistle


John and Rat Ra

1988-01-09 Media

Billboard magaz

1988-02-08 Other

The Who receive a Lifetime Achievement award from the British Phonographic Industry and perform during a live TV broadcast from the Royal Albert Hall in London.

1988-02-20 Other

“My Generation” backed with “Substitute” hits the charts in Britain

1988-02-22 Other

Pete attends actor Sir John Mills’ 80th birthday party.

1988-03-02 Other

The Who assembl

1988-03-07 Record Release

The compilation

1988-03-11 Other

Who’s Better Wh

1988-03-24 Other

The 1980 Virgin

1988-03-26 Record/song - Cover/tribute

Prefab Sprout’s

1988-07-07 Other

John continues

1988-07-21 Other

The John Entwis

1988-07-30 Media

TV Time feature

1988-08-03 Other

John plays at t

1988-08-04 Other

John plays at t

1988-10-13 Other

MCA sends radio stations a six-track promotional CD from the forthcoming Who’s Better Who’s Best

1988-10-21 Media

Goldmine reports that MCA and PolyGram had wanted to release The Who’s first three albums on CD a year earlier but The Who asked for more money than either record label thought they were worth

1988-11-03 Other

Ted Clark, who

1988-11-09 Other

Westwood One ho

1988-11-16 Other

MCA holds Who Club nights in Dallas, St. Louis, Atlanta and Waikiki with giveaways of The Who’s CD catalog

1988-11-19 Other

The Who Collection, a re-release on Stylus of the 1985 compilation, hits the British charts

1988-11-26 Record Release

Who’s Better, Who’s Best is released in U.S. as a CD and a double vinyl album

1988-12-05 Other

Pete, Roger and John appear via videotape from London on the U.S. television show Today promoting the new Who’s Better Who’s Best compilation

1988-12-06 Other

Pete is visited by his friend Robert Greenfield as he works on The Iron Man at his home studio in Twickenham

1988-12-18 Other

MTV and MCA Rec

1989-01-18 Other

Pete inducts the Rolling Stones into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria

1989-03-17 Other

Pete attends th

1989-04-24 Other

Pete, Roger and

1989-04-25 TV Appearance

Pete, Roger & John are interviewed on Good Morning America

1989-04-29 Other

Pete records a

1989-05-03 Other

The New York Ti

1989-05-12 Other

Rhino Records r

1989-05-17 Other

Roger is at the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Mack The Knife, which features Roger singing the title song.

1989-05-24 Other

John receives his custom-made black-and-white Union Jack jacket from the Mayor of London

1989-06-01 Other

The book Standing in the Shadows Of Motown: The Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson is published.

1989-06-07 Other, Record Release

Pete and Ronnie Lane’s Rough Mix is released on CD.

1989-06-27 Other

The Who attend a party in their honor at the Waldorf Astoria

1989-06-27 TV Appearance

Pete discusses

1989-06-28 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1989-07-08 Other

The Who attend

1989-07-10 Other

Advertising Age

1989-07-13 Other

Pete answers fa

1989-07-15 Other

Pete’s The Iron

1989-08-11 Other

William Ruhlmann blasts The Who in Goldmine Magazine calling them “Rock’s Recycling Kings”

1989-09-01 Other

Part one of a t

1989-09-01 Other

Drums and Drumm

1989-09-19 Other

Timothy White’s

1989-09-30 Other

On the day she and Pete were to adopt a baby boy, Karen discovers she is pregnant

1989-10-03 Other

The Who gather

1989-10-13 TV Appearance

Pete is interviewed on ZDF Showfenster and performs “I Won’t Run Anymore”

1989-10-18 TV Appearance

Pete appears on ZDF television promoting Iron Man and performing “I Won’t Run Anymore”

1989-10-23 Other

The King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show in the U.S. broadcasts Roger’s Dec. 8, 1985 solo concert in Boston

1989-10-28 TV Appearance

Pete appears with Eric Clapton on the BBC-TV talk show Saturday Matters

1989-11-15 Other

Roger and John

1989-11-21 Other

Joseph Townshend is born to Karen and Pete.

1990-01-17 Other

The Who are at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York as they are inducted into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame by the members of U2.

1990-02-02 Other

Menahem Golan’s

1990-02-05 Other

The RIAA certifies “The Who Live featuring Tommy” video as platinum.

1990-02-24 Other

Pete appears at an all-star tribute for Roy Orbison at the Universal Amphiteater in Los Angeles

1990-02-26 Other

Pete publicly b

1990-03-10 TV Appearance

The Who appear together on Aspel & Co. (ITV – British television) miming to “Join Together” and “I Can See For Miles.”

1990-03-20 Other

The Who’s Better Who’s Best video is certified gold by the RIAA.

1990-03-24 Record Release

The Who release a three-album or two-CD boxset of their 1989 tour called Join Together in the UK

1990-03-31 Record Release

The Who release a three-album or two-CD boxset of their 1989 tour called Join Together in the U.S.

1990-04-01 Other

Pete writes a l

1990-05-09 Other

It is reported

1990-05-10 Other

Roger is an att

1990-06-01 Other

Pete is interviewed in this month’s issue of Musician.

1990-06-05 Other

It is reported that Pete has turned down £2 million from Coca-Cola to use “My Generation”

1990-07-26 Other

Roger wins a $2

1990-08-02 Other

John Entwistle

1990-08-27 Other

Westwood One sy

1990-09-23 Other

The Best play at at Yoyogi No.1 Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

1990-09-26 Other

The Best play a

1990-09-30 Other

The Best play Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Japan

1990-10-03 Other

The Best play the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii

1990-10-19 TV Appearance

Pete performs part of his musical The Iron Man on Danish TV.

1990-10-22 TV Appearance

Pete appears on the Showtime program Coast To Coast hosted by Herbie Hancock.

1990-10-18 Other

Pete performs part of his musical The Iron Man on German TV.

1990-11-19 Other

The U.S. cable channel TNT premiers a movie made for their network, Forgotten Prisoners: The Amnesty Files.

1990-12-13 Other

A Japanese TV station airs a live performance of Michael Hedges at The Bottom Line in New York.


John Entwistle

1991-02-06 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1991-02-10 Other

Roger is one of

1991-02-15 TV Appearance

Roger guest sta

1991-02-16 Other

Ex-Bangles member Susanna Hoffs’ CD When You’re A Boy hits the U.S. charts.

1991-02-28 Other

Roger attends t

1991-03-15 Other

The movie If Lo

1991-05-09 Other

Roger Daltrey r

1991-06-01 Other

During this mon

1991-06-12 Other

Pete receives t

1991-06-18 Other

Keith Moon rece

1991-07-01 Other

Pete, Roger and

1991-07-15 Other

PACE Theatrical

1991-07-31 Other

Roger makes a s

1991-08-01 Other

This month Roge

1991-09-06 Other

The press repor

1991-09-11 Other

John makes his

1991-09-13 Other

While Pete is o

1991-09-17 Cover, Other

The Disney-crea

1991-09-21 Other

Roger attends the AT&T Presents City Kids Foundation Event at Carnegie Hall in New York

1991-09-22 Other

Roger is photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport

1991-10-26 Other

Two Rooms, The

1991-11-07 Other

Pete’s commemoration for Bill Graham is published in Rolling Stone

1991-11-09 Other

Two Rooms, The Elton John-Bernie Taupin tribute album featuring The Who’s “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting “ enters the U.S. charts.

1991-12-20 Other

It is reported that Pete Townshend has sold the Anchorage, his Thames-side mansion

1992-01-04 Other

The animated sh

1992-01-28 Other

The Chieftains release their CD An Irish Evening: Live at the Grand Opera House, Belfast

1992-03-25 Other

John performs o

1992-04-20 Other

Roger performs

1992-05-13 Other

U.S. TV airs th

1992-05-15 Cover, Other

Tom Constanten releases the CD Nightfall of Diamonds containing a cover of “Boris the Spider”.

1992-05-19 Other

The Grateful De

1992-06-07 Record Release

Roger’s solo album Rocks In The Head is released in the U.S.

1992-06-12 TV Appearance

Roger visits “L

1992-06-19 TV Appearance

Roger performs

1992-06-22 TV Appearance

Roger sings “Be

1992-06-23 Other

Roger appears as a special guest at The Chieftains concert at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles

1992-06-25 Other

Roger’s 1989 mo

1992-07-08 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1992-07-09 Other

The Who’s Tommy, the musical written by Pete Townshend and Des McAnuff, premieres at the La Jolla Playhouse in California.

1992-07-28 Record Release

Roger’s solo album Rocks In The Head is released in the U.S.

1992-08-01 Other

Roger’s solo so

1992-08-08 Other

Billboard has a

1992-08-25 Other

Naked Soul rele

1992-10-09 Other

Rhino Records releases a 4-CD set of recordings from the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival. It contains all of The Who’s performance.

1992-10-10 Other

Roger attends the New York Music Awards.

1992-10-22 Other

Roger attends the U.K. premiere of the film 1492: Conquest of Paradise in London

1992-10-30 Record Release

Pete Townshend’s 1972 album Who Came First is released on a newly-remastered CD by Rykodisc

1992-11-17 Other

John performs in the Grand Scientific Musical Theater at the COMDEX computer trade show in Las Vegas

1992-12-04 Other

Roger Daltrey performs at the Football Stadium in Cali, Colombia as part of the Ecomundo Conference

1992-12-04 Other

Roger Daltrey p

1993-01-15 Other

Roger Daltrey appears on Howard Stern’s radio show in New York.

1993-01-16 Other

Roger appears a

1993-01-26 Other

Pete and his ar

1993-02-08 Other

The Recording Industry Association of America upgrades their sales awards for Who albums.

1993-02-24 Other

Q magazine prints a letter by Chris Charlesworth decrying the sorry state of the Who’s CD catalog and lack of a career-spanning boxset retrospective.

1993-02-27 Other

Pete completes

1993-03-02 Other

Pete Townshend performs with the band for the Broadway musical The Who’s Tommy at a private party at the West Bank Café in New York.

1993-03-29 Other

Pete attends the first dress rehearsal for The Who’s Tommy.

1993-03-30 Other

Pete receives a

1993-03-30 Other

Pete and member


Pete is reporte

1993-04-22 Other

The Who’s Tommy opens on Broadway at the St. James Theater

1993-06-04 Record Release

Pete’s last solo album of new material, PsychoDerelict, is released in the U.K.

1993-06-06 Other

Pete Townshend attends the 47th Annual Tony Awards at Gershwin Theater in New York City with Lisa Marsh

1993-06-07 Other

Pete attends the groundbreaking ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland

1993-06-15 Record Release

Pete’s last solo album of new material, PsychoDerelict, is released in the U.S.

1993-06-17 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1993-07-10 Other

Pete launches his North American solo tour in Toronto at Massey Hall.

1993-07-12 Other

Pete plays the

1993-07-13 Other

Pete plays a se

1993-07-15 Other

Pete plays at t

1993-07-30 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1993-08-02 Other

Pete plays the first of two nights at the Community Theater in Berkeley, California


Pete plays the second of two nights at the Community Theater in Berkley, California

1993-08-04 Other

Pete plays in San Diego, California at Copley Symphony Hall


Pete performs at the Brooklyn Academy in New York City.

1993-08-09 Other

Pete performs at the Great Woods Performing Arts Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts

1993-10-15 Other

Pete oversees auditions at the Young Vic Theatre for the production of his musical The Iron Man.

1993-11-11 TV Appearance

Pete is on The Late Show With David Letterman performing “Don’t Try To Make Me Real “ from Psychoderelict.

1993-11-13 Other

Pete attends an

1993-11-19 Other

Pete and Ted Hughes hold press interviews in London prior to the opening of Pete’s musical version of Hughes’ children’s’ story The Iron Man.

1993-11-23 Other

Pete is interviewed by Terry Gross on the National Public Radio (U.S.) program Fresh Air.

1993-11-25 Other

Pete’s musical version of Hughes’ children’s’ story The Iron Man opens in London for a short run.

1993-11-27 Other

Adam Faith’s Midnight Postcards hits the U.K. charts.

1994-01-10 Other

Westwood One in the U.S. broadcasts their show BBC Classic Tracks featuring The Who’s songs for the B.B.C.

1994-02-14 Other

The Iron Man th

1994-02-14 Other

New York magazi

1994-02-18 Other

Roger and his wife Heather attend a performance of the play Blood Brothers at the Music Box theater in New York.

1994-02-23 Other

Pete, Roger and John Entwistle are reunited, somewhat, at Carnegie Hall as part of “Daltrey Sings Townshend: A Celebration,” an all-star-assisted Roger performance of Pete’s songs with an orchestra led by Michael Kamen.

1994-02-24 Other

Pete, Roger and John Entwistle are reunited, somewhat, at Carnegie Hall as part of “Daltrey Sings Townshend: A Celebration”

1994-02-25 TV Appearance

Roger and the S

1994-03-01 Other

The Who’s Tommy

1994-03-01 Other

Roger’s 50th bi

1994-03-11 Other

Lightning Jack a comedy western starring Paul Hogan and Cuba Gooding Jr. is released.

1994-03-27 Other

The New York Times Magazine in advance of the release of the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B boxset carries an article on The Who

1994-04-13 Other

An exhibit of p

1994-04-29 Other

Roger Daltrey a

1994-04-30 Other

Pete performs a

1994-06-25 Other

Roger’s “Daltre

1994-07-04 Record Release

The first relea

1994-07-04 Record Release

A CD from Roger

1994-07-05 Record Release

A CD from Roger

1994-07-08 Other

Goldmine Magazi

1994-07-15 Other

Pete and John a

1994-07-16 Other

The Spin Doctor’s new single “You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast” hits the charts.

1994-07-22 Other

Pete is intervi

1994-07-29 Cover, Other

Who Covers Who,

1994-07-30 Other

Roger begins hi

1994-08-01 Other

MCA Records pla

1994-08-02 Other

Roger and John

1994-08-05 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-08-07 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-08-09 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-08-09 Cover, Other

S.W.A.T. releas

1994-08-11 Other

Roger is on the

1994-08-13 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-08-13 Other

Pete attends an

1994-08-13 Other

ICE magazine re

1994-08-15 Other

PBS stations in

1994-08-15 Other

Q Magazine runs

1994-08-18 Other

Roger does a ca

1994-08-23 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-08-28 Other

Roger’s “A Cele

1994-09-01 Other

Roger and John continue with the orchestral Daltrey Sings Townshend tour performing in Cleveland at the Richfield Coliseum

1994-09-03 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-04 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-10 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-11 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-12 Other

Roger is stayin

1994-09-12 Other

Paul Weller rel

1994-09-13 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-15 Other

Roger and John continue with the orchestral Daltrey Sings Townshend tour performing in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania at the Star Lake Ampitheatre

1994-09-17 Other

Roger and John

1994-09-27 Other

Disney releases

1994-09-29 Other

Pete calls in t

1994-09-29 Other

Pete is intervi

1994-10-07 Other

Roger and John perform “Daltrey Sings Townsend” at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California


Roger and John perform “Daltrey Sings Townshend” in Palm Springs, California

1994-10-24 Other

The first Inter

1994-11-11 Other

Pete attends an award ceremony for Ahmet Ertegun, president of Atlantic Records

1994-12-17 Other

Roger appears o

1995-01-12 Other

An edited version of the Daltrey Sings Townshend Carnegie Hall concert of 1994 airs as a special on the U.S. Disney Channel

1995-02-07 Other

The Who were sc

1995-02-27 Other, TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey’s character, Hugh Fitzcairn, is killed on Highlander: The Series.

1995-02-28 Record Release

Fourteen days after the 25th anniversary of the performance, an expanded CD of Live At Leeds is released.

1995-03-01 Other

Pete attends th

1995-03-01 Other

The Wall Street

1995-03-25 Other

Billboard repor

1995-04-04 Other

A press release

1995-04-10 Cover, Other

The Finnish art

1995-04-28 Other

Pete travels to

1995-05-01 Other

Filming begins

1995-05-13 Other

Roger reprises his Hugh Fitzcairn role on Highlander

1995-06-06 Cover, Other

A children’s CD, Barnyard Beat, is released. It contains a parody of “We’re Not Gonna Take It” credited to The Hoooo

1995-06-14 Other

John plays in M

1995-06-15 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-16 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-17 Other

The Who’s Tommy closes on Broadway after 900 performances.

1995-06-18 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-19 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-20 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-20 Record Release

Two more CD’s a

1995-06-22 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-24 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-26 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-27 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-06-28 Other

Ringo’s All-Sta

1995-07-01 Other

During this mon

1995-07-01 Other

Roger and Simon

1995-07-02 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-03 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-04 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-05 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-07 Other

The punk-reviva

1995-07-08 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-09 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-10 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-11 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-13 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-15 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-17 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-18 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-19 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-21 Other

Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band, featuring John Entwistle on bass, play the first of three nights at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City, New Jersey

1995-07-22 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-23 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-24 Other

Roger and Simon

1995-07-25 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-27 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-28 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-29 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-07-29 TV Appearance

Roger is a guest on the Australian TV show Hey Hey It’s Saturday

1995-07-31 Other

Ringo Starr’s A

1995-08-01 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-01 Other

In an article i

1995-08-03 Other

A planned Roger

1995-08-18 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-19 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-20 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-22 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-23 Other

John appeared w

1995-08-26 Other

Twenty-five yea

1995-08-29 Record Release

MCA releases Wh

1995-09-10 Other

Pete does a fif

1995-09-16 Other

Roger, John, Si

1995-09-22 Other

It is announced

1995-09-26 Other

The soundtrack

1995-10-17 Cover

The Hampton Str


Roger Daltrey p

1995-11-05 Other

Roger plays the


Who’s Next is r

1995-11-07 Record Release

An expanded CD

1995-11-20 Other

Roger and John were supposed to perform in concert in Offenbach, Germany


U.S. cable chan

1995-11-22 TV Appearance

The U.S. cable

1996-01-03 Other

The John Entwis

1996-01-21 Other

John Entwistle launches his new solo band The John Entwistle Band at a private party at Tramps in New York City

1996-01-24 TV Appearance

John appears on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

1996-01-25 Other

The John Entwistle Band play in Danbury Connecticut


The John Entwis


The John Entwis

1996-01-29 Other

The John Entwis

1996-01-30 Other

The John Entwis


The John Entwis


The John Entwis

1996-02-02 Other

The John Entwis

1996-02-03 Other

The John Entwis

1996-02-03 Other

Pete does his l


The John Entwis

1996-02-11 Other

BBC Radio One a


The John Entwis


The John Entwis


The John Entwis

1996-02-20 Cover

Dread Zeppelin


The John Entwis


The John Entwis

1996-02-24 Other

The John Entwis

1996-02-24 Other

Pete presents t

1996-02-27 Other

Tommy Keene rel

1996-02-28 Other

The John Entwis

1996-02-29 Other

Pete Townshend’


The John Entwis

1996-03-01 Other

The John Entwis


The John Entwis


Pete Townshend

1996-03-03 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-03 Other

Pete plays “Pin

1996-03-04 Record Release

A remixed and r

1996-03-05 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-05 Other

The musical pro

1996-03-06 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-08 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-08 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

1996-03-09 Other

The John Entwis


A remixed and r

1996-03-12 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-14 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-15 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-16 Other

The John Entwis


The CD-rom Pete

1996-03-17 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-22 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-23 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-24 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-25 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-26 Other

The John Entwis

1996-03-29 Other

The John Entwis

1996-04-06 Other

The John Entwis

1996-04-12 Other

The Japanese al

1996-04-23 Record Release

Pete releases h

1996-04-23 Other

Roger and Pete

1996-04-28 Other

Pete travels to

1996-04-29 Other

Pete performs t

1996-05-02 TV Appearance

Pete Townshend

1996-05-03 Other

Pete appears on

1996-05-03 Other

Pete plays the

1996-05-04 Other

Pete plays the

1996-05-07 Cover, Other

Chubby Carrier

1996-05-12 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey p

1996-05-18 Other

Pete is a guest

1996-06-01 Other

During this month Geoffrey Giuliano’s unauthorized biography of Pete, Behind Blue Eyes: A Life Of Pete Townshend is published in the U.K.

1996-06-01 Other

Sometime this month Listening To You: The Who At The Isle Of Wight is released

1996-06-18 Other

Those Darn Acco

1996-06-25 Record Release

John’s 1986 solo album The Rock gets its first release on an actual record company label, Griffin, in the U.S

1996-06-28 Other

Pete, Roger and John begin rehearsals for the upcoming live version of Quadrophenia

1996-06-30 Other

Pete performs a

1996-07-02 Record Release

A remixed, remastered version of The Who’s Quadrophenia is released in the U.K.

1996-07-03 Record Release

A remixed, rema

1996-07-15 Record Release

“My Generation”

1996-07-16 Other

Andrea McArdle

1996-07-16 Other

After The Who’s

1996-07-18 Other

John, Simon, Ge

1996-08-01 Other

The CD Quadroph

1996-08-05 Other

Scott Smith ina

1996-08-07 Cover, Other

Robert Gass rel

1996-08-12 Record Release

The first “best

1996-08-20 Cover, Other

Snuff releases

1996-08-27 Record Release

The first “best

1996-08-27 Other

Frog Records re

1996-09-06 Cover, Other

Iron Maiden rel

1996-09-17 Other

The John Entwis

1996-09-27 Other

The 2-CD set Th

1996-09-28 Other

Showtime premieres the “Roger Corman Presents” movie Vampirella featuring Roger as a vampire

1996-10-12 Other

The Who rehearse at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon

1996-10-15 Other

The Rolling Sto

1996-10-28 Record Release

Message To Love: The Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970 featuring the one Who track “Naked Eye” and The Who Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival, 1970 are released in the U.S.

1996-11-01 Other

My Generation:

1996-11-03 Other

John grouses to

1996-11-13 Other

Pete and Roger

1996-11-16 Other

John holds a signing of his art work at a gallery in Boston

1996-11-18 Record Release

Thunderfingers: The Best Of John Entwistle is released by Rhino Records in the U.S.

1996-11-18 Record Release

The Who By Numb

1996-11-19 Other

Guided by Voices releases their EP Plantations of Pale Pink with a track called “The Who vs. Porky Pig”.

1996-12-10 Other

The soundtrack to Jerry McGuire is released

1996-12-20 Other

The Comic Strip

1997-01-12 Other

Pete Townshend writes “Wired To The Moon (Part 2)”

1997-01-17 Other

Objayda release

1997-01-18 Other

The John Entwistle Band performs at the Cakewalk exhibit at the NAMM convention in Anaheim CA.

1997-01-19 Other

Pete Townshend records “Drumming”

1997-01-28 Other

John goes to Stockholm to promote the upcoming Who show.

1997-01-28 Other

The soundtrack to Prefontaine featuring The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” is released.

1997-01-29 Other

Original cast m

1997-02-02 Other

Pete Townshend


The Sunday Inde

1997-02-07 Other

A British Airwa

1997-02-14 Cover, Other

Glenn Tipton’s

1997-02-16 Other

The Laurence Olivier Awards are handed out.

1997-02-21 Other

Roger appears as Colonel Rickman in the first of a two-part show on the Fox-TV (U.S.) show Sliders

1997-02-21 Other

The video Message To Love: The Isle Of Wight Festival is released in the U.S.

1997-03-10 Cover, Other

Swervedriver re

1997-03-18 Other

Pete Townshend testifies as an expert witness in a court case concerning a saxophonist who is suing for loss of her performing ability

1997-03-18 Cover, Other

Bile releases t

1997-03-22 Other

Roger performs in a studio in Vienna.

1997-04-14 Other

Fatboy Slim rel

1997-04-14 Other

Pete is intervi

1997-04-15 Cover, Other

Advance copies

1997-04-21 TV Appearance

Roger again pla

1997-05-02 Other

Roger Daltrey r

1997-05-18 Other

Pete runs into

1997-05-19 Other

Pete Townshend records “Prelude 970519” that later appears on Scoop 3

1997-05-20 Other

Remixed and remastered CD’s of Face Dances and It’s Hard are released

1997-05-21 Other

thewho.net domain name was first registered and soon went live.

1997-06-03 Record Release

The remixed, remastered editions of Face Dances and It’s Hard are released in the U.S.

1997-06-04 Other

Ronnie Lane, who collaborated with Pete on Rough Mix, dies in Trinidad, Colorado.

1997-06-17 Record Release

The CD The King

1997-06-24 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey a

1997-06-24 Cover, Other

The punk compilation album Joe King Presents More Bounce To The Ounce is released

1997-06-24 Other

Michael Bruce of Alice Cooper releases an expanded CD of his 1975 solo album In My Own Way.

1997-07-01 Record Release

Keith Moon’s so

1997-07-05 Other

Billboard repor

1997-07-16 Other

John Entwistle

1997-07-18 Other

John displays h

1997-07-22 Record Release

Rhino Records r

1997-07-22 Cover, Other

The punk band H

1997-07-25 Other

VH1 premieres a

1997-08-12 Other

Blockbuster rel

1997-08-24 Other

Roger hosts par

1997-08-31 TV Appearance

Roger hosts par

1997-09-01 Other

Pete initiates

1997-09-13 Other

Van-pires, a ca

1997-09-14 Other

Pete unveils a

1997-09-17 Other

John joins Moun

1997-09-23 Cover, Other

Geoff Moore

1997-10-13 Other

The Ford Motor

1997-10-22 Other

The Who Concert File by ‘Irish’ Jack Lyons and Joe McMichael is published by Omnibus

1997-10-25 Other

John is interviewed in Hello! Magazine

1997-10-28 Other

Angel Air Records releases Eddie Hardin’s CD Wizard’s Convention – Vol. 2 with a guest appearance by John

1997-11-04 Other

The Who receive a lifetime achievement award from Q magazine at the Park Lane Hotel in London

1997-11-04 Other

Pete records “971104 Arpeggio Piano“

1997-11-07 Other

Pete records “Variations on Dirty Jobs“

1997-11-15 TV Appearance

Roger plays Hugh Fitzcairn on Highlander: The Series

1997-11-17 Other

Variety reports that Robert De Niro’s studio Tribeca has teamed with MTV Productions to make a movie of ‘Dougal’ Butler’s Keith Moon book Moon The Loon

1997-12-12 Other

Sheryl Crow sings “Squeeze Box “ on TFI Friday on Britain’s Channel 4

1997-12-21 Other

The Syndicated


“Off The Mark”

1998-01-28 Record Release

Roger’s solo al

1998-02-02 Other

Pete Townshend’

1998-02-03 Other

Pete Townshend’s daughter Emma releases her album Winterland

1998-02-10 Other

The John Entwistle Band hold a record signing at Tower Records in Los Angeles

1998-02-10 Other

Who’s Serious:

1998-02-13 Other

John has a reception at the Walnut Street Gallery in Denver

1998-02-13 Cover, Other

The Christian r

1998-02-14 Other

John attends a

1998-02-24 Record Release

Roger Daltrey’s A Celebration: The Music Of Pete Townshend CD is reissued by the House Of Blues label

1998-02-11 Other

The John Entwistle Band play the House Of Blues in Los Angeles

1998-03-06 Record/song - Cover/tribute

The Original Ca

1998-03-07 Other

Pete Townshend’

1998-03-09 Record Release

An expanded and re-ordered version of Odds and Sods is released on CD in the U.K.

1998-03-09 Other

The gay-themed

1998-03-10 Record Release

An expanded and re-ordered version of Odds and Sods is released on CD in the U.S.

1998-03-17 Other

The John Entwis

1998-03-18 Other

The British pre

1998-03-24 Other

Emma Townshend’s first album Winterland is released in the U.S.

1998-03-24 Other

The soundtrack

1998-04-21 Other

Roger rehearses

1998-06-18 Other

John plays in H

1998-07-17 Other

Roger performs with the British Rock Symphony at the Artscape Festival in Baltimore, Maryland

1998-08-05 Other

John plays at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon

1998-08-14 Other

Pete plays the Harborlights Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts

1998-08-15 Other

Pete returns to

1998-08-16 Other

Pete plays at T

1998-09-05 Other

The National Fi

1998-09-06 Other

Down At The Ast

1998-10-02 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, New York

1998-10-04 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at Maddie’s in Frazier, Pennsylvania

1998-10-06 Other

Petula Clark releases her CD Here For You

1998-10-06 Other

The John Entwistle Band play the Sing Sing Music Hall in Chattanooga, Tennessee


The John Entwistle Band play at Roadhouse Ruby’s in Olathe, Kansas

1998-10-09 Other

The John Entwistle Band plays at Synergy in Chicago, Illinois

1998-10-11 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at  Knickerbocker’s in Lincoln, Nebraska

1998-10-14 Other

The John Entwistle Band play Wilbert’s Bar & Grille in Cleveland, Ohio

1998-10-15 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at The Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan

1998-10-16 Other

Pete gives a surprise performance at the Sound Republic Club in Wardour Street, London

1998-10-20 Other

Listening To You: The Who At The Isle Of Wight is put out in the U.S. on home video by Eagle Rock Entertainment

1998-10-20 Other

King Biscuit Flower Hour releases Best Of The Best

1998-10-21 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at The Inzone in Kernersville, North Carolina

1998-10-23 Other

John Entwistle plays at Jaxx Night Club in Springfield, Virginia.

1998-10-26 Other

The John Entwistle Band play at Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom in Little Rock, Arkansas


John Entwistle


The John Entwis


The John Entwis


Roger Daltrey a


The John Entwis


The John Entwis


The Daily Expre


Pete Townshend


Pete performs a


The John Entwis


Newspapers repo


The John Entwis

1998-11-17 Other

The Offspring r

1998-11-22 Other

LiveConcerts.com cybercasts The John Entwistle Band’s July 28th concert

1998-11-24 TV Appearance

Roger appears o


Roger is the gu

1998-12-04 Media

The Daily Mail reports that a firm of yacht brokers is suing Pete Townshend


Roger Daltrey a

1998-12-10 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey appears on NBC-TV’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien

1998-12-31 Other

John Power of the group Cast tells New Musical Express that he recorded the demos for the forthcoming Cast album at John Entwistle’s home studio

1999-01-09 Other

Pete Townshend plays a secret show to eighty people in Oxford England

1999-01-25 Other

The CD Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper is released in the U.K.

1999-02-07 Other

The Times of London reports that the BBC has commissioned Pete Townshend to complete Lifehouse

1999-02-23 Other

The CD Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper is released in the U.S.

1999-02-26 Other

Larry Smith’s Pete Townshend: The Minstrel’s Dilemma is published

1999-03-03 Other

Status Graphite reports that John Entwistle has designed the Buzzard 2 bass

1999-03-04 Other

At a party in Santa Monica California celebrating the completion of the movie Romantic Moritz Roger Daltrey performs

1999-03-06 Other

Gateway Computers premiers a TV ad in the U.S. featuring “Who Are You

1999-03-11 Other

Intersound releases the DVD Roger Daltrey: A Celebration – With Pete Townshend and the music of The Who

1999-03-19 TV Appearance

Pete Townshend goes on British VH-1 to pick his Top Ten Videos

1999-03-22 Media

The New York Daily News announces that Pete is intending to bring Psychoderelict to Broadway

1999-03-23 Other

The CD Punk Or What by Bernie Tormé is released

1999-03-27 Other

Dell Computers premiers a TV ad in the U.S. featuring “Magic Bus

1999-04-01 Other


1999-04-06 Record Release

MCA Records rel

1999-05-04 Other

Paul Shanklin r

1999-05-08 Other

Pete travels to

1999-05-18 Other

Roger Daltrey a

1999-05-22 Other

The John Entwis

1999-05-24 Cover, Other

The Spells release the EP The Age Of Backwards featuring a cover of “I Can’t Explain”

1999-05-25 Other

Pete writes the

1999-05-26 Other

Who manager Bil

1999-06-01 Other

The soundtrack to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is released

1999-06-01 Other

Early in the mo

1999-06-03 Other

New York public relations executive Lisa Marsh tells the New York Post about her affair with Pete during the mid-1990’s

1999-06-21 Record Release

The British Rock Symphony CD is released in Germany on Point Music.

1999-06-28 Other

Roger begins th

1999-07-02 Other

Spike Lee’s mov

1999-07-02 Other

Roger Daltrey c

1999-07-02 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-03 Other

Roger performs

1999-07-05 Other

Roger performs

1999-07-05 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-07 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-09 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-09 Other

Pete writes lyr

1999-07-10 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-11 Other

John Entwistle is interviewed on WRAT’s “Electric Ballroom” in South Belmar, New Jersey

1999-07-12 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-13 Other

J-Bird Records

1999-07-16 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-17 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-18 Other

Roger attends a

1999-07-20 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-20 Other

ESP (Eric Singer Project) releases the CD ESP

1999-07-21 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-22 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-22 TV Appearance

Roger makes a g

1999-07-23 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-25 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-26 Other

The Independent

1999-07-27 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-28 Other

Pete performs a

1999-07-28 Other

Pete and Eddie

1999-07-29 Other

The John Entwis

1999-07-29 Other

During a radio

1999-08-01 Other

Allan Brown wri

1999-08-01 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-02 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-04 Cover, Other

The compilation

1999-08-07 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-12 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-12 Other

The press repor

1999-08-13 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-14 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-17 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-18 Other

The John Entwis

1999-08-27 Other

Pete and Roger

1999-09-04 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

1999-09-14 Cover, Other

The Christian r

1999-09-14 Other

Around this time “Put-Downs and Send-Ups”, a CD containing two 1967 Who interviews, is released

1999-09-18 Other

Roger attends a

1999-09-20 Other

Pete Townshend

1999-09-29 Other

All the 90’s re

1999-09-30 Other

Actor Peter Gallagher appears on NBC-TV’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien

1999-10-11 Other

BBC2 Radio begins broadcasting an 8-week series called Rave On With Roger Daltrey

1999-10-12 Other

Little Demon with the Vatican Grave Robbers release their CD Sacred Monster

1999-10-18 Media

Roger tells Reuters that The Who are presently working on their first studio album since It’s Hard

1999-10-19 Other

John confirms a new album report on the Wall Of Sound website

1999-10-28 Other

The Who rehearse for tomorrows iBash for the Pixelon Corporation in Las Vegas

1999-10-29 Other

Pete opens his

1999-11-01 Other

John has an art

1999-11-07 TV Appearance

NBC-TV premiers

1999-11-12 Other

Goldfinger rele

1999-11-29 Other

Pete appears on The Jan Payne Show on BBC Radio 5

1999-11-29 Other

The Radio Times prints an interview with Pete

1999-11-30 Other

Pete is interviewed on Front Row (BBC Radio 4) and Nightwaves (BBC Radio 3)

1999-12-02 Other

Pete is interviewed on Radio 2’s The Steve Wright Show


Pete attends a

1999-12-03 Other

Pete is interviewed on BBC Hard Talk


Roger performs


ITV airs an epi

1999-12-05 Other

Pete’s radio ve

1999-12-06 Other

An exhibit of t

1999-12-06 Other

Pete places two

1999-12-07 Other

John is voted B

1999-12-07 Other

A press report

1999-12-15 Other

Pete premeires

1999-12-31 Other

Roger is schedu

2000-01-08 Other

Roger Daltrey performs with the British Rock Symphony in a private concert at theDobson Arena in Vail, Colorado

2000-01-17 Other

Vonda Shepherd sings “See Me Feel Me” on Ally McBeal

2000-02-20 Other

Pete Townshend’s commercial site www.eelpie.com finally comes on line

2000-02-14 Other

Pete begins daily “cyberdiaries” featuring short talks and Lifehouse practice sessions

2000-02-15 Record Release

BBC Sessions is released in the U.S. and Europe.

2000-02-15 Other

The Mighty Echoes release the CD A Cappella Doo Wop

2000-02-17 Other

Roger Daltrey does a live chat on AOL to promote BBC Sessions

2000-02-17 Other

Pete also says in his cyberdiary that he is heading over to John Entwistle’s house for some “final Who overdubs.”

2000-02-20 Other

Roger goes down under performing with the British Rock Symphony at Melbourne Colonial Stadium in Australia

2000-02-22 Other

The Band Of The Royal Netherlands Air Force releases 1999 Symfo

2000-02-23 Other

Roger goes down under performing with the British Rock Symphony at Perth Burswood Dome

2000-02-25 Other

Roger goes down under performing with the British Rock Symphony at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

2000-02-25 Other

Pete presents Lifehouse Live at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London

2000-02-26 Other

Roger goes down under performing with the British Rock Symphony at Newcastle Entertainment Centre

2000-02-26 Other

Pete presents Lifehouse Live at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London

2000-03-01 Other

The Daily Star

2000-03-01 Other

The Comic Strip

2000-03-01 Other

Roger appears w

2000-03-02 Other

On the JAM! Sho

2000-03-03 Other

Roger appears w

2000-03-03 Other

Roger is involv

2000-03-04 Other

Roger is schedu

2000-03-08 Other

Roger appears w

2000-03-10 Other

Roger swims wit

2000-03-11 Other

Roger appears w

2000-03-23 Other

Pete Townshend

2000-03-24 Other

Roger and John

2000-04-03 Other

Roger is on the

2000-04-10 Other

Pete, Roger and

2000-04-10 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

2000-04-10 Other

Variety reports

2000-04-11 Other

The ITV Classic

2000-04-19 Other

Pete releases r

2000-04-20 Other

imdb.com report

2000-04-21 Other

Sonic News repo

2000-04-26 Other

Pete’s VH1 Stor

2000-04-28 Other

Pete’s VH1 Stor

2000-05-01 Other

The world premi

2000-05-06 Other

John Entwistle

2000-05-10 Other

Pete opens an o

2000-05-19 Other

Justin Kreutzmann begins shooting a documentary about John at his house.

2000-05-23 Other

Redline Entertainment releases the CD Lifehouse Elements at Best Buy stores

2000-05-23 Cover, Other

Sherie Rene Scott releases her CD Men I’ve Had featuring covers of The Who and Pete Townshend

2000-05-23 Cover, Other

The Dropkick Mu

2000-05-24 Other

Pete has an online chat through barnesandnoble.com

2000-05-25 Other

Roger and John

2000-05-28 Media, Other

The Los Angeles Times prints an interview with Pete

2000-06-07 Other

CNN’s Showbiz Today carries a sound clip from Pete

2000-06-12 Other

Pete starts selling items from his Lifehouse shows at Sadler’s Wells and Scoop artwork at his merchandise site.

2000-06-16 Other

John Entwistle, Zak, John “Rabbit” Bundrick and Gary Nuttall perform at a concert at Abbey Road Studios

2000-06-20 Cover, Other

Bloodshot Recor

2000-06-23 Other

VH1.com prints

2000-06-23 Other

Pete writes a w

2000-06-23 Other

In an interview

2000-06-29 Other

Pete writes ano

2000-06-30 Other

In an interview in the Boston Globe, Roger says “This is an ongoing band now. We’re definitely back as a working band.”

2000-07-01 Other

On the last day

2000-07-02 Other

American Movie

2000-07-02 Other

Pete is intervi

2000-07-03 Other

American Movie

2000-07-06 Other

In a message on his website, Pete says that John is “visibly cheering up as the prospect recedes of going to jail for tax evasion.”

2000-07-08 Other

On his website,

2000-07-09 Comic Strip

The “Bizarro” c

2000-07-09 Other

In an interview

2000-07-10 Other

Morgan’s [Nicho

2000-07-11 Other

On his website

2000-07-15 Other

In an interview

2000-07-17 Cover, Other

Thunder release

2000-07-19 Other

Shel Talmy surp

2000-07-22 Cover, Other

Elena Powell

2000-08-02 Other

Pete attends th

2000-08-06 Other

The Sunday Mirror reports that Robbie Williams is considering playing Keith Moon in Roger’s planned biopic of the late Who drummer


The Who were scheduled to play the Desert Sky Pavilion in Phoenix Arizona. The show is cancelled

2000-08-15 Other

The movie Chasi

2000-08-17 Other

In an interview

2000-08-19 Other

The cult sci-fi cable show Farscape runs an episode entitled “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

2000-08-21 Other

A letter from R

2000-08-21 Cover, Other

Ron & The Splinters release the mini-album Go Ron Go featuring a cover of the rare Pete song “Things Have Changed.”

2000-08-22 Other

Roger tells a r

2000-08-23 Other

The John Entwis

2000-08-25 Other

The Evening Sta

2000-08-26 Other

Channel 4 (U.K.) airs “The Real Keith Moon”, an hour-long documentary narrated by John Peel

2000-09-01 Other

A news report c

2000-09-05 Other

John Entwistle

2000-09-13 Other

Who fan Cameron

2000-09-15 TV Appearance

John Entwistle

2000-09-17 Other

The Showtime ca

2000-09-18 Other

eelpie.com begi

2000-09-19 Other

Roger attends t

2000-09-23 Other

Gary Hall, U.S. swimming relay team member, wins the Gold at the Summer Olympics in Sydney.

2000-09-24 Other

After a week in

2000-09-27 Other

Pete writes a long diary entry called “Dampa Tampa.”

2000-09-30 Other

Music365 report

2000-10-18 Other

MCY.com begins selling limited access to Pete’s Sadler Wells concert over the internet

2000-10-24 Other

British Rock Symphony featuring Roger is released on a DVD in the U.S.

2000-10-31 TV Appearance

USA Network bro

2000-10-31 Other

Roger’s 1983 TV

2000-11-05 Other

The Simpsons ai

2000-11-09 Media

Time magazine p

2000-11-15 Other

Pete announces on his website that there will be no European Who tour in 2001 and that plans for a new Who album have been put on hold

2000-11-16 Other

Rolling Stone declares “My Generation” the 33rd best pop song of all time.

2000-11-16 Other

Keith Moon’s fo

2000-11-21 Cover

Down By Law release a cover of “The Kids Are Alright” on their album Down By Law/Pseudo Heroes: Split.

2000-11-22 Other

Pete reports on his website that Roger got upset when he had announced that there would be no Who album recorded anytime soon.

2000-11-23 Other

Pete revises a poem “There is Something in My Food” for publication

2000-11-24 Other

The Who rehears


The Who play th

2001-01-10 Other

Pete releases t

2001-01-10 Record Release

Pete releases t

2001-01-29 Other

Roger travels t

2001-02-01 Other

The British pre

2001-02-09 Other

Pete attends th

2001-02-16 Other

Pete publishes

2001-02-18 Other

Pete is placed

2001-02-19 Other

Pete writes a r

2001-02-20 Other

John Entwistle

2001-02-21 Other

The Grammy awar

2001-02-26 Other

The Who announc

2001-02-27 Cover, Other

Rap artist Hesh

2001-03-05 Record Release

The remastered

2001-03-05 Record Release

Sanctuary relea

2001-03-05 Other

Pete, on his we

2001-03-16 Other

Roger does a on

2001-03-20 Cover, Other

LynnMarie relea

2001-03-24 Other

Channel 4 in th

2001-04-17 Other

Pete sells eigh

2001-04-20 Other

Roger was to ha

2001-04-23 Other

Pete announces

2001-04-28 Other

The Guardian re

2001-04-29 Comic Strip

The “Off The Ma

2001-05-03 Other

The Hollywood R

2001-05-04 Other

Fastball, who a

2001-05-11 Other

eelpie.com puts

2001-05-12 Other

Pete Townshend puts up mp3’s of “Ascendance (rough mix 2)” and “I’ve Had Enough (orchestral overdub)” on his website

2001-05-14 Cover, Other

Thunder release

2001-05-17 Other

Pete wins an award from BMI for “Who Are You” as one of the most performed television themes of the year.

2001-05-19 Other

On his 56th bir

2001-05-24 Other

Pete receives a

2001-05-24 Cover, Other

Substitute: The Songs Of The Who, a collection of Who covers compiled by longtime Who soundman Bobby Pridden, is released in Europe.

2001-05-26 Other

The John Entwistle Band plays two shows at Highland Theatre in Akron, Ohio

2001-05-27 Other

The John Entwistle Band play the Rock, Rhythm and Blues Fest at City Walk in Toledo, Ohio

2001-05-27 Other

John records the bass for the song “Same Price” for the forthcoming Gov’t Mule album.

2001-05-29 Other

The John Entwis

2001-06-01 Other

Rhino Video begins showing the movie Quadrophenia in movie houses in select U.S. cities to promote their forthcoming DVD

2001-06-02 Other

Pete is interviewed in The Daily Telegraph.

2001-06-09 Other

John plays the

2001-06-14 Other

Roger Daltrey attends the “Adopt-A-Minefield” gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles

2001-06-15 Other

John plays in Kelseyville, California at the Konocti Harbor Resort in “A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.”

2001-06-15 Other

Pete is interviewed in The Hollywood Reporter

2001-06-16 Other

John plays the first of two nights in Anaheim, California at the Sun Theater in “A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring Todd Rundgren, Ann Wilson and Alan Parsons.

2001-06-17 Other

John plays in Anaheim, California at the Sun Theater in “A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.”

2001-06-18 Other

“A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring John play in Saratoga, CA, at the Villa Montalvo Garden Theatre

2001-06-19 Other

Part of Pete’s VH1 Storytellers performance is included in the newly released VH1 Storytellers Classics DVD

2001-06-19 Other

“A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring John play in Saratoga, CA, at the Villa Montalvo Garden Theatre

2001-06-20 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-06-22 Other

Pete performs the first of two solo concerts at the Mandell Weiss Theatre in San Diego, California as a benefit for the La Jolla Playhouse

2001-06-22 Other

“A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring John play at Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay in San Diego, California

2001-06-23 Other

Pete performs s

2001-06-23 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-06-24 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-06-26 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-06-27 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-06-29 Other

Roger was suppo

2001-06-29 Other

“A Walk Down Abbey Road: A Tribute To The Beatles.” featuring John play at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan

2001-06-30 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-01 Other

During this mon

2001-07-02 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-03 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-05 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-06 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-07 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-08 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-09 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-10 Other

Koch Records re

2001-07-10 Other

Roger plays a p

2001-07-10 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-11 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-13 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-15 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-16 Other

An article in t

2001-07-16 Other

On his website,

2001-07-17 Other

Roger appears i

2001-07-17 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-19 Other

Pete writes a long message about Meher Baba at his website

2001-07-19 Other

A CD single con

2001-07-19 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-21 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-22 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-24 Other

Joe Strummer an

2001-07-26 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-27 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-07-28 Other

“A Walk Down Ab

2001-08-10 Other

Quadrophenia op

2001-08-10 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey i

2001-08-18 TV Appearance

VH1 premiers th

2001-08-19 Other

Pete writes a letter to the Observer about an excerpt from John Strausbaugh’s book Rock ‘Til You Drop

2001-08-21 Cover, Other

Out Of Phase re

2001-08-22 Other

The Japanese Mo

2001-08-31 Other

The London Even

2001-09-08 Other

Pete Townshend responds on his website to an angry letter by a fan denouncing him for allowing the song “Bargain” to be used selling Nissan SUVs

2001-09-13 Other

The Maidstone Drama Group perform Tommy at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Maidstone

2001-09-13 Other

Pete Townshend,

2001-09-14 Other

The Basement Ro

2001-09-18 Record Release

Live At Leeds: Deluxe Edition is released in the U.S. with the U.K. edition released on the 25th

2001-09-20 Other

Pete addresses

2001-09-20 Other

Pete was suppos

2001-09-23 Other

Roger Daltrey bids on every item in a rock ‘n’ roll auction at the Cobden Club in Kensal Town

2001-09-25 Record Release

Live At Leeds:

2001-09-25 Other

Rhino Video rel

2001-09-25 Other

The Who Live At

2001-09-27 Other

Pete’s website

2001-09-28 Other

Roger tells the press he has started a worm farm at his 400-acre farm in Etchingham, East Sussex to sell for processing landfills.

2001-09-28 Other

The Who meet in

2001-10-01 Other

Uncut magazine


The John Entwistle Band play the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut

2001-10-20 Other

The John Entwistle Band play B.B. Kings in New York, New York

2001-10-21 Other

The John Entwistle Band play the second of two nights at B.B. Kings in New York, New York

2001-10-22 Other

The John Entwistle Band play Vanderbilt’s in Plainview, New York

2001-10-23 Other

The John Entwistle Band play Toads Place in New Haven, Connecticut

2001-10-23 Other

Gov’t Mule releases their CD The Deep End, Vol. 1 featuring John Entwistle playing bass on “Same Price.”

2001-11-01 Other

Pete’s website

2001-11-06 Other

Mick Jagger releases his solo album Goddess In The Doorway

2001-11-07 Other

Pete receives the BMI President’s Award.

2001-11-08 Other

Pete’s website

2001-11-09 Other

John Entwistle appears in A Walk Down Abbey Road at Koseinenkin Hall in Tokyo

2001-11-10 Other

John Entwistle

2001-11-12 Other

John Entwistle

2001-11-12 Other

Di-Rect release

2001-11-14 Other

John Entwistle appears in A Walk Down Abbey Road at Shimim Kaikan Hall in Nagoya

2001-11-15 Other

Pete’s website

2001-11-19 Other

Pete’s website

2001-11-23 Record Release

Pete releases 2 double CD’s on his eelpie.com website of his solo shows in La Jolla, California, June 22 and 23, 2001


The Concert For

2002-01-02 Media

In an interview

2002-01-14 Other

Pete posts the

2002-01-16 Other

Pete posts a long diary message called “A Different Bomb”

2002-01-21 Other

Pete posts his

2002-01-23 Other

The Who hold th

2002-01-29 Other

“The Concert Fo

2002-02-08 Other

Roger Daltrey t

2002-02-09 Other

Roger appears a

2002-02-13 Other

Pete answers qu

2002-02-17 Other

Pete quietly up

2002-02-18 Other

Pete Townshend:

2002-02-23 Other

Gordon Giltrap

2002-02-26 Other

Pete Townshend:

2002-03-03 Other

Ed Masley in th

2002-03-04 Other

Clarinex begins

2002-03-10 Other

The Betty comic

2002-03-15 Other

The Halifax Dai

2002-03-18 Other

Roger gives a s

2002-03-20 Cover, Other

The Alex Skolni

2002-04-01 Other

The website The

2002-04-05 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2002-04-07 Other

The Sunday Time

2002-04-18 Cover, Other

The CD Paul Cha

2002-04-24 Other

An interview wi

2002-04-30 Other

Roger plays Mr.

2002-05-01 Other

Gary Wharton pu

2002-05-14 Cover, Other

Poison releases

2002-05-14 Other

Xero/G releases their CD Are You Weightless with a cover of “Baba O’Riley.”

2002-05-14 Cover, Other

The country band McBride & The Ride releases their CD Amarillo Sky featuring a cover of “Squeeze Box”

2002-05-21 Record Release

Redline Enterta

2002-06-06 Other

The boxset 30 Years of Maximum R&B receives Gold status from the RIAA

2002-06-10 Other

The Who begin rehearsals for their 2002 North American tour

2002-06-11 Record Release

The U.S. version of The Who’s Ultimate Collection is released on CD

2002-06-11 Other

David Bowie’s new album Heathen is released

2002-06-15 Other

The Who conclude rehearsals for their 2002 tour

2002-06-23 Other

The first edition of Andy Neill and Matt Kent’s exhaustive timeline book Anyway Anyhow Anywhere: The Complete Chronicle of the Who: 1958-1978 is published

2002-06-26 Other

John arrives at

2002-06-27 Other

John Entwistle dies in Las Vegas of a heart attack

2002-07-09 Other

Bobby Bare, Jr.

2002-07-10 Other

Roger and Pete

2002-07-11 Other

Roger poses at

2002-07-13 Other

The Sun respond

2002-07-15 Other

Noel Gallagher

2002-07-15 Other

The Who: The Ul

2002-07-22 TV Appearance

Roger plays a f

2002-07-23 Other

The Vitamin Str

2002-07-25 Other

The coroner of

2002-07-25 Other

Simon performs

2002-07-27 Other

The Sex Pistols

2002-07-28 Other

Maxene, the sec

2002-08-06 Other

Eric Thompson r

2002-08-08 Other

Rolling Stone p

2002-08-08 Other

Genesis Publica

2002-08-17 Comic Strip, Other

The comic strip

2002-08-27 Record Release

The long-awaite

2002-08-30 Other

In an interview

2002-09-03 Record Release

MCA releases A

2002-09-03 Cover, Other

David West rele

2002-09-06 Cover, Other

Di-rect release

2002-09-06 Record Release

The Shel Talmy

2002-09-07 Other

Roger has a new

2002-09-11 Other

The Las Vegas c

2002-09-17 Cover, Other

The Flaming Lip

2002-09-17 Other

President Bush

2002-09-19 Other

Roger is quoted

2002-09-23 Cover, Other

Oasis release t

2002-09-23 Other

CBS-TV premiers their first CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-off, CSI: Miami

2002-09-23 Other

A “special edit

2002-09-25 Other

The Toronto Sta

2002-10-05 Media

The Hollywood Reporter reports Pete Townshend signs a global publishing deal with BMG

2002-10-07 Record Release

The John Entwistle Band’s Left For Live is released in the U.K. re-mastered by Eastworld Records

2002-10-12 Other

Pete writes a long diary entry on the future of The Who

2002-10-17 Other

The U2 guitarist The Edge is quoted approving of The Who continuing with Pete and Roger

2002-10-17 Other

Roger Daltrey attends the launch of Stella McCartney’s “Absolut Stella” ad campaign at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood

2002-10-21 Other

Pete reposts his diary entry “A Different Bomb” about his personal investigation into Internet child pornography.

2002-10-21 Record Release

The Who: Ultimate Collection boxset is released in the U.K.

2002-10-21 Other

An unsent letter to fans from Kurt Cobain is published in Newsweek

2002-10-23 Other

Roger Daltrey is interviewed on ITV’s Today with Des and Mel

2002-10-24 Other

A memorial service for John is held at St. Martin In The Fields in London

2002-10-28 Other

Phish release the CD Live Phish 14: 10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon

2002-11-01 Other

The Sunday Time

2002-11-03 Other

Pete reviews Jo

2002-11-03 Other

Roger attends t

2002-11-11 Other

Pete is interviewed in Stuff magazine

2002-11-14 Other

Roger Daltrey p

2002-11-16 Other

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam talks to the Baltimore Sun about The Who continuing after John Entwistle’s death.

2002-11-26 Other

The Freddie Mer

2002-11-26 Record Release

Left For Live: Deluxe Edition is released by Koch Records in the U.S

2002-12-10 Other

Cheltenham and


At the First Su

2002-12-20 Other

The DVD for the

2002-12-27 Other

Acme Rock Group

2002-12-28 Other

Billboard magazine reports that The Who were the 13th top grossing act in the U.S. in 2002 making $28.6 million

2003-01-03 Other

Pete Townshend

2003-01-03 Other

Playboy (Februa

2003-01-11 Other

The Daily Mail

2003-01-14 Other

“.com for Murde

2003-01-20 Other

A radio ad begi

2003-01-22 Other

“Living Famously – Keith Moon” is first aired

2003-01-28 Other

Sotheby’s annou

2003-01-28 Other

Presier Records

2003-02-01 Other

The Scotsman re

2003-02-04 Other

The soundtrack

2003-02-05 Other

Roger Daltrey b

2003-02-09 Other

Roger makes hea

2003-02-25 Other

A tribute CD to

2003-03-19 Other

Roger attends t

2003-03-22 Other

Roger is interv

2003-03-24 Other

The compilation

2003-03-25 Record Release

Who’s Next Delu

2003-03-26 Other

Roger, as part

2003-03-27 Other

Pete writes a d

2003-06-21 Other

Roger Joins Kev

2003-10-04 Other

The restored The Kids Are Alright has its theatrical premiere at the Walter Reade Theater in New York

2003-10-19 Other

Roger performs a charity concert at Ronnie Scott’s club benefitting the Teenage Cancer Trust.


Roger is a pres

2004-02-10 Other

Pete puts a lim

2004-02-11 Other

The Wheels On T

2004-02-11 Other

Roger appears o

2004-02-15 Other

Roger appears o

2004-02-16 Other

The Old Grey Wh

2004-02-17 Other

Roger appears o

2004-02-21 Other

Roger and Simon

2004-02-24 Other

Roger attends B

2004-02-25 Other

Roger pays a re

2004-02-26 Other

Rolling Stone r

2004-02-27 Other

Pete delivers a

2004-03-04 Media

Uncut magazine

2004-03-12 Other

The Who’s two n

2004-03-13 Other

Roger begins ap

2004-03-15 Other

Sarah Dempster

2004-03-17 Other

Roger and his w

2004-03-18 Other

The Who begin r

2004-03-18 Other

Mario Martin Ze

2004-03-23 Other

Compendia Recor

2004-03-26 Other

H.E.A.R. releas

2004-03-28 Other

Cartoon Network

2004-03-30 Record Release

The best-of com

2004-03-30 Other

Roger greets Qu

2004-04-02 Other

An Australian p

2004-04-04 Other

The SAS Band (S

2004-04-07 Other

Roger receives

2004-04-07 Cover, Other

The group Recli

2004-04-08 Other

Pete performs a

2004-04-10 Other

Pete publicly a

2004-04-12 Other

A DVD of the Br

2004-04-14 Other

A Japanese webs

2004-04-14 Other

The Evening Sta

2004-04-15 Other

The Who make #2

2004-04-21 Other

The Japanese he

2004-04-26 Other

Sanctuary Visua

2004-04-27 Record Release

Geffen releases

2004-04-29 Other

The press repor

2004-04-29 Cover, Other

Kevin Russell c

2004-05-01 Other

Sydow Karl’s pi

2004-05-02 Other

Polydor Records

2004-05-02 Other, Record Release

The Who: Then

2004-05-04 Other

The Times repor

2004-05-10 Other

The Who Concert

2004-06-01 Other

Silverline Records releases From The Front Row…Live! John Entwistle on DVD-Audio

2004-06-07 Other

The BBC Sessions CD by The Marmalade is released containing a cover of “I Can’t Explain.”

2004-06-08 Other

String Cheese Incident release their CD March 13, 2004 Denver, CO: On The Road

2004-06-12 Other

Roger holds a p

2004-06-14 Other

A Special Edition of Tommy: The Movie is released on DVD in the U.K.

2004-06-19 Other

The Who – Live In Boston DVD, recorded July 26, 2002, is released in the U.K., Europe and Japan

2004-06-20 Other

The Guardian ha

2004-06-21 Other

A Lonnie Donegan tribute concert at Royal Albert Hall.

2004-06-22 Other

Roger presents Mick Jones, representing The Clash, with an Inspiration Award at the MOJO Magazine Awards in London.

2004-06-28 Other

McVicar is rele

2004-06-29 Other

the DVD John Entwistle Band: Live, recorded Aug. 13, 1998, is released by Image Entertainment

2004-07-06 Other

Filmmaker Micha

2004-07-06 Other

Rush releases t

2004-07-07 Other

Pete posts on h

2004-07-16 Other

Michael Moore r

2004-07-27 Other

The Who arrive in Sydney, Australia ahead of the Australian leg of their world tour

2004-08-06 Other

Tooga featuring

2004-08-10 Other

A new DVD editi

2004-08-10 Other

Rachel Fuller’s

2004-08-31 Other

Pete writes the poem “Homage to Picasso.”

2004-09-06 Other

In an interview

2004-09-14 Other

The Who: Live i

2004-09-19 Other

Roger reviews B

2004-09-22 Other

CBS-TV premieres their third CSI series, CSI: New York, this time using “Baba O’Riley” as the theme song

2004-09-29 Other

Christie’s auct

2004-12-12 TV Appearance

Roger is interv


Roger Daltrey r


The comic strip


The New Yorker

2005-02-09 Other

Roger Daltrey r

2005-02-10 Other

The Sun reports

2005-02-15 Cover, Other

Dreadnaught rel

2005-02-17 Other

Roger participa

2005-02-22 Other

Petra Haden’s a

2005-03-01 Other

Roger, having r

2005-03-01 Other

An interview wi

2005-03-01 Other

Harry Shearer’s

2005-03-05 Other

Pete comments o

2005-03-15 Other

The Hollywood R

2005-03-19 Other

The For The Rec

2005-03-21 Other

In a diary entr

2005-03-22 Record Release

The John Entwis

2005-03-22 Other

Gibson Guitars

2005-04-02 Other

John Entwistle’

2005-04-04 Other

Roger attends t

2005-04-07 Other

An exhibit call

2005-04-17 Other

Pete suggests i


John Entwistle’

2005-05-02 Other

Roger attends t

2005-05-09 Other

Roger is a pres

2005-05-10 Cover, Other

Styx releases t

2005-05-11 Other

Roger tells the

2005-05-13 Other

INDH2 hi-def ch

2005-05-23 Other

The 1982 television version of The Beggar’s Opera starring Roger as MacHeath, is released on DVD in the U.K.

2005-05-23 Cover, Other

The Buff Medways release their single “Medway Wheelers” with a cover of the finale of “A Quick One While He’s Away”

2005-05-26 Other

Roger attends the Ivor Novello Awards in London

2005-05-27 Other

Spitfire Pictures puts out a press release stating that Murray Lerner will be directing and co-producing a movie about the history of The Who

2005-05-28 Other

Pete posts a we

2005-06-04 Other

Pete Townshend

2005-06-05 Comic Strip, Other

The comic strip “Off The Mark” features a reference to The Who

2005-06-14 Other

Petra Haden and a women’s choir premiere a live a cappella version of The Who Sell Out at the L.A. Weekly Music Awards

2005-06-17 Other

Roger accepts the Robertson Taylor 30th Anniversary Award on behalf of The Who

2005-06-22 Other

Pete is interviewed by the Daily Times Leader of West Point, Mississippi

2005-06-22 Other

Pete pens a new diary entry, where he admits his reservations about the efficacy of the next month’s Live 8 benefit and says he and Roger only signed up to perform in order to meet The Spice Girls.

2005-06-25 Other

Pete revises hi

2005-07-01 Other

Petra Haden sta

2005-07-04 Other

A house of Pete

2005-07-05 Other

The Who see U.K

2005-07-06 Other

The Mirror repo

2005-07-10 Other

Pete performs w

2005-07-11 Other

Castle releases

2005-07-14 Other

The Parents Tel

2005-08-02 TV Appearance

Roger has a cam

2005-08-05 Other

The Who Live at

2005-08-05 Other

Pete Townshend’s girlfriend Rachel Fuller tells The Mirror about their early relationship

2005-08-06 Other

Pete posts a ne

2005-08-10 Other

ICE magazine re

2005-08-11 Other

Pete and Rachel

2005-08-13 Other

The CD B.B. King and Friends — 80 is released featuring a duet with Roger and B.B. King on “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”

2005-08-13 Comic Strip

Mark Parisi’s “Off The Mark” comic strip features a reference to Pete

2005-08-14 Other

Pete smashes a

2005-08-15 Cover, Other

Television Pers

2005-08-19 Other

The Biography Channel in the U.K. premiers John Entwistle – Thunderfingers.

2005-08-23 Other

Pete posts anot

2005-08-24 Cover, Other

The Japanese ba

2005-08-25 Other

The CD Fisher P

2005-08-25 Other

Pete, Rachel an

2005-08-29 TV Appearance

The TV movie Tr

2005-09-01 Other

Alan Clayson’s book Keith Moon: Instant Party is published in the U.K.

2005-09-04 Other

Roger records a

2005-09-04 Other

Rachel Fuller p

2005-09-07 Other

Pete announces

2005-09-13 Cover, Other

Mathias releases a cover of “Substitute” as a single

2005-09-13 Other

Pete posts a sm

2005-09-20 Other

The CD Rock Sta

2005-09-21 Other

Rachel Fuller b

2005-09-24 Other

Pete publishes

2005-09-25 Other

Alan Clayson’s book Keith Moon: Instant Party is released in the U.S.

2005-09-25 Other

Pete debuts a n

2005-09-26 Other

Steve Coogan re

2005-09-27 Other

Pete records a

2005-09-28 Other

Rachel Fuller w

2005-09-30 Other

Variety reports

2005-09-30 Other

During the month author Colette Shaw puts out a new novel called Won’t Get Fooled Again

2005-10-01 Other

A documentary a

2005-10-05 Other

Pete appears on the 3rd episode of Rachel Fuller’s “In The Attic” webcast

2005-10-07 Other

Pete and Roger

2005-10-10 Other

Pete and Rachel

2005-10-11 Other

Pete and Simon appear on the 4th episode of Rachel Fuller’s “In The Attic” webcast

2005-10-18 Other

Pete performs at Rachel Fullers show at The Bedford in London

2005-10-19 Other

Pete and Simon appear on the 5th episode of Rachel Fuller’s “In The Attic” webcast

2005-10-26 Other

Roger receives

2005-10-27 Other

Pete and Simon appear on the 6th episode of Rachel Fuller’s “In The Attic” webcast

2005-11-02 Other

Pete and Roger attend a launch party in London for the coming release of the The Who – Quadrophenia and Tommy Live with Special Guests DVD.

2005-11-03 Other

Pete and Simon

2005-11-06 Other

The Sunday Mirr

2005-11-07 Other

The Who – Quadrophenia and Tommy Live with Special Guests DVD is released

2005-11-08 Other

The Live 8 DVD

2005-11-10 Other

The In The Atti

2005-11-16 Other

Roger returns to his performances at A Night at the Proms as it moves to moves to Ahoy in Rotterdam

2005-11-16 Other

Pete attends the induction of The Who into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame

2005-11-17 Other

Pete performs “Blue Red and Grey” live on In The Attic

2005-11-25 Other

Pete posts a pdf file on his site in response to recent questions about whether charities such as Live 8 do any good for poor countries.


The DVD Thunderfingers, A Tribute to John Entwistle of ‘The Who’ is released in Europe.

2006-02-04 Other

Pete Townshend posts one of the last chapters of his blog novella The Boy Who Heard Music.

2006-02-07 Other

Richard Thompso

2006-02-18 Other

Pete Townshend

2006-02-20 Other

Roger performs

2006-02-22 Other

A special on th

2006-02-22 Other

Roger attends a

2006-02-25 Other

Pete lists ever

2006-02-26 Other

The Bristol Eve

2006-02-28 Other

Pete moves into

2006-03-01 Other

Pete makes anot

2006-03-04 Other

Having finished

2006-03-07 Record Release

The CD “Edge of

2006-03-07 Record Release

“Roger Daltrey

2006-03-08 Other

Pete and Roger

2006-03-09 Other

Pete again perf

2006-03-10 Other

Quadrophenia –

2006-03-20 Other

The Kids Are Al

2006-03-22 Other

Pete premieres

2006-03-25 Other

Roger is interv

2006-03-27 Other

Roger hosts on

2006-03-28 Studio

Roger records h

2006-03-28 Other

Roger attends t

2006-03-29 Other

Pete premieres

2006-03-30 Other

Roger receives

2006-03-30 Other

Roger joins Raz

2006-03-31 Other

Johnny Was, wit

2006-04-01 Other

A Who Conventio

2006-04-11 Other

Pete premieres

2006-04-18 Cover, Other

Matthew Sweet

2006-04-25 Other

Pete’s Eelpie c

2006-04-28 Other

The News &

2006-05-01 Other

Justin Kreuzman

2006-05-01 Other

Olle Lundin and

2006-05-03 Other

Pete announces

2006-05-08 Other

Roger performs

2006-05-10 Other

Roger joins Lul

2006-05-14 Other

For the next 7 days, Pete pulls some poetry, or what he calls “lyric guides”, out of the attic to share with readers of his website.

2006-05-19 Other

The Tommy and Quadrophenia Live DVD is awarded 3-times multi Platinum status by the RIAA

2006-05-23 Other

The Who: Live From Toronto DVD from the December 17, 1982 concert is released in the U.S

2006-05-24 Other

In a cover stor

2006-05-26 Other

Pete announces that recording on The Who’s new album Endless Wire has been completed

2006-05-30 Other

Rachel’s In The

2006-06-01 Other

The first day of rehearsals for The Who’s new set at Bray Studios in Windsor.

2006-06-07 Other

The Gangster Rabbi releases his album Jewish Pirate

2006-06-08 Other

BBC Radio 2 premiers “Mirror Door”, from the new Wire and Glass EP

2006-06-10 Other

The short-lived video service thewholive.tv is launched by Pete

2006-06-13 Other

6200 people watch the webcast of In The Attic showing The Who rehearsing at Bray Studios

2006-06-17 Other

Pete and Roger

2006-07-07 Other

The Times (Lond

2006-07-08 Other

Pete records an

2006-07-11 Other

Pat Long in the

2006-07-13 Other

Roger and Pete

2006-07-16 Other

The Guardian we

2006-07-17 Record Release

Wire and Glass

2006-07-17 Other

Crosbi releases

2006-07-24 Other

Wire and Glass

2006-07-26 Other

The Who had a s

2006-08-02 Other

Keith Moon’s ex

2006-08-02 Other

Moon The Loon,

2006-08-05 Media

Billboard magazine carries an article titled “So Far, So Good For Touring Biz”

2006-08-07 Other

thewholive.tv s

2006-08-08 Other

The Who’s new E

2006-08-15 Other

Robbie Basho’s

2006-08-15 Record Release

A 2 CD Deluxe Edition of Two Sides of the Moon is released featuring many of the outtakes from Keith Moon’s various attempts at solo recordings

2006-08-17 Other

The Who’s new E

2006-08-24 Other

Hamish at Pete

2006-09-01 Other

Actor Jason Statham tells reporters he wants to play Roger Daltrey in a bio-pic

2006-09-06 Other

The Who assembl

2006-09-10 Other

The Who hold a

2006-09-14 Other

Pete and Roger

2006-09-14 TV Appearance

Pete and Roger

2006-09-14 Other

Pete goes to hi

2006-09-15 Other

Pete and Roger

2006-09-20 Other

Pete and Roger

2006-09-28 Other

Rachel and Pete

2006-09-28 Other

Pete joins Rose

2006-10-29 TV Appearance

The Who appear on “Parkinson” on ITV1 in the UK and perform “- Black Widow’s Eyes

2006-11-01 Other

Pete is intervi

2006-11-03 Other

Pete and his pa

2006-11-04 Other

Wire & Glass, the animated film directed by Aubrey Powell that plays behind The Who during their live performances, gets its television premiere on VH1 Classics cable channel in the U.S.

2006-08-24 Media, Other

Billboard annou

2006-11-07 Other

The last of the

2006-11-10 Other

Endless Wire re

2006-11-14 Other

Pete announces

2006-11-18 Other

Endless Wire hits its U.S. peak at #7 on the Billboard charts. It also peaks at #2 on Billboard Rock Albums chart

2006-11-23 TV Appearance

CBS-TV airs the episode “Living Legend” of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation guest starring Roger.

2006-11-27 Other

Yan Vagh releases the album U and Eye

2006-11-30 Cover

The Third of Never releases their album Moodring

2007-01-06 Other

Pete writes an

2007-01-10 Other

Pete participates in a demo radio version of his partner Rachel Fuller’s In The Attic

2007-01-21 Other

Pete performs “

2007-01-23 Record Release

“Pete Townshend – The Definitive Collection” CD is released

2007-01-23 Other

Pete is interviewed on XFM

2007-01-23 Other

The Who receive a lifetime achievement award at the South Bank Awards Show

2007-01-23 Other

Tony Furtado re

2007-01-23 Other

Joe Goldmark re

2007-01-24 Other

Pete reveals on his website that he and Roger had a business meeting prior to the South Bank Awards show

2007-01-27 Media

Pete Townshend

2007-01-30 Other

Ruth’s Hat rele

2007-02-01 Other

Roger tells Vir

2007-02-03 Other

Rolling Stone r

2007-02-08 Other

Pete and Roger

2007-02-09 Other

The world premi

2007-02-12 Other

Pete and his fu

2007-02-20 Cover, Other

Southern Cultur

2007-02-20 Other

Pete and Rachel

2007-02-25 Other

Pete begins blo

2007-02-25 Other

Pete is intervi

2007-03-03 Other

Pete and his pa

2007-03-13 Other

Rachel announce

2007-03-13 Other

VH1 Classic beg

2007-03-14 Other

Pete makes a “s

2007-03-14 Other

Pete is the key

2007-03-15 Other

Pete and Rachel

2007-03-16 Other

Pete walks on d


Rachel Fuller a

2007-03-20 Other

Triggerfinger r

2007-03-23 Other

The dramatic mo

2007-03-24 Other

Pete announces

2007-04-02 Other

A video is rele

2007-04-25 Other

Pete Townshend

2007-04-29 Other

Pete writes a p

2007-05-01 Other

Tom Wright’s me

2007-05-02 Record Release

The 2CD live co

2007-05-03 Other

Roger plays “Mi

2007-05-11 Other

Roger attends t

2007-05-17 Cover, Other

Willie Nile rel

2007-05-19 Other

Roger says in his usual direct way that The Who will not be taking part in a planned Wembley concert to raise awareness of global warming

2007-05-29 Other

Pete is on his

2007-06-01 Other

The Who were scheduled to appear on the BBC TV show Later… with Jools Holland

2007-06-05 Cover, Other

Mary Stuart releases her album Compadres

2007-06-05 Media

Pete is interviewed about the writing of Endless Wire in Metro International

2007-06-11 Record Release

The compilation album The Who Then and Now is re-released in the U.K.

2007-06-17 Other

Emma Townshend, Pete’s daughter and gardening columnist for the Independent, pens a long remembrance of her childhood with her dad for her newspaper.

2007-07-13 Other

The Boy Who Hea

2007-07-17 Other

The DVD The Who

2007-07-24 Cover, Other

Pistol Valve, a

2007-07-27 Other

Si Hayden relea

2007-07-30 Other

The Who: Live i

2007-07-31 Cover, Other

The Raspberries

2007-08-06 Other

Uruguayan rock

2007-08-14 Cover, Other

Brave Combo rel

2007-08-15 Other

Around this tim

2007-08-16 Other

On the Bravo TV

2007-08-17 Other

Pete and his gi

2007-08-19 Other

Pete is the sub

2007-08-21 Other

The SXSW Live 2

2007-09-05 Other

The Sun prints

2007-09-11 Cover, Other

The Ragamuffins of Love featuring Eff Dupp release their CD WISE UP!

2007-09-12 Other

Amazing Journey

2007-09-17 Other

The Dear Mr. Fa

2007-09-18 Other

The Dear Mr. Fa

2007-09-22 Other

Roger performs at the Teenage Cancer Trust benefit at The Sage Gateshead.

2007-09-28 Cover, Other

The German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell releases his CD Diamonds Unlocked

2007-10-02 Cover, Other

The soundtrack for Dan in Real Life is released featuring Sondre Lerche covering “Let My Love Open The Door.”

2007-10-02 Other

The Trolleyvox release their 2-CD set Your Secret Safe/Luzerne featuring a cover of “Our Love Was”

2007-10-09 Cover, Other

The Smithereens release the CD Christmas with The Smithereens featuring a cover of “Christmas”

2007-10-18 Other

The Deansmen release their CD The Deansmen: A Century Half Full featuring an a cappella cover of “Pinball Wizard”

2007-10-23 Cover, Other

Heart releases

2007-10-30 Other

Roger attends the NY premier of Amazing Journey – The Story of The Who at the Paley Center

2007-10-30 TV Appearance

Roger is a guest on Morning Joe on MSNBC

2007-10-30 Other

The Marquee Club, London, opens an art exhibit of Richard Evans’ photos and art related to The Who

2007-10-31 TV Appearance

Roger is a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

2007-11-02 Other

Roger is interviewed about the soon to be released Who documentary Amazing Journey – The Story of The Who on The Greg Kihn Morning Show.

2007-11-03 Other

Amazing Journey

2007-11-05 Other

The Who’s official website, TheWho.com, is launched

2007-11-05 Other

Pete and Roger attend the London premiere of Amazing Journey – The Story of The Who and answer questions from Jeremy Clarkson. Also attending the premiere are Bianca Jagger, Peaches Geldof, Martin Freeman and The Zutons

2007-11-06 Other

Amazing Journey – The Story of The Who DVD is released in U.S. A 3-DVD special edition includes six additional short documentaries about The Who and video of their December 8, 1979 Chicago concert

2007-11-07 TV Appearance

PBS airs an int

2007-11-09 Other

The group 3 Normal Beatles releases their CD We Name It Justice featuring a cover of “My Generation”

2007-11-09 Other

Roger attends t

2007-11-13 Other

The Bridge Coll

2007-11-25 Other

Pete and Roger tape an appearance on Later With Jools Holland.

2007-11-28 Other

The television show “Final 24” features the last 24 hours of Keith Moon


The Who appear on “Later….with Jools Holland”

2007-12-03 Other

Wild Billy Chil

2007-12-15 Other

Roger performs

2007-12-31 Other

Ringo Starr hol

2008-01-17 Other

Pete Townshend

2008-01-22 Other

The third title

2008-01-23 Other

Keith Moon: Fin

2008-02-02 Other

Pete Townshend’

2008-02-06 Other

Pete pens his o

2008-02-16 Other

Roger Daltrey w

2008-02-20 Other

Amy Winehouse’s

2008-02-25 Other

U.S. State Depa

2008-02-26 Other

The CD Corner S

2008-02-27 Other

Virgin Radio in

2008-03-01 Other

Roger, on his 6

2008-03-04 Other

Pete writes his

2008-03-05 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey i

2008-03-07 Other

The compilation

2008-03-10 Other

The DVD TCT at

2008-03-13 Other

Roger performs

2008-03-13 Other

The compilation

2008-03-20 Cover, Record/song - Cover/tribute

Tony Martino re

2008-03-31 Cover, Record/song - Cover/tribute

Richie Havens r

2008-04-01 Record Release

The Amazing Jou

2008-04-02 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey i

2008-04-07 Other

Pete attends th

2008-04-10 Other

Roger attends t

2008-04-11 Other

Roger attend th

2008-04-12 Other

Roger attends t

2008-04-14 Other


2008-05-08 Other

Roger Daltrey p


Roger joins Bil

2008-11-10 Other

Roger attends a

2009-01-12 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2009-02-26 Other

Roger performs

2009-03-01 Cover, Other

The Bollock Bro

2009-03-03 Other

Jerry Cortez re

2009-03-04 Other

Roger Daltrey i

2009-03-08 Other

Keith Moon is h

2009-03-16 Record Release

The Who Sell Ou

2009-03-23 Other

Pete and Roger

2009-03-23 Other

The Who: Maximu

2009-04-07 Other

Best Buy releas

2009-04-07 Other

The Sun reports

2009-04-20 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2009-04-27 Other

The Pinball Wiz

2009-05-01 Other

Ed Roman releas

2009-05-03 Other

Pete Townshend

2009-05-04 Other

Lisztomania is

2009-05-05 Cover, Other

The Smithereens

2009-05-08 Other

Bruce Springste

2009-05-09 Other

Quadrophenia: T

2009-05-10 Cover, Other

The Sultans of

2009-05-13 Other

Roger meets Prince Charles at a health conference in Central London

2009-05-15 Cover, Other

Green Day includes a cover of “A Quick One While He’s Away” as an iTunes bonus for their new album 21st Century Breakdown.

2009-05-16 Other

Music industry veteran Angie Jenkison gets a surprise at her wedding at a castle in Bristol

2009-05-19 Record Release

The Who Sell Out: Deluxe Edition is released in the U.S.

2009-06-08 Other

Tony Klinger’s book Twilight of the Gods: My Adventures with The Who is published by Blake Publishing in the U.K.

2009-06-09 Other

The Who’s “My Generation” is selected by the National Recording Registry of the U.S. Library of Congress

2009-06-14 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2009-06-19 Other

Roger is in Hollywood, California to perform at the Opening Night Gala at the Hollywood Bowl

2009-06-25 Other

Roger appears a

2009-06-29 Other

Roger, Sarah, t

2009-07-01 Other

Bloomberg News

2009-07-04 Other

The Klone Orche

2009-07-05 Other

The audience at

2009-08-03 Other

Roger Daltrey i

2009-08-11 Other

Pete Townshend

2009-08-18 Other

Rhino Records r

2009-08-25 Other

Pete pens an en

2009-08-25 Other

Roger Daltrey i

2009-08-31 Other

The Daily Mail

2009-09-08 Other

The FX series S

2009-09-10 Other

Pete drops by t

2009-09-18 Cover, Other

Heinz Rudolf Ku

2009-09-28 Other

Pete is intervi

2009-10-02 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey performs “I Can See For Miles” on the U.S. talk show Ellen!

2009-10-06 Other

Roger previews his upcoming tour with a performance at An Evening For Kids benefit with Simon Townshend and the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart at a private residence in Pacific Palisades, California.

2009-10-10 Other

Roger’s “Use It

2009-10-17 Other

Roger plays at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California

2009-10-21 Other

Roger is a gues

2009-10-22 Other

Roger plays the Winstar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma

2009-10-31 Other

Roger performs

2009-11-02 Other

Pete gives Ronn

2009-11-13 Other

Roger plays at

2010-02-04 Other

Pete and Roger perform acoustic at a media presentation in preparation for their Super Bowl appearance with The Who

2010-02-17 Other

Roger is back i

2010-02-18 Other

Roger is interv

2010-02-25 Other

Roger is back i

2010-02-27 Other

Roger opens for


Roger Daltrey o

2010-03-02 Other

Producer Michae

2010-03-02 Other

Roger Daltrey o

2010-03-03 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-05 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-06 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-08 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-09 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-10 Cover, Other

“Out Here In Th

2010-03-11 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-13 Other

Roger opens for

2010-03-23 Other

The Who Greates

2010-03-24 Other

Roger is interv

2010-04-10 Other

Roger Daltrey p

2010-04-12 Other

The CBS-TV seri

2010-04-15 Other

Roger helps lau

2010-04-20 Other

The TV episode

2010-04-24 Other

Roger performs

2010-04-27 Other

The website Wol

2010-05-04 Other

Wreckless Eric

2010-05-19 Other

Roger attends the opening of a new teenage cancer wing at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle

2010-05-21 Other

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Presents The 35th Anniversary Of The Who’s “Tommy”

2010-05-25 Other

Bettye LaVette

2010-05-30 Other

The press reveals that Pete Townshend has invested in Ashdown House

2010-06-01 Cover, Other

The Melvins release their album The Bride Screamed Murder and JFA releases Speed of Sound

2010-06-07 Other

Roger Daltrey s

2010-06-10 Other

Roger attends the GBR: British Fashion Council NEWGEN Awards in London

2010-06-15 Other

Roger attends the going-away party for Universal Music Group’s CEO Lucien Grainge at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London’s Knightsbridge.

2010-06-22 Other

Roger and his solo band resume their tour at the Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre in Tucson, Arizona

2010-06-23 Other

Roger and his s

2010-06-25 Other

Roger and his s

2010-06-26 Other

Roger and his solo band play at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Missouri

2010-06-28 Other

Roger opens for

2010-06-30 Other

Roger opens for

2010-07-02 Other

Roger opens for

2010-07-03 Other

Roger opens for

2010-07-15 Other

Steve Grantley

2010-07-16 Other

The press repor

2010-08-03 Other

The Sun reports

2010-08-15 Other

Matt Kent’s book The Who Revealed is published by Flame Tree in the U.K

2010-08-21 Other

The Billy Joel

2010-08-28 Other

Roger writes an

2010-09-13 Other

Roger is one of many celebrities answering the phone at The BGC Partner’s 6th Annual Charity Day at Canary Wharf in London.

2010-09-14 Cover, Other

The Columbus, Ohio rapper Blueprint releases the EP Blueprint Who with raps over Who songs

2010-09-24 Other

Roger is interv

2010-09-29 Comic Strip, Other

The Steve Bell comic “IF…” features a Who reference

2010-10-02 Other

Pete Townshend

2010-10-20 Other

Roger attends t

2010-11-25 Other

Roger performs at the Collars & Coats Gala Ball at the Battersea Power Station in South London.

2010-11-08 Other

Ray Davies tell

2010-11-10 Other

Roger Daltrey g

2010-11-12 Other

Roger says that

2010-11-15 Record Release

The 4-CD box se

2010-11-22 Record Release

The 4-CD box set Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Collector’s Ediiton is released in the U.S.

2010-11-29 Other

James Wood writes a long piece for The New Yorker praising Keith Moon’s drumming.

2010-12-02 Other

Roger is interv

2010-12-06 Other

The Who release

2010-12-10 Other

The Christian r

2010-12-13 Other

Pete Townshend

2010-12-13 Other

The press repor

2010-12-31 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

2011-01-15 Other

Roger performs

2011-02-15 Other

Roger presents

2011-03-11 Other

Roger Daltrey i

2011-03-12 Other

Roger receives

2011-03-16 Other

Roger and Mick

2011-03-17 Other

At Austin’s SXS

2011-03-17 Other

Pete posts a di

2011-03-19 Other

Roger previews

2011-03-22 Other

Pete Townshend

2011-03-24 Other

Roger performs

2011-04-01 Other

Pete Townshend

2011-04-05 Record Release

UGC releases Th

2011-04-12 Other

The press repor

2011-04-21 Other

Former New Mexi

2011-04-25 Other

The History Cha

2011-04-26 Other

Roger announces

2011-05-01 Other

Pete Townshend

2011-05-08 Other

Pete’s literary

2011-05-13 Other

Roger Daltrey gives in impromptu concert aboard the Queen Mary 2 during its passage from England to New York City

2011-05-17 Other

Harper Collins

2011-05-27 Other

Pete is interviewed in Intelligent Life magazine.

2011-06-01 Other

Pete Townshend checks in with the fans on thewho.com

2011-06-14 Other

Pete’s 1972/73 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop sells for £30,750 at auction at Christie’s

2011-06-15 Other

Roger is interviewed in a CNBC Europe profile on publisher Richard Desmond

2011-06-23 Other

Roger is interviewed on rollingstone.com talking about his current solo tour.

2011-06-27 Other

Roger is interviewed on rollingstone.com

2011-06-30 Other

Roger is interv

2011-07-03 Other

Roger Daltrey s

2011-07-04 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-06 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-07 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-09 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-10 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-12 Other

Roger plays Col

2011-07-13 Other

Roger plays Cli

2011-07-15 Other

Roger is interv

2011-07-15 Other

Roger plays Gui

2011-07-16 Other

Roger plays Bro

2011-07-19 Other

On thewho.com P

2011-07-19 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-21 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-22 Other

Roger plays Bli

2011-07-23 Other

British tabloids publish recent clandestine photos of Pete outside his house wearing hearing aids

2011-07-24 Other

Roger plays at

2011-07-26 Other

Roger plays at

2011-07-28 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-30 Other

Roger plays the

2011-07-31 Other

Roger plays Val

2011-08-01 Other

The Daily Mail

2011-08-23 Other

BBC Radio Two h

2011-08-28 Other

The Mirror and Daily Mail report that The Who will be closing the 2012 London Olympics.

2011-08-30 Other

BBC Radio Two h

2011-09-06 Other

BBC Radio 2 has

2011-09-06 TV Appearance

Roger performs

2011-09-13 Other

Roger begins hi

2011-09-15 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-17 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-18 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-21 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-23 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-24 Other

Roger plays the

2011-09-27 Other

Roger plays the Place des Arts in Montreal

2011-09-28 Other

Roger plays the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa

2011-09-30 Other

Roger plays the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto

2011-10-08 Other

Roger plays the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri

2011-10-11 Other

Roger performs Tommy at The Cedar Park Center in Cedar Park, Texas


Roger plays at The Midland by AMC in Kansas City, Missouri

2011-10-16 Other

Roger performs Tommy at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado

2011-10-19 Other

Roger plays the NOKIA Theatre in Los Angeles

2011-10-20 Other

Roger is photographed for People Magazine by Bryce Duffy

2011-10-21 Other

Roger performs at the City National Civic in San Jose, California

2011-10-22 Other

Roger plays at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

2011-10-24 Other

Roger plays at the Theater of the Clouds in Portland, Oregon

2011-08-01 Media

The Daily Mirror reports on Roger’s recent visit to the Lotus car company’s track

2001-10-25 Other

Roger plays the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington

2011-10-27 Other

Roger plays at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2011-10-31 Other

Pete delivers t

2011-11-01 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

2011-11-01 Other

Roger was to ha

2011-11-03 Other

Roger is in Los

2011-11-04 Other

Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant join to open the UCLA Daltrey/Townshend Teen & Young Adult Cancer Program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

2011-11-05 Other

Roger and his s

2011-11-09 Other

Pete plays an intimate show for invited guests at Bush Hall in London

2011-11-09 Other

Pete and Roger accept the Classic Album award for Quadrophenia at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour at The Roundhouse in London

2011-11-11 Other

Pete and Roger are photographed with Who fan Jeremy Clarkson alongside the Lotus Evora designed by Roger for an auction benefiting the Teenage Cancer Trust

2011-11-14 Record Release

Quadrophenia (D

2011-11-15 Other

Quadrophenia (Deluxe Edition) and Quadrophenia (Super Deluxe Edition) are released in the U.S.

2011-11-17 Other

Roger comes out in defense of Cliff Richard after the U.K. radio station Absolute Radio 60s bans his work as a publicity stunt

2011-11-18 Other

Pete prints an

2011-11-23 Other

Pete headlines the 35th anniversary show of The Prince’s Trust at the Royal Albert Hall.

2011-11-29 Other

Bonafide releases a cover of “I Can’t Explain” as a single.

2011-11-29 Other

The Catalan girl group Macedònia releases their album Els nens dels altres featuring a cover of “I’m A Boy”.


A Lotus Evora d

2012-01-14 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey a

2012-01-24 Other

“Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan” is released

2012-01-24 Other

It is announced that Pete has sold his interest in his entire song catalog to the Spirit Music Group

2012-01-31 Other

Lawrence Ball’s

2012-02-10 Other

Pete Townshend

2012-02-10 Other

Dean Guitars in

2012-03-02 Other

Die Ärtze relea

2012-03-02 Other

Pete Townshend

2012-03-02 Other

Roger is a gues

2012-03-06 Other

Alexander Ludwi

2012-03-07 Other

Roger is interv

2012-03-09 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-10 Other

The comic strip

2012-03-11 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-12 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-15 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-18 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-20 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-20 Cover, Other

The Covers EP i

2012-03-21 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-23 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-24 Other

Roger plays at

2012-03-25 Other

Roger makes a c

2012-03-28 Other

Roger, Ron Wood

2012-03-29 Other

Roger, Ron Wood

2012-04-02 Other

The May issue o

2012-04-04 Other

The cybergroup

2012-04-08 Other

Who manager Bil

2012-04-19 Other

Japanese record

2012-04-20 Other

Pete releases a

2012-04-23 Other

Roger and his b

2012-04-24 Other

Roger and his b

2012-04-27 Other

Roger and his s

2012-04-28 Other

Roger and his s

2012-04-30 Other

Roger and his s

2012-05-03 TV Appearance

Roger Daltrey i

2012-05-05 Other

Pete Townshend

2012-05-10 Other

Chris Welch’s b

2012-05-21 Other

Roger joins Ringo Starr and Sir Cliff Richard at an exclusive preview of the Chelsea Flower Show

2012-05-22 Other

The cast of the TV show Glee release their CD Glee Season Three

2012-05-23 Other

Roger attends the star-packed Celebration of Arts event at the Royal Academy of Arts.

2012-05-28 Other, Record Release

Spectrum Audio UK releases The Who compilation “Pinball Wizards – The Collection” in the U.K

2012-05-30 Record Release

The Who Sell Ou

2012-06-11 Other

Two pieces from

2012-06-15 Other

An hour-long documentary about the writing and recording of the original album, Quadrophenia: Can You See The Real Me? premieres at the Sheffield Doc/Fest

2012-06-20 Other

Thirty-seven ye

2012-06-22 Other

Pete pens a len

2012-06-29 Other

Roger is one of a host of stars that attend a party celebrating the 80th birthday of Sir Peter Blake

2012-07-17 Other

Fifty-three yea

2012-07-18 Other

Pete Townshend

2012-07-19 Other

The manager of

2012-07-23 Other

Pete joins Bria

2012-07-24 Other

The documentary

2012-07-26 Other

The London Olym

2012-07-29 Other

Roger attends Sir Paul McCartney’s summer party at his home in London.

2012-07-30 Other

Roger is at the

2012-07-31 Other

Roger joins Edd

2012-08-01 Other

The documentary

2012-08-01 Other

Pete Townshend

2012-08-03 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2012-08-14 Other

The Guardian re

2012-08-21 Other

Pete writes a l

2012-08-21 Other

Roger attends a

2012-08-21 Other

John Basil publ

2012-08-28 Other

The Criterion C

2012-08-28 Cover, Other

Juliana Hatfiel

2012-09-02 Other

Simon Townshend

2012-09-06 Other

Roger Daltrey a

2013-09-07 Other

A two-day Who c

2012-09-11 Other

Pete is photogr

2012-09-25 Other

Mojo magazine r

2012-09-30 Other

The Sunday Times has a special section with revelations from Who I Am

2012-10-02 Other

Who Are You: An All-Star Tribute To The Who is released

2012-10-06 Other

Simon Townshend reports that he, Roger Daltrey, Phil Spalding, Jody Linscott, and Billy Nichols are being flown on a private jet to Nice

2012-10-07 TV Appearance

Pete is intervi

2012-10-08 Other

Pete Townshend’s autobiography Who I Am is published in the U.S

2012-10-08 TV Appearance

Pete is interviewed on The Today Show

2012-10-08 TV Appearance

Pete is intervi

2012-10-08 TV Appearance

Pete is intervi

2012-10-08 Other

Pete is interviewed at the Stephen A Schwarzman Building, New York by Paul Holdengräber.

2012-10-09 Other

Pete Townshend’s autobiography Who I Am is published in the Australia

2012-10-09 TV Appearance

Pete is interviewed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

2012-10-09 Other

Pete is interviewed at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square by Jann Wenner

2012-10-11 Other

Pete Townshend’s autobiography Who I Am is published in the U.K.

2012-10-12 Other

Pete is intervi

2012-10-15 Other

Roger does another corporate gig, performing with the SAS Band at the IFS World Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden

2012-10-21 Other

Pete is interviewed on The First Time on BBC Radio 6

2012-10-23 Other

The Daily Mail reports that rare photos of The Who performing in Surrey in 1966 will be auctioned

2012-10-25 Record Release

The Who: Opus Collection is released at Starbucks stores. It will peak at #161 on the Billboard charts

2012-10-29 Other

Murray Head rel

2012-11-11 Other

Japanese band Kuhombutsu release their album Ikiteru tochuuni shindara doushiyou featuring the song “Pete Townshend”

2012-11-12 Other

Roger and Pete

2012-11-12 Other

Pete is intervi

2012-11-17 Other

Mike Shaw, original member of the crew from the High Numbers days, passes away.

2012-11-19 Record Release

Live At Hull 19

2012-11-19 Record Release

The Who release My Generation mono CD

2012-11-19 TV Appearance

Pete appears on

2012-11-19 Record Release

The Who release

2012-11-22 Other

Pete is intervi

2012-11-24 Other

Chris Stamp, ha

2012-11-26 Other

Pete signs book

2012-12-07 Other

The Invisible S

2012-12-18 Record Release

The album 12-12

2013-01-15 Other

Pete Townshend,

2013-01-24 Other

Roger Daltrey j

2013-01-25 Other

Pete receives t

2013-01-25 Other

Roger is report

2013-01-29 Other

Pete and Roger

2013-01-30 Other

Pete has a book

2013-02-04 Other

Pete Townshend

2013-02-22 Other

The CD “12-12-1

2013-02-27 Other

Simon plays a s

2013-03-01 TV Appearance

Roger is interv

2013-03-01 Other

The Toronto Sun

2013-03-04 Record/song - Cover/tribute

The Manchester


thewho.com post

2013-03-15 Other

The British and

2013-03-18 Cover, Record/song - Cover/tribute

The German elec

2013-03-20 Other

The first night

2013-03-20 Record/song - Cover/tribute

Brazilian singe

2013-05-15 Other

Roger visits th

2013-05-17 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

2013-06-29 Other

Simon Townshend and Band perform at The Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath.

2013-09-05 Other

Roger, Melanie C, Alfie Boe, and Al Murray take the stage at One Mayfair in London to perform for the Queen AIDS Benefit for The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

2013-09-23 TV Appearance

Roger appears on “The Big Interview with Dan Rather”.

2013-10-22 Other

Roger Daltrey and Pete attend the showing of new documentary Sensation: The Story of The Who’s Tommy in London

2013-12-11 Other

Roger attends t


Roger Daltrey s

2014-03-19 Other

Wilko Johnson a

2014-03-20 Other

Roger along wit

2014-03-24 Other

Roger Daltrey i

2014-03-24 Other

Roger attends t

2014-03-28 Other

Roger attends t


Roger Daltrey i

2014-05-06 Other

Roger visits th

2014-06-30 Other

Pete and Roger hold a press conference to announce plans for their “The Who Hits 50!” tour


Roger attends a reception for the Best of Britain’s Creative Industries at The Foreign Office

2014-07-28 Other

Roger performs

2014-10-13 Other

AEG posts an interview with Pete and Roger to promote the 2015 “The Who Hits 50! North American Tour”

2014-11-11 Other

Roger attends “

2015-04-03 Other

The film Lamber

2015-05-05 Concert

The Who play the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri

2015-05-14 Other

“Evening Celebr

2015-05-28 Other

The Who perform onstage during the MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert at Best Buy Theater in New York City

2015-06-26 Other

Pete, Roger and Bill Curbishley are photographed for Variety magazine

2015-07-05 Other

Pete brings Cla

2015-08-18 Other

The film “Lambert and Stamp” is released on DVD in the U.S.

2015-10-15 Other

“The Who Live In Hyde Park” begins playing in the theaters

2016-03-02 Other

Tommy opens at

2016-03-04 TV Appearance

The Who appear

2016-03-18 Other

Pete and Roger

2016-03-18 Other

Simon Townshend

2016-03-23 Other

Roger attends ‘

2016-05-16 Record Release

The Polydor Sin

2016-05-31 Other

The Who a Private Concert for Who Cares About The Next Generation benefit in Pacific Palisades, CA.


The book “The Who In the City” by Ian Snowball is published

2016-11-10 Other

Roger performs

2017-03-06 TV Appearance

Roger appears on “The Nightly Show” in the UK


Roger attends t

2017-03-27 Other

The Who are in


Pete attends “S

2017-06-19 Other

Roger Daltrey is at Sarm music studio to record a charity single for the Grenfell Tower victims

2017-07-19 TV Appearance

The Who appear

2017-07-20 Other

Roger wishes go

2017-07-24 Other

Roger visits th

2017-08-31 Other

Roger auctions his custom-made Rolls Royce, decorated with the Tommy cover, to raise £208,945 for teenage cancer sufferers

2017-09-20 Other

Roger launches

2017-09-27 Other

Pete is intervi

2017-10-17 Media

Globo in Brasil posts an interview with Pete

2017-11-13 Other

Roger attends the Adoration Trilogy Event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London


Roger Daltrey p

2018-03-10 Other

Roger Daltrey p

2018-03-14 Record Release

Roger premiers

2018-03-22 Other

Roger Daltrey p


Roger appears on the Graham Norton Show

2018-04-27 Other

Roger performs

2018-06-18 Other

Roger begins his “Roger Daltrey Performs The Who’s Tommy” tour in Bethel, New York

2018-06-10 Other

Roger performs the first of two nights at the Wolf Trap Filene Center in Vienna, Virginia

2018-06-12 Other

Roger plays the second of two nights at the Trap Felene Center in Vienna, Virginia

2018-06-15 Other

Roger performs with the Boston Pops Orchestra at the Tanglewood Music Shed in Lenox, Massachusetts

2018-06-17 Other

Roger plays at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium in New York, New York

2019-06-19 Other

Roger plays the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2018-06-22 Other

Roger Daltrey presents Northwestern Memorial Hospital a check for nearly $500,000 on behalf of Teenage Cancer America

2018-06-23 Other

Roger performs at The Ravinia Festival at Ravinia Park in Highland Park, Illinois with The Ravinia Festival Orchestra

2018-06-25 Other

Roger performs

2018-06-27 Other

Roger plays at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, Tennessee

2018-06-30 Other

Roger performs at the CMAC Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, New York

2018-07-02 Other

Roger performs at Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, Ohio with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

2018-07-05 Other

Roger performs


Roger plays at

2018-07-10rk Other

Roger performs

2018-09-04 Other

Roger attends the launch of the Royal Albert Hall ‘Walk Of Fame’

2017-09-16 Other

Pete presents “Classic Quadrophenia” at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, California

2018-10-16 TV Appearance

Roger is interviewed by Matt Baker and Angellica Bell on the BBC’s The One Show

2018-10-23 Other

Roger’s autobiography “Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite” is released in the U.S.

2018-10-23 Other

Roger is interviewed by Judd Apatow at Live Talks Los Angeles at the Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles, California

2018-10-26 Other

Roger attends a book signing at Barnes & Nobels in New York, New York

2018-11-11 TV Appearance

Roger appears o

2018-12-29 Other

Animal Requiem


Consequence of

2019-01-23 Media

Billboard.com c

2019-01-24 Other

thewho.com post

2019-01-24 Media

Billboard.com c

2019-03-19 Other

Roger and Pete

2019-04-30 Other

Pete and Roger

2019-05-15 TV Appearance

Pete and Roger appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

2019-07-24 Other

Pete attends th

2019-09-14 Media

Pete and Roger are featured on the cover of the The Times Saturday Review

2019-09-19 Comic Strip

The cartoon “Bliss” features a reference to Roger

2019-10-26 Other

Pete appears at Rachel’s “Animal Requiem” concert at Royce Hall at UCLA in Los Angeles, California

2019-10-27 Media

Pete appears on the cover of Event magazine

2019-03-04 Comic Strip, Media

The comic strip

1981-03-28 Media

Billboard magaz

2020-03-28 Other

The Who are sch


Pete appears on

2020-05-17 Media

The Daily Express reports that Roger shared his thoughts on the coronavirus lockdown

2020-05-19 TV Appearance

Roger is interviewed on “The One Show”

2020-02-21 Media

The Associated Press interviews Roger about “Teen Cancer America” and The Who’s future

2019-05-25 Concert

The Who play Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2019-05-23 Concert

The Who play the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri

2020-06-04 Media

Roger appears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show

2020-06-12 Comic Strip

The comic strip Andy Capp references a song by The Who

2020-07-06 Other

The Who announc

2020-09-14 Other

Shel Talmy posts “How The Who Became Superstars – part 1” on facebook


Record Mirror carries a review of Pete’s “Keep On Working”

2020-09-21 Other

Shel Talmy post

2020-09-28 Other

Roger announces “TCT Unseen”

2020-09-28 Other

Shel Talmy posts his third article – “How The Who became superstars – Part 3”

2020-10-23 Other

Roger appears on The One Show

2018-10-25 Other

Roger begins a a book signing tour at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, New Jersey